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WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB | Rick And Morty VR #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

August 7, 2019

*WAPUSH* Top of the morning to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to the Rick and Morty Virtual Reality Experience! Well.. Virtual “Rick-ality” Because everything in Rick and Morty is Rick- themed I’ve been so excited for this! This is made by the same people who made Job Simulator And I’ve seen this floating around for the longest time (like the morty clones head?) And I saw some of it when I was at PAX East And then I got in contact with the devs and they They allowed me to be able to play it I’m so fucking happy, you have no idea how big a fan I am of Rick and Morty (wubba lubba dub dub) I love it so much And the new season started up again Well the first episode came back Of season three, and I cannot wait for that to kick in full force It’s going to be so good Anyway, I don’t really know what I’m doing just yet erm… Insert disc There’s a hose out there that’s- that’s not… Doing a whole lot, you okay out there? Right, insert disc “Minimum viable Morty” “Do Rick’s laundry” Okay, oh what was this? The credits, ah nevermind Oh yes! OHHHHH PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC! *rick and morty theme plays* Okay, let’s go Hey yall, this is Fast Food Fred, And I’m talking today about VR pressin’ the menu button (Thank you for pushing that menu button right there) No problem (And have fun on your adventures) (and don’t forget we’ll always be here with a tasty chunk when you need it) Thanks bro Ah-ha-ha-ha-hah, Okay, I’m into it! I’m into it sooo much already! OHHHH YES! I wanna meet Rick and Morty! I wanna meet the actual dudes Put them infront of my face! Put them infront of the eyeballs, the spheres inside my head! Please? *pretty whimsy music plays* Oh yes! HEYYYYYYYYY Morty: Holy crap Rick! Morty: Y-y-you made a Morty clone Rick! Rick: Yeah I know I had to rearrange the entire garage to do it, Morty. *laughs* This is so cool! Rick: Morty Clone, pay attention to me. Rick: I need you to take this laundry and put it in the washing machine. Rick: And if that’s to confusing for ya, you know there’s a dry eraseboard
(Jack: Awww!) Rick: On the, and i put it up in the garage here *loud scifi sound* Rick: The “Dry Eraseboard area” Rick: You’ll see I wrote instructions on what you’re supposed to do *Jack goes thru puberty* O-okay.. u-U-umm *Not puberty jack* okay I’m a, I’m a Morty clone So I’m not- I’m not full Morty I’m kinda like a fucked up Morty Morty: I-I-I can”t belive y-y-you made a Morty clone Rick Rick: I know *burps* I made a Morty clone, Morty, what you gonna do- say about that Morty: *thinks oh shit* Ah heh heh (not creepy AT all!) Morty: this is pretty crazy I just wanna stand here and listen to them all day That’s one thing I love about Rick and Morty Is the fact Justin Roiland does both voices And I-it’s just him talking to himself constantly (Morty: Uh Rick, Morty: h-he’s a regular old Morty clone Rick: That’s right Morty *morty voice* h-he’s a regular old Morty clone, okay um What- soapy suds
(Morty: Jeez Rick, I mean) *normal voice* OH GOD! Morty: It’s a- I don’t think he’s getting it really Ah-you want some of this! Rick: yeah, all he has to do is put the uuuuuh- the clothes in the washing machine y’know its- uh
(Jackaboi: SHUT UP rick) (Jack: *Laughing*) Rick: it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out *Punch le morty* Sorry! Rick: you look up at the dry erase thing.. *laughing* ohh nooooo *Punch’s le derp morty* I can just punch them in the head! *laughs* *intentional punch* (DAT WUT U GET) Oh! sorry! I didn’t mean to! Alright, Okay! ummm grrrab Morty: jeez I mean Alright I got it! Morty*rambles* I GOT IT! Morty: this morty clone r-r-really doesn’t know what it’s doing *continues to mock how stupid Jack is* Oh that’s cool Insert into washer machine *The Ramblings of Rick and Morty, out now on VHS and itunes, which is worse then VHS*
Rick: Yea, I know, I know. I see- I-I-I-I see the same thing Okay, okay, okay… WE GOT IT! Morty: yeah I mean it’s just bubbling about you know Yeah I’m a clone of you! Dumbass I am the real the one true Morty! Maybe I’m eyepatch Morty, maybe I’m evil Morty You’re C137 uhhh wash. okay, why don’t i get some soapy suds *liquid pouring* IS DAT ENOF? MOAR, okay *continues to pour soap* say when *too much soap* OH kay! Fuck it..BAM! *real BAM* There we go, ahhh… rinse, heavy duty, the Wash-O-Matic I want to do a… I wanna do a heavy duty on warm Rick: ah okay good, so now this Morty clone finished the laundry It’s working! rick: we don’t need him any more Rick: I mean it’s pretty much a useless pile of floating head and hands WOAh, WOAH! Rick: then I’m just gonna go ahead and shoot *SHOOT* Fucking JESUS *phone rings* Oh god that’s terrifying but awesome Welcome to purgatory, Now serving clone Morty Souls served Okay Hello Satan? (Hey it looks like your dead, welcome to Purgatory) (the devil is not available, so you get me, the devil’s secretary ) *INHALE* (we weren’t actually expecting you to be dead so soon so, if you don’t wanna be dead) (You can just press that button right in front of you on the phone) Okay! It that good, that’s Ryan Ridleys’ voice, I like him too here we go *whimsy music intro again* Hey I’m back! Rick: hey over here Morty clone, listen rick: um, Had to bring you back for some really important stuff That I can’t get into right now Because Me and Morty have to go *Stutters* Some stuff gotten out of hand Morty: Yea, you know we gotta hurry Rick, come on! Rick: Alright listen, I made a teleport system for you All you have to do is- you know- look in the direction you wanna go in the room, and then, click the track button under your thumb just-(Jack:Ohh)push the button down and you can teleport to any part of the room *teleports*Jack:Woah(technology)Rick: Alright now(Jack:Like that?) one last thing, Morty Clone There’s a watch over there on the selves. I’m a need you to grab the watch and put it on your wrist. You’ll be able to call me using the watch, this is very important(Jack: Oh, it’s a plumbus!!), alright Morty clone? *Silence* Jack:Okay? Morty: Come on Rick, we gotta hurry! Rick:Alright Morty clone, we gotta go Rick: Don’t touch any of my stuff while we’re gone! *Looks at watch* Jack:Woah *loud coughs* *Rick opens a portal* Jack:*coughs* Woah that’s awesome! (whining) I wanna go in the teleporter *RING RING* Ah Jeez-us. (Rick talks) Oh- FUCK!… woah! Rick: okay, use this to call me back once you get the Lay of the Land. Okay, okay, how to use watch, for dummies you- AWWW man. THIS IS SO AWESOME, that you get to see the whole thing, and it’s full of all these Easter eggs! *Jack looks around the shelf* Time travel stuff- HEY I thought you guys didn’t do time time travel OOHH YES the Meeseeks Box! Oh, I wanna wear this let me wear this! hey game is gonna ^wears it* *distorted speaking* Jack: No… *distorted speaking continues followed by it saying 1,2* *Jack stops wearing the thing* NO, No thanks, NO THANKS. All out on that… Portal wall… Okay. Wait… How do you use this? Call:Stare Answer:Stare Hey!! It is Mr.Poopy ButtHole!! I wanna call him! OOOHH WEEEE Blips n’ Chitz!!!! Ya-ha-ha-ha! yeah can we Play (t)roy? Off the grid! Wooo! Oh, that doesn’t fly very far… It’s really weird when you’re actually in the universe, because normally when you watch the show you… just get one perspective n’ like your brain kind of feels out the rest of the spatial awareness of the lab or the garage, whatever. So you kinnda fill in the blanks yourself but to be here in the actual space… Is really bizzare because you get to see the entire neighborhood and it looks a lot like the Simpsons in this. Or, what I image Or what i image the simpsons would look like… I am going to MESS the fuck around! Meeseeks!! Please! Oh, it IS a meeseeks! He is wearing a little VR thing! Do I… Do I drop you? (Rick speaking) Clever… Okay. Over there. Yeah!! The meeseeks are my favorite character in this whole game. Oh yeah! Oh Jesus Christ!! why not uh let’s do that again um that was a good idea okay oh okay I’m moving cables not scratching my ass that’s what it looks like when i’m scratching my ass Oh scratch the ass and rub the titty hahaha okay i can’t slap myself I can dance though Patty cake patty cake Baker’s man bake me a cake as fast as you can pull up my hair and smack my face okay that’s not as fun anymore okay oh so much I tried to find a home version of it, I ended up finding a crappy clone made on the cheek inna planet I know that sounds pretty on the nose but what do you think China got its name oh yeah ethnic welcome to the year 1972 where ethnic comedy is on the rise oh god, i wanna be Justin Roiland the funny motherfucker so this is troy not Roy, do we have like an SNES or NES or something lying around clean fun no okay I’ll come back then yeah yeah good wanna beat it mother fucker baby Kimberly did I kill myself whoa awful man obviously you can’t make up your mind so let’s just barrel through you’re not the first kill just in case you were thinking or what do you need Michael Icarus is I’m here it is for you but lots of people have been here before whatever oh baby yeah fabric softener oh how do we r here yes okay what do you do you call things okay do you merge things they use this question yes you fucking do no I we could have some fun with it you got to put them way up in your ass morning way up and you’re asking be bored or sleepy Oh wait one turn it up oh shit sorry fuck ok let’s pencil my club ok should I rock the fleet so this is fucking weird what a real one of these I make no sense but they’re awesome ok but you there ah why are you staring at before well why do you about your replacement morning hahaha cycle ok put you there what happen now is that too good yeah that’s not good fucking useless piece of garbage okay what are we got here oh god there’s so much in this by the way I’m not going to get through it all in one episode so I’m going to have to come back later which is fine by me because I just want to stay here and play this wreck holy shit oh I’m insane to those thing Frank what do I do oh ok am I in the Microverse battery uh yes what does this do I didn’t know what to do it oh that’s the soreness right okay then let’s wait wait wait oh I fucked it up okay okay okay okay I know what you want me to do man here we go okay fine it’s fine everything’s working everything’s working that’s good that’s good i’m charging were they doing what is it am i creating a new fucking planet okay okay this is easy I got this I did all I was creating the world to go inside my battery the Microverse the mini versa yes ok have a battery now Thanks I gotta charge but you can make it up right what does the Patrick going home is the question I was in terror I find any ID oh uh Rick Sanchez earth-human good clue be new we’re all god jesus fucking back with everywhere oh here we go what am I I defeat rocking it kinda makes metal broccoli ok that’s the Combinator yeah I got that one why tonight can I go down cause you’re stupid fish could I go down like down here ok yeah that does but dude another legs ok you don’t like that one that’s fine I’m not a promise you’re a promise you go ok no promises that’s fine ah cool didn’t need any way that’s Gigi ghastly gamegrumps do not ingest fuck you yeah this doesn’t do anything well you good um maybe I should call Rick Rick Couri I’m gonna be receiving a part in the driveway now says you can’t leave the garage you’re gonna have to use some help so if you just hit the button on the meetings box it’s the green and blue receiving a fake oh hi Rick Thanks we’re not going to a wedding decide no yeah okay huh God so thank you fine what’s up look it exploded wasn’t me Wow look great it’ll make them like they used to probably a good idea not to order these off of Florrick Flynn I’m going to order me another one of these things called morning head over there my workbench and I’ll activate my computer remotely using my rhinos are the tix just making up shit in the studio oh god yeah i turn on my xperia the fucking work bench with one day what’s the mouse okay lick lick lick my balls right we’re brothers brothers good good shut up Rick I’m doing the best we can we need two more Rev know when you look at that clone morning you found a growth hormone man you don’t have yeah oh I thought I’d get join hands what a gyp hey where do I find the rest of this shit don’t forget he has wrapped so otherwise the thief is going to get rest hey be careful come on morning ah not really dangerous just an asshole okay he wants a mental apple done it okay fun ah are you Apple metal Apple wait there’s one okay good Oh Paris huh okay hammer away seen about fathers out you know fucking weird food fetish it doesn’t get me round like prob appreciate it pleasure doing business with you okay now i need to get a new thing oh sweet fuck you oh my god it’s fucking terrified I don’t want this holy shit oh ok I think this my hate this I hate this oh god it’s fucking hate this gene is on it theory ok I just need a few that’s right luckily for me I have a battery okay easy does it easy does it I have a battery we’re like what here it is uh so don’t worry about me um I’m here again oh good I didn’t know it actually has a sundown year old book oh don’t make it okay what does that do oh sweet mother at it’s okay play on the board videos okay you go Oh quick I didn’t we good what Morty ordering that device now he’ll tell Ithorian over by the laundry machine once you order it the computer can also be a good place to order things you need kumori don’t okay delivery though what what part okay took you long enough listen now part you’re holding critical importance you’re gonna use it to retrieve an extremely powerful item that’s not going to be easy it’s gonna be one of the hardest thing you’ve ever done okay very confusing it’s coming very difficult it’s gonna be really challenging this shit is about to be kicked up like a hundred notches then when you’re ready for the part of your life give me a call back on the florists for you okay what does this thing do fine s-scared gonna leave your right there little buddy uh right okay well that’s all the time you needed to prepare be attending down thank you your peril all right listen I opened up a new location for you in the portal location with the arrows on the portal wall lever and then you know what you selected it pull up pull the lever and a portal will open up automatically for you I don’t want to grab this device your butt on the internet you’re gonna bring it with you okay right so the point my life right you know what we do that next time I thought I think this is a good introduction to this to show off parts of it god this is awesome I love that they’re making calculating oh I’m over here I looked at very captivating so many aspects of the show like all the lilies right here they’re the portals actually having Rick and Morty in it um I know this is just did it’s weird to think that I’m actually in rick and morty and i get to see what’s a little garage area looks like i want to see the rest of the house stuff okay no real quick tour Oh brick and they Priscilla commercial hey yeah this is awesome I’m going to take this off because I’m sweating howdy ya better this episode of rick and morty be our virtual reality which actually makes sense because it’s v our great leader in such a cliffhanger and not do the whole thing in one but again i want i want to show as much as a game as i possibly can and i want to be able to play more of it and do more episodes of it’s not just like blow it all in one episode because i think there’s a lot of little easter eggs here and there and this is really good there’s a lot of attention to detail and a lot of little knickknacks here and there to make a lot of sense if you watch wrecker Morty otherwise it’s not going to make anything and if you’re not watching Rick and Morty why click the point of the best TV shows I’ve ever watched and not just like this year or last year since it came out like ever I love it so much it’s awesome and I want everything that do that everyone to know she’s already like my Rick and Morty pushes up here which are really cool I love them so much I also have some etx I’ve summer I’ve Jerry at mr poopy pothole and I have a bunch of these this is highly figurines as well even that Rick’s little shit you probably can’t see it from there point is ,sorry summer, point is I like Rick and Morty that’s awesome and I want more of it in my life and I cannot wait to play more of this away from or the show now wait for anything ok Thank You Guys so much for watching! IF YOU LIKED IN PUNCH DAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE! LIKE A BOSS! Wooposh Wooposh THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! AND I WILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES IN THE VIDEOOOOO (CC by Crapsical Stay awesome jack and everybody watching!) Morty no

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