Unit 1: TI 30XS Multiview Calculator Examples

February 16, 2020

in this video I’m going to show you a
few ways you can use the TI 30 XS multi-view calculator that’s highly
recommended for this course in unit 1 so first these are actual problems from
your homework from MathAS and we’re just going to look at a few of them so I
can show you how to use the calculator so let’s look at this one on the right
the numbers are here the forming operations are here so 9 plus 7 minus 4
plus 6 minus 3 so the keys I punched in are right here if you want to
reference them and then notice you can see the entire expression here so this
is why I like this calculator you can see everything you punched in so you can
double check it as you go and it seems to match up if you hit enter then you’ll
get your results of 15 let’s look at another one and we’ll clear this now you
can look at the new keys let’s do again this one on the right so when two
numbers are written next to each other and parentheses it’s called
juxtaposition and the implied operation is multiplication and the calculator
knows this so here are parentheses above the 8 and the 9 this is open and this is
the closed so I’ll hit parentheses close put 3 in parentheses here’s the division
symbol okay and I haven’t shown you the multiplication symbol yet so 4 4 times 5
why don’t we just hit 4 times 5 and notice it shows up as an asterisk
instead of a multiplication symbol I’m not sure why but you should know that
this means multiplication hit enter and we have 45 look at another one here I’m
guessing you guys would want to see how to do this one on the calculator
so this calculator is capable of working with fractions which is another reason I
like it a lot if you hit this button right here and over D that means
numerator over denominator and it will give you a fraction bar with
these two spots now if you don’t see this if because it’s because your
calculator isn’t in the correct mode so I’m going to show you right now how to
find the mode so click mode it’s next to the second button and you want it
in math print mode not in classic mode so you can use the arrows to go
down go to the right and when it’s blinking on math print hit enter and
you’ve now sent it set it to math print now to get out of this screen you’re
going to want to hit second quit so notice right here it says quit in green
so if I hit the second button and then this button it takes me back to the main
screen so notice it’s the mode button but when you hit second before it
it does what you have up here so now let’s look at this on the top you
have 58 plus three times four for some reason infraction mode it does use
a multiplication sign instead of an asterisk I have no idea why now we want
to put six plus four in the bottom so I’m going to use a down arrow and when
it’s the cursor is blinking in there I put six plus four and to get out of the
fraction you’re going to want to hit the arrow to the right now it has your
complete expression you can check it make sure you entered it correctly and
hit enter look at the next one so here we’ve used parentheses before but let’s
just practice again let’s use this expression so these have multiplication
division addition and your calculator knows the correct order as long as you
punched in exactly how you see it parentheses six times nine close the
parentheses so now we usually do division from left to right but since
this is in parentheses the calculator will do this first then it will do the
division and then we hit enter and our result is four and finally let’s do an expression with
exponents how about this one right here one thing I want to mention before we
move on if you wanted three minus two you use the subtraction button
notice there’s this button which looks like just like the minus sign this is
actually a negative sign notice how the symbol is a little bit smaller and a
little higher up and your calculator will give you a syntax error so if you
see syntax error it might be the case that you use the negative sign instead
of the subtraction sign and we will be using the negative sign in the next unit
let me clear this again so let’s do this one on top so I’m going to show you
two ways to do this parentheses seven minus two close the parentheses and
there’s a button just for squaring things so this notice it says x
squared it’s not going to put an X in there if you click this button it just
squares it and then we hit minus four and our result is 21 now I’m going
to clear this and I’m going to show you another way to use a square because if
you need another exponent besides two you’ll want to know how to do this I’m
going to hit clear so I’m going to start off the same seven minus two close the
parentheses and now you see this button right here the caret button and you
actually use this in math is for exponents if you hit this you can think
of it as kind of a up symbol it makes the box smaller and in the exponent spot
then you hit a two now something important here if I hit – 4 now I’m
showing you something that could go wrong so you’re not going to want to do
this notice that all of this is still in the exponent we need it out of the
exponent so I’m going to take this minus 4 and delete it so I move the arrow
I’ll hit delete move the arrow hit delete now I just
have my square to get the minus four you need to use the right arrow and notice
the cursor moved down and now we’ll enter minus four and there’s our result
so I hope these were helpful

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