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What is Lincoln® Light Touch Handle Electronic Door System? | How-To | Lincoln

September 12, 2019

Your Lincoln vehicle may be equipped with an intelligent, electronically controlled door system. Sensors in the light touch handle on both driver and passenger doors, as well as the rear passenger doors help reduce the amount of force required to unlatch and open them. To enter the vehicle from outside… gently press the light touch switch located on the inside of the door handle. Doing so will cause the door to electronically unlatch. The same mechanism makes exiting the vehicle easy too. Instead of a traditional door handle, look for this button on the side of the arm rest on the door. Press it in, and the door will automatically unlatch… so, you can swing it open the rest of the way with ease. One more thing. If you are inside your vehicle and unable to use the electronic door system, you can open the door by pulling the emergency release handle in the map pocket, here. We hope we’ve answered your questions. For more information, please visit

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