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Zweiter Versuch! Royal Jordanian Business Class 787-8 | YourTravel.TV

November 7, 2019

Hey guys and welcome to a new flight report! We are in Hong Kong and today we’ll fly with Royal Jordanien in thier Business class. We try it again. Let’s see how they are this time? So that went really fast. Now we are here We passed the security ceck from the Hong Kong Airport. Our gate is number 41 and we try to get in the best first class lounge of the world. It is here in Hongkong. It is near to gate 41, so we have luck. Because we have the best Status at british Airways we are allowed to go in that loung. What is a Status? What are the Advantages? Click on the “I”. Then you see our channel. In our travel hacks can you find everything important to this Topic. Now we are in the Cathay Pacific First Class lounge, The Pier. Our favourite lounge, because we have a lot of privacy here. Here aren’t many People and you get a tasty champagne with view to the airplanes. Here is a sleeping area too. Here are are showers and a fine Dining area. There you get very tasty dishes. But we can’t anymore today. We fly with Royal Jordanien to Bangkog. On board we won’t get a lot to eat. But Maybe they have changed thewir Concept. That’s what Dominik tried to say. On the last trip with that Airline we just got Cold Food. It feels like travelling since two days. Then it is nice to take a shower. We took one in San Francisco, but we travel since 16h. These are the showers. In the Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge here. That Looks good. Here is a rainwater shower. I’ll go in there. I’m Fresh! I cleaned my teeth and I go back to the lounge, to the Food and Drinks. That’s what I ment some minutes ago. Here is a sleeping area. You can close it. You can Sleep, relax and see airplanes. A great view! Right now you can see a China Airlines 777. That was from Frankfurt to Taipeh. That was more than 12 h and it was an amazing flight. I can recommend this Airline. The best Thing would be, that you watch that Video again. And next to the 777 like Always an Emirates airplane. You’ll find an Emirates plane everywhere in the world. I have this Feeling. You too? I have to put the Background photo online, because our followers want to download it. During our last flight we took a very cool photo. On this photo you can see an engine during the Landing. With a nice light. The People on Instagram want to have that photo to use it as a Background or wallaper Image. Do you aleready follow us on Instagram? Or on Facebook? For example on Instagram in our Story are we very active so you can follow us, when we travel through the world. You can do that Right now. The link is in the info box. I did the Story with our new Osmo Pocket It was not easy for me but … follow us on Instagram there you can see that Story, which is on end. Now we go to the gate, 41. We have to walk a bit. The Boarding is in 5 minutes. But we don’t have to be the first People on board like Always. This is the Royal Jordanien Business Class here in the Shorter Version of the Dreamliner. It is in the 787-8, but here is a Business Class in a 2-2 configuration in 4 rows. It is a Little bit windy here. Champagne ansd wine is served in the air. Now we got an orange Juice and Dominik took an apple Juice. Cheers! Behind me is the socket and a USB-port. And the headphones, but I won’t Need them now. On my left side is the pannel to move the seat. Here is a flat bed, but how Long it is, I’ll Show you later. We’ll fly only 3h to Bangkok There we won’t have enough time to Sleep. Maybe the cabin will be dark soon. We will see. We’ll let us surprise from Royal Jordanien. Because our last flight experience with Royal Jordanien wasn’t that good. And when you ask, you can get a champagne. We forgot to ask, but we did that now. All the other People have asked too. On the Ground in Hongkong, Royal Jordanien serves champagne. Cheers! When you arrive at your seat you get a fleecy cover. and a big and very soft cushion. Both Things were packed out, not in a plastic film. The headphones. I don’t use them, I have bettter ones, but we will pack them out. I get a Hygiene paper too. They are noise canceling. They have only Drinks. I like that! They offer Taitinger.I go with you, Royal Jordanien. They have many wines from Jordanien. I like that. each one read and one White wine from Jordanien and one from France. They also one red wine from Chile. That sounds interesting. It is just the Food missing. It is nice that they bring the Drinks first. It is interesting that they have just wine and no Food. The typical arabic coffe, which must be. Royal Jordanien flies this flight as a 5th freedom flight. That means that you fly from A to C over B. A and B would be Hong Kong and Bangkok on this case. This flight is the 5th freedom flight. Normally you fly from Hong Kong to Amman That is the normal flight. I know, it is very complicated. But the Advantage for me is, that I can book this flight very cheaply. From Hong Kong to Bangkok and the other way. Very cheap means 400€ sometimes only 250€ in the Business Class. One way. That’s a very good deal. It smells like 47/11 It is eau de cologne. I used too much of that. This too. This is the Airline with the eau de cologne. I remember Here are two toilets in the 787 from Royal Jordanien one is next to the Cockpit. The other one is here at the end of the Business class. Here it is not called Business Class. It is the Crown class, like the Crown. Here is the 47/11 eau de cologne. The whole plane smells like that. That’s crazy. They have german movies. That’s good! On a flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok many movies on german. Wow! He sais that just because we sat 14 h in an airplane ,Hong Kong Airlines, they had no movie on german! On such a short flight can I absolutly understand, why they serve a plate with Cold Food. I think it is ok! But I didn’t like that they had served the same meal on a 9h flight from Amman to Bangkok. That is not okay! But now it is ok! Let’s see wether we get something else, but this would be okay. The Jordan savion tastes good. Not that much Acid, but a lot of fruit. I haven’t expected it. But you have to try everythng. They come with one bottle through the cabin, the first flight attendant with all the whitewines and the other one with all the red wines. Welcome in Bangkok. We arrived here. But it is totally dark so we wasn’t able to Show you anything from the take off and the Landing. But we’ll give you a resumee. So does that work. You arrive and then you get a voucher with that are you allowed to use the fast trak to the entry here in Bangkok. That is very very important. Otherwise you had to wait such a Long time at the immigration. Yeah, we are in Bangkok. It was an unexpected good experience on board of Royal Jordanien. You can’t blead anymore. The last time wasn’t a good experience, 9h but now the short time it was nice. The Crew was very nice. It depends on the Crew wether the flight is nice or not. Now I have to stop filming. There Comes something. So we contniue. One important Thing: They have new Landing Cards here in Thailand. and the fast traks are personalized. That means, that you can’t give them to other People after you received them once. That is not possible anymore. Thank you for watching! We’ll see us in our next Video!

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