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Wraith Lore & Voidwalker Trailer Reaction!! | Apex Legends PS4

September 12, 2019

there’s not a whole lot on the passion
so we probably won’t talk about those I’ll probably do those in different
video but here we go okay so first one is we’re gonna check out the lore okay I
want to check out the lore and then we’re gonna check out the event and then
we’ll go into the event okay guys so let’s go ahead and switch on over let’s
check that stuff out pull this up on my display capture up
okay so we’re gonna check this out I have not
seen it okay I have not seen any of it so we’re gonna check this out first and
foremost and then we’ll get into it so let’s go
Vince babble oh oh whoa whoa hold up Oh who’s that guy a mere something
deceased urging Terminal B get rid of the
evidence payment No get out of there rape stop screaming ain’t nobody around there’s someone in my head of course
there is you’re crazy few extra cc’s problem solves itself it’s like future rains save the younger
leaf let’s go I can’t I can’t leave no no no one ever makes it out I did
Oh what so the IMC still here in your world
wait hey listen this place burrows for miles with only one way out so which way
is it where’s that trust just your eyes and
your nose holy crap dude don’t worry you just need time oh six one three seven Oh God wait what bag that was your
chance and you missed it no this is it the sooner you accept who you really are
the better why are you helping me don’t you get it we can make them feel
every bit of what they did to us I I’m not looking for revenge I want to
know who I am too bad
well maybe one day you’ll get what you’re looking for so it is true oh this is wild holy crap
I gotta coke he’s a mad scientist you insane containment are real ones you know we won’t go it’s me they want I can’t make it I’d like you I had to
leave my world to find what I was looking for now it’s your turn get up she’s starting to get it go
holy crap dude holy crap is this her world out holy crap bro let’s go baby all right
holy crap dude let’s go do that was so awesome to
Marcia what’s up bro holy crap dude holy crap guys I mean how awesome was
that how awesome was that dude bro dude that was so freakin cool
Damacio what’s up man we just watched the lore trailer for the void Walker
with Wraith seen all about her background
it was super nutty man I love this I hope they do this for every character in
the game that was so cool I felt like I was in the moment man it was awesome we
got to learned a lot about her like she’s from a different world when she
goes into the portals cuz she can see multiple versions of herself or maybe
not multiple versions but can see multiple things happening at the same
time like how cool is that dude and who is that doctor who is that guy like is
he gonna be a legend like what is it man dude that lore was so cool it’s kind of
like the circle of life like now she’s gonna go there new ray takes over and
that time period is before the Kings Canyon is actually Bill dude that was so
sweet man oh my god I can’t wait for them to do it for the rest of the
legends man I hope they continue to do this that that was really cool and the
animation was awesome like the animation was really like nicely done really
really like it wasn’t too cartoony it’s almost like Borderlands style but like
it was just really really really really good man he said yeah that’s awesome
trailer dude I hope they do it for every character so we can learn more about
them dude I loved it man Wraith is just insane Wraith is insane
okay so now that the lore is done we checked that out that was super nutty
all right now we’re gonna check out the the trailer for the voidwalker event
trailer okay this is the this is the event trailer I haven’t seen this guys
you can see my reaction on this so let’s check this out and then after this we’re
gonna get into some voidwalker event gameplay okay we’re gonna check
out everything they’ve done in the store all that UNITED stuff so right now let’s
check out the trailer for this let’s go copying for night let’s go I want to
know who I am I had to leave my world to find what I was looking for so filling
with the tear tuna man thank you – the chapters to Philly now thirteen or nine
months welcome back brother Oh it’s me they want
Bastian is so sweet also the lapses out there okay Saudis and snipers baby it actually
might be really cool Oh okay let’s go dude hyping the chapters
affiliate with the tier 2 sub man subscribe for nine months welcome back
the og one of the oh geez of the channel dude the trailer was awesome and why
didn’t we get that instead of like just the patch notes and just this week like
up this is what we should have gotten before

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  • Reply Some Random Person September 6, 2019 at 12:30 am

    You could actually see how Wraith's power works:
    – She isn't insane, she can hear the other wraiths in the void and that's how her passive works.
    – She can see other wraiths in the void when she is in the void, this feature is also in the game.

  • Reply Shaphilly ON 2 Wheels September 8, 2019 at 1:54 am

    Why did the banner at the end of the first trailer say future home of the apex games? Was the storyline set before the apex games started?

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