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Uso di due o più monitor con un computer in Windows 10

August 24, 2019

this video shows how to use multiple monitors with one computer and Windows 10 dual monitors can create extra screen space and allow for multiple windows to be shown at once to connect the second monitor make sure that your computer has at least two video ports one for the main monitor and one for the secondary monitor connect the monitor to the computer using the video connection cables two common types are VGA and DVI turn the monitor on then turn on the computer customized monitor display settings first right-click anywhere on the desktop click display settings use the multiple displays drop-down menu to select one of the following options duplicating the desktop displays the same image across both monitors extending the Windows desktop expands the work area across both monitors showing desktop only on one will display on one and show nothing on display two showing desktop only on two will display on two and show nothing on display one choose your display option then click apply click keep changes to keep the setting you chose additional helpful videos at and on our youtube channel forward slash how-to for you

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