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Where are the memory slots in my laptop? (When 2 slots avaliable) – Mr Memory

December 3, 2019

Hello and welcome to this Mr Memory video.
Today we are looking at where extra slots
could be in your laptop or notebook. The location of the memory slots in
laptops & notebooks can differ in each machine.
If unsure, you should read your user manual or
visit the manufacturer’s website. There are three possible places where
they will be found – 1 – Both modules underneath the base of the machine, sitting side by side.
2 – Both under the base, sitting one on top of each other as in
the picture shown. You will need to remove the top module
to access the bottom slot. 3 – one memory slot will be under the base and one will be under the keyboard.
Accessing the slot into the keyboard is normally very easy. Please refer to your user manual for more
detailed information. Thank you for watching this Mr
Memory video for further assistance please visit the customer care and
support section on our website.

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