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Use Your Smartphone as a Running Distance Calculator with Free GPS

December 3, 2019

Hi, I’m Mike
welcome to the smartphone without data plan online tutorial
in this episode will be using the Nokia E71 with GPS as a running
distance calculator.
If you have a smartphone equipped with the built-in GPS receiver such as
the Nokia E71
you can use radio signals from satellites.
No data plan is used,
only the GPS satellite signals to calculate the position and distance.
If you’re connected to a cell phone provider
first try to avoid charges caused by data transfer costs.
You will use data from your provider when assisted GPS, or A-GPS is
A-GPS uses data for positioning from the provider’s cell site towers.
we only want to use the radio signals from the orbiting satellites,
not from cell site towers.
You may have different factory presets and a different phone,
but the concept remains the same. To disable or enable different positioning
methods with a Nokia E71,
select menu
positioning methods, select only integrated GPS
your results may vary, so contact your provider after using GPS for the
first time to verify that you’re not getting charged.
Please comment below if you have any other tips or experiences about
smartphone settings
to avoid data usage fees well using integrated GPS.
To activate GPS on my Nokia E71
for the running distance calculator, I select
GPS data
smartphones equipped with GPS sensors received the best signal outside.
It is just like trying to get good reception on a radio.
Before I go for a run,
I’ll stretch outside while the smartphone locks in on the GPS signal
This can take a minute or two;
my phone needs a lock of four satellites to calculate the coordinates of my
After the initial calculation
three satellites for adequate for continued operations.
Now you will get a prompt indicating that your phone is waiting for the
Your smartphone is trying to get a fix on four satellites.
To see if your startphone is picking up the signal, push
satellite status
each bar indicates a satellite.
When the bars turn black on the Nokia E71,
you have a fix.
To start your jogging distance tracker,
go back to the
trip distance window
and press options start
While you’re running you can listen to the radio and track your distance at the
same time.
Let’s do that now.
In order to listen to the radio while the GPS is active,
do not press the back button on the trip distance screen.
pressed the home button as not to deactivate the GPS.
Now choose your favorite station and lets go running.
How far did we run?
As you can see, we can see the trip distance, time and average speed.
Thank you for viewing online tutorial about using GPS on your smartphone
with no data plan required.
Please check out the website for more tips
about using smartphone features such as GPS,
email and mapping
-without paying for an expensive data plan.

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