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What’s Next For Us With Dreams PS4?

October 21, 2019

Hey, LittleBigHeroes! In today’s Dreams video I wanted to quickly
go over what you can expect from the channel, content wise, in regards to Dreams. But first I wanted to give a massive thank
you to all of our new heroes. We’ve gained so much support over the past
few months and it’s been fantastic to share and discuss each other’s excitement for Dreams. So thanks again, and here’s to the future
of Dreams. Before the Dreams beta arrived we were making
two videos per week, mostly discussing various topics surrounding the game. But ever since the beta arrived, and even
beyond that, we’ve been mainly focused on beta footage and giving our brief thoughts
on each of them. There’s been so much beta content to get through,
I still have a good amount to share but I feel like the channel could be offering a
lot more in terms of variety. I enjoy making the beta footage videos as
it’s a great way to showcase a vast amount of content from some very talented creators,
but it’s also nice to show everything that Dreams is capable of so far in order to hopefully
attract new people to the game. The problem with putting out lots of footage
is that every Dreams channel seems to be doing it, and although we try to add some commentary
on just about every video, at the end of the day if you’ve already seen a particular level
a few times before then it’s perhaps not as interesting to watch again. Of course it’s still a vital component of
the channel going forward, we love showcasing everything you guys make and this is a Dreams
channel so you’d expect to see this type of content as standard. But what I want to do is add some of those
discussion and opinion videos I spoke about before, the ones we used to do before the
beta arrived. This way there’s more variety for you to choose
from and it offers a chance to create some unique videos that you can’t find on various
other channels. Another thing you can expect is development
updates on our very own Dreams projects. I was travelling during the beta so I didn’t
have enough time to properly create something, it’s one of the main reasons why I don’t have
any creation videos at the moment. Instead I was playing all of your wonderful
levels but I’ll be able to do both things once the full game arrives. I don’t want people to get the impression
that this is only going to be a footage collection of other people’s work. Sure, we want to create an amazing hub to
hype up and display your incredible creations but we also want to dabble in it ourselves. Since I haven’t started on the physical creation
of the projects within Dreams yet, instead I will be talking about the planning of these
projects for now, until I can show you in-game progress. We’ll also be doing this with LittleBigPlanet
as there’s at least one final project on that game which I want to highlight as well. The mysterious February the 20th announcement
date is still at the front of our minds, we can only hope that it’s a release date and
that it’s reasonable close. We have all waited far too long for Dreams,
it’s about time we can finally unleash its potential. It would also make planning content much easier
in terms of a time-frame, as the content we will be producing will be on another level
from what you are seeing today. There is so much work to be done, ideas to
fulfil, and all of these are only possible with the full Dreams release. We are really excited about the future, we
want to create an amazing Dreams channel for you, and the fact that you’re with us from
the very start means everything to us. So, to recap. Every week you can expect two unique videos
discussing or giving an opinion on a particular Dreams topic. There will be at least one development update
regarding a Dreams and or LittleBigPlanet project in the works. And of course we will continue to put out
beta footage with our thoughts and commentary almost daily. I say almost daily because as you’ve probably
noticed we haven;t been uploading on the weekend. Instead we have been making one or two daily
videos through Monday to Friday. This may change once the full game is released,
in-fact, a lot of things will probably change with the full release but we can discuss those
nearer the time and hopefully this upcoming announcement can shed some light on that which
we’ll also be covering with another video on Wednesday the 20th. Thanks for watching today’s Dreams video,
we hope you’re as excited as us about the future of Dreams and if you’d like to join
us on our journey, subscribe to become a LittleBigHero and click the notification bell so you’re
always kept updated on the latest Dreams content. See you in the next Dreams video.

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  • Reply Jason Beard February 19, 2019 at 1:53 am

    My prediction was launch within 90-120 days of the BETA. Here's hoping that they don't let us down.

  • Reply Gentleman Tom February 19, 2019 at 11:19 am

    Looking forward to see how this channel grows! Let's hope we get a date for the full game tomorrow huh

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