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Watch Strutmasters Electronic Suspension Kits Fix This 2007-2013 Acura MDX

September 12, 2019

This video covers installation of a Front
Suspension Conversion System for 2007-2013 Acura MDX Models with the Electronic Sport
Suspension. Let’s get started by raising the vehicle on
an approved lifting device using all safety precautions. And then, you remove one of the front wheels. The MDX was introduced to the US Market in
2000 as replacement for the SLX Model, a clone of the Isuzu Trooper. And the MDX moniker stands for Multi-Dimensional
Luxury. Now, we’ll go up top to gain access to the
Strut Mounting Nuts. As you can see here, technician uses small
screw driver to lift off the two small circular shaped plastic covers. And then the larger rectangular shaped plastic
cover. That’ll give you access to the strut mounting
bolts. You’ll want to loosen them but do not remove
them right now. Did you know that 1st and 2nd generation MDX
vehicles were assembled from the year 2000-2013 in Alliston Ontario Canada? Now to avoid dropping these Strut Mounting
Nuts into the darkness of never never land on the vehicle, we’ll use the sticky side
of some masking or painters tape to line our socket. Our technician will show you how it’s done. Once you’re ready, this will allow you to
finish loosening and lift off the knot. We’ll take off two and leave the last one
in for now. With over 750,000 among the road, the MDX
is the bestselling Japanese crossover in the US with 3rd row seating. If you have an extra floor jack or a screw
jack under hoist, you want to find it in our next step and use it for support on the hub
assembly. Watch as our technician uses a floor jack
here. Once he has it in place, you want to grab
a flat hand screw driver and use it to unplug the electrical connector from the strut. Sometimes they get stuck with a little dirt
and debris, the screwdriver comes in handy to pry it loose. One more small step with the screwdriver and
then you let the wire hang out of the way for now. Now we use a ratchet and socket to remove
the top bolt on the bracket. The Acura MDX won several automotive awards
including the North American Truck of the Year in 2001 and it was voted Car Driver’s
Best Luxury SUV in 2001. Next you’ll need a 17mm socket as we disconnect
the Sway Bar End Link. Pretty straightforward, so easy to find. Technician points out the bolt and the Sway
Bar End Link where it’s located touched right to the front of the strut. And a quick zip of that 17mm socket and off
it comes. To avoid losing the nut, our technician just
put the nut back on the end link and moved it aside for now. Next you want to find the 12mm socket as we
remove the break line bracket from the strut. Hey did you know that Honda engineers use
the famous Nurburgring Road Course Facility in Germany to fine tune the suspension on
the socket and 3rd generations of the MDX? The 3.2 mile German road course has been a
Formula 1 Grand Prix Venue since 1984. Now on to our next step, we will need a 24mm
socket and wrench to remove the lower strut bolts. The top is pretty easy. The bottom one, make sure you do not take
the bolt completely off just yet. Top one’s a breeze. From the bottom, be careful to support the
bottom of the hub before you remove that last bolt. If you don’t, that will allow the hub to swing
free and that can cause a drive axel to pull out and separate. We don’t want that. Little tap of the hammer, and once the bolt
is out, you can give the strut just a little nudge to separate it. And now it will be hanging by the final bolt
left up top. And that’s our next step as we go up top and
use our sticky socket to remove the last 14mm strut mounting nut. Once it’s removed, you’ll firmly grasp the
strut and lower it from the vehicle. You have to watch those break lines. It can get just a little tricky coming out. Next our technician will use a zip tie to
secure the electrical connector and strut wire out of the way. Hey, a brand new Acura MDX with all the goodies
now lists for more than $50,000 and that’s 50,000 good reasons to bolt on a Strut Masters
Conversion Kit and squeeze several more years of enjoyable driving out of your current Acura
MDX. Don’t you just love those zip ties? And when you’re down, just a little snip off
the excess and we’re ready to move on to our next step. And that means we’re ready to install one
of our new strut masters fully assembled, Coilover Strut Units. Watch as our technician angles it right in
there. Once he’s got it in place, he’ll take a look
up top, line up the top bolt holes and then position the bottom to tighten the two bottom
strut bolts. Strutmasters proudly features American made
cold wound coil spring on other conversion systems. The cold winding process means you’ll get
a stronger coal spring that’s already preset. That means it’s unlikely to settle. And so far, in all of our thousands and thousands
of conversion kits, we’ve never had one come back with a broken spring. Better springs, better struts, better people
made a better quality ride from Strutmasters. Now to get the bottom holes lined up, the
bolts go in. And our technician grabs that 24mm socket
and wrench and tightens things right back up. You’ll want to find your 17mm socket next
and we’re going to reattach the sway bars and link to our new strut. Hey, be sure to like Strutmaster on Facebook
so you can keep up with all the latest news, new products and take a look at our latest
videos from our Facebook page. Be sure to like us now. Once we’ve got on our sway bar end link, that’s
followed by reconnecting the break and electrical line brackets into the new strut. If you’re watching this video or undecided
about whether you want to tackle this project on your own or if you need a rather professional
shop handle it, Strutmasters would be glad to help you either way. We’ve got ASE certified technicians standing
on duty to help you if you’re doing the installation yourself and needs some quick tips or advise. Or if you’d rather have a shop do it, give
us a call at 866-597-2397 and we can find a shop in your area that’s familiar with our
conversion systems and love to help. Once that’s finished, we’ll go back up to
the strut tower and tighten things up there. As you see in the video our technician used
the sticky side of some masking tape or painters tape to keep from losing these Strutmount
bolts on the way back in. Of course a magnetic socket works even better. When you’re ready to tighten this, be sure
to hand tighten them but don’t over tighten. We developed this passive suspension conversion
system because of the overwhelming amount of phone calls from Acura owners who didn’t
want to pony up thousands fixing it at the dealer. We’ve helped over a quarter million customers
save big since we invented the Suspension Conversion System in 1999. Strutmasters comes closer to the original
factory ride than anybody in the business. Plus we offer you limited lifetime warranty
and access to our ASE certified technicians just in case you have that problem vehicle
that doesn’t play by the rules. Once you got everything snug back up, we’ll
put back on those plastic covers. All of Strutmasters Conversion Systems are
proudly designed, engineered and assembled right here in our facility in Central North
Carolina. And we appreciate your business in helping
keep Americans working. Once the plastic covers your back on, you
can reinstall the front wheel and repeat this process for the other side of the vehicle. As with all of our conversion systems, with
Coilover Strut Assemblies, Strutmasters recommends a complete 4 wheel alignment to ensure the
best performance and even tire wear. Thanks for watching this presentation of If you need to order a suspension conversion
kit for your Acura MDX, give our team a call at 866-597-2397. If you are Strutmasters customer and you need
assistance during installation, give our tech line a call at 866-998-8737 and speak to one
of our ASE Certified technician.

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  • Reply Daniel McGlaughlin December 31, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    I checked your website, but do not see a 2007 strut for the MDX for sale.

  • Reply Enough with the PC March 2, 2017 at 12:02 am

    Ok- I have a 2011 Advance MDX and the shocks are bad, as I have learned many are. I was under the understanding there were no aftermarket shocks to replace them, and I would HAVE to buy the OEM shocks, which are ridiculously priced. So you guys have an equivalent replacement at a much better price?

  • Reply Brian Campos March 20, 2017 at 2:25 am

    Why do you not provide electrical receiving connector on the strut? What am I losing with your strut not having this capability?

  • Reply Jacob Barnas May 27, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Hello, I have a 2007 Acura MDX, and I am wondering as to how you install the Module to remove all light warnings from my dash.

  • Reply Laser Sharp July 25, 2017 at 12:36 am

    Will this be able to replace the ADS suspension of a 2007 Acura MDX and solve the ADS light issue? Thanks.

  • Reply Draden Malinowski May 25, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    Do you guys sell these still? And is there reviews to confirm they last awhile? Got quoted 3000 dollars for front and 1600 for rear today, and that's not happening

  • Reply rumen stoykov October 12, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    ok i am looking for suspensin kits for my acura mdx 2012 advance wich is a electrical . do you sale and how i can buy it?

  • Reply Raúl Torres April 1, 2019 at 1:38 pm


  • Reply JLM McQuain May 6, 2019 at 11:55 am

    narrator is beyond annoying

  • Reply John R July 11, 2019 at 11:18 am

    So,you just leave the electric connector unplugged? No cap for it,or a resistor etc to turn off any warning lights?

  • Reply edward dickson September 7, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    Well done. Thanks!

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