Why choose the National Software Academy?

July 12, 2019

this course offers very good sense of community it's a very nice environment to be an apt one that extra edge with like applying to Java should definitely apply because the NSA definitely does help if you really like it go for it watch it study Cardiff University puts the course is quite unique to other computer science courses and it was very practical and hands-on I think the benefits are you get good networking sauce versity and the get communication skills because you learn what industry professionals actually want and you learn the skills are what actually applies to the products that you'll be working on what she needed the university I wanted to do something that would engage me more with both what I was learning and kind of give me some industry and practical experience which this course offers perfectly it's very practical so you get to work with people as well as be able to work independently first of all it makes you really employable since you use skills that are used in actual industry projects yeah it kind of feels like going to work every day because you get to travel from Cardiff to Newport first degree still allows you to enjoy Cardiff student life as much as anyone else the NSA has very strong lives industry as they host a number of industry workshops and days where members from companies such as Admiral come in I really do feel like the NSA does help you to connect I write every player's people from companies come and talk to us about placement opportunities and people could see what is actually required in the industry right now we had the opportunity to meet with clients real industry based client I had created the network that I wouldn't be able to create if I wouldn't be here the course itself is needed because why I've seen over my years is being a manager an IT manager if we do get some good people and we get some good grads but quite often we need to spend a significant amount of time getting them up to speed with what it's like to be in an office I think you get more experience of what it's like to actually work through a course like this than you would through to a standard sort of computer science degree we set up the academy essentially to help close the gap between the sort of academic world and commercial world and the National Software Academy specifically stood out obviously they're doing things a lot more aligned to the commercial world and we just have a good working relationship with them being that they do try and mirror commercial work and as much as possible we've gotten a lot closer with the NSA to the point would be being able to kind of go in speak with the lecturers they're arranged sort of Tech Talks lunch and learns that sort of stuff so we had full confidence that the students could come to us and hit the ground running essentially if their appreciation of agile work in collaboration team where it seems to be a bit higher than those that would work on a more traditional academic IT path I think it gives you a great experience it set you up in a fantastic way for what the real working world is like we encourage all of our students to seek first and second year summer placement we want to prepare our graduates for the world of work they have to know how projects work didn't have to know how to talk to clients they have to go the whole breadth of how a real industrial project might run they certainly got the technical skills they've also got those commercial and people management skills that will see them do well in employment I'd say be prepared is quite it's fun but it's also challenging I definitely recommend it if you do like a challenge you do like to be placed out of your comfort zone and using new technologies that you've never had experience with be proactive and ask questions seek knowledge and don't be afraid of trying new things the world is full of good ideas but who implemented that good ideas it's gonna be successful so if you like it go for it you

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    Stupendous!! I would be hoping for another stunning video on MSc. Advanced Computer Science too.

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