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What is the Comparison Calculator?

September 11, 2019

Penny Saver is starting to plan for her
retirement. Retirement is a big decision. With that decision comes several choices
she may have available to her during the two-step process. How can she decide
what’s the best option for her? Moser’s has many resources to help her make an
informed decision. Penny attended a moser’s pre-retirement planning seminar
when she was about five years away from retirement eligibility and she received
her first benefit estimate in her packet. The educator explained the estimate and
she took it home and discussed it with her husband bill. They decided they would
like to look at the various options side by side to see which made the most sense
for their family over the long term. Penny and Bill came into the moser’s
office to talk to a benefit counselor who looked at some different retirements
in areas with them on the comparison calculator. Good news for penny, the
comparison calculator is now available on Mosers website in the calculator
section under the members menu option. Penny decided to run another comparison
online. She printed out the instructions on the website and had her most recent
benefit estimate handy since she’ll need information from it to use in the
calculator. So what can Penny compare? Penny can compare the MSEP to the MSEP2000. She can also take a look at the long-term impact of taking back drop. She
can use this information to compare normal retirement with early retirement
which possibly includes a temporary benefit until age 62 or other
differences in retirement dates and she can compare the different benefit
payment options available to her. Up next we’ll show you how to create a benefit

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