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Uncharted The Lost Legacy Gameplay Part 2 Nadine (PS4)

November 30, 2019

I my friends so welcome back to my
channel Joseph gamer for life my name Joseph so
welcome back to another gameplay no gameplay of a chart the loss legacy so
welcome indeed so and welcome and also welcome
new subscribers like right now I got like 283 six subscribers Wow I like
saying thank you thank you very much you heard my message at the end of the
view of HRT the loss legacy gameplay part 1
thank you very much alright so go ahead take a picture oh yeah um where should
she go she went this way alright Dan sold she went this way yep
I like oh I like um take a picture and she said this beer she like enough of
this oh whoa Gaby away oh that’s right whoa miss you okay ah it is
I remember this fun uncharted whoa a char for a beef and as I remember
all right it is there we go we’re trying good over there
see I can make it oh oh am i climb up
this fire can go okay so hi Keith’s waning try to do a lot faster yeah yes yep I’m a yeah cool at least I
made it indie good job cuz uh yeah give me your hand
I’m good I got it okay hey Jeep want me to drop nope
oh don’t mind I do it’s a control thing sure all right I’m jiving let’s just enjoy
the serenity shall we got a dumb question so much for that how do you
know the Tusk is still there it would have turned up in a museum or something
by now right plus I haven’t seen any voice allow
exhibitions I’ve never even heard it off voice Allah before this job
yeah well see I can make a deal lohanthony vampire as well yes and then
there the Persians right to their daughter and nos and now – oh my bad sorry alright they see can
we go this way yes hey look awesome
Domingo convention oh wow nice oh ah si amigo alright see I can make a Turk nope it gotta be a way forward looking nope I don’t see it Oh refreshing warned
me Oh where’s the fun in that I know right welcome to the jungle
Wyatt it you come back here often no not really whoa poison are ruins can we get through
that gate I’ll check it out all right I parked right here yeah step in dirty
water girl what do we got however do and velour I thought these
were Ganesh and Shiva someone’s been paying attention Ganesh was the guardian
of Holabird ooh the newer of the hoisin are Capitals Shiva was the guardian of
the former capital below the stonework is beautiful but this isn’t one of a
defensive war hmm sculptors quarters by the look of it we’re still on the
outskirts didn’t take you for an archaeologist that would be my dad
actually I’m just a thief remember Hey the rental equipped with a
winch looks that way correct make short work of these gates
what you’re just going to pull them down that’s the plan unless you brought
dynamite this is your gig take that as a no okay
so bat pull down a gate cool I got here we go they’re gonna be fine
oh yes like I am yes
Dania more oh my back woo okay that don’t you wanna take this a better one alright cool so that won’t take care of
that now I’m gonna feel like I’m gonna sing so quiet cross-dissolve
figured you’d be more of a leaving at rest tot when it comes to Indian roots
sentimentality in this line of work get you killed no I feel like going saying I saw
welcome to the junk oh no I ain’t got what saying guys like don’t wait don’t
sing that song because he was singing the song you’ll rule the song alright
guys so I ain’t going to sing that song guys knowing that one popular song ever
of welcome to the jungle ok alright going like why do you popular
like welcome to the jungle parasite city like do frickin classic God Rose is it
freakin awesome that but then also alright trying to figure out where I had
to go oh no they’re not yeah they are they’re closer to primates
and Lemus okay well I’ll look it up oh maybe it’d go this way
oh I’m suck dry backward okay cool John make it through I got it I got it so I got it come on
you know what all the way come on there we go ah come on to the sorry perfect right yes I did it well spotted Shh
hold on tell him what he would be more inside already
hey I’m flattered that he’s taking us so seriously you need to get through that
gate all right well slow down you got to take
care of these jokers first you have a plan yeah sure um attack down it’s a high vehicle right here all right he goes nothing – this one I mean I’m you know fair because I don’t
see nothing I don’t see nothing where are they oh
sorry okay
which I go up here huh oh I see 1 1 2 3
I see four go go go go go 5 for me oh sorry
you coming which I attack him did this ooh thank you wait for it he
going on come this way I didn’t turn around go straight up
param night-night hey 9 9 is 18 alright so wait for it now oh wait no I’ve seen her weave limitation on this
dude they’re like 1/3 it’s me uh put her down here for oh crap
so it’s forgot about him do this go alright what there’s another one oh man but this right – wait it is bye-bye are you there we go
my bath oh nice you word this alright what you think you’re going wait you
think you going okay that’s Kate hey dude
we think you’re going oh no oh oh nice oh oh oh nice teeth burger no swish
weapon hi Arielle whoa I who do that me ah thank so that less of them all right now without three bullet not good
see they hang in yes well my bad all right check all on and you find some
more brother okay I don’t see none ooh way yes ah what is this is see what in here all right they’re real so what you hear whoo everybody like know what you guys
like what Joe this is a grab it right no I’m good I’m good I’m good
so oh you see awesome
all right this looks to be it let’s try it yeah real Open Sesame
okay I always oh nice I’m sure you are honey
Wow Oh yawn this way yep we’re going this way
okay cool the three symbols let’s have a look at the map okay okay
let’s see we are right about here I can mark it up as we go noruego over here check out that tower
but you could get the lay of the land maybe whoa okay they’ll see no lion no tiger and no
bear perfect not that I’m too worried about it you
should be we won’t have the advantage of surprise again don’t think he was
expecting much from you wait was that a compliment that sounded like a
compliment he’s guys that eveness but a sorbus we
just need to stay the hell away from him a man okay we’re Moss air never understood the
appeal of people like starve easy he finds men who are weakened offers them
power gives them purpose purpose sounds more like bullshit to me all right listen up with a sob anyway
perfect rather not go into it you certainly seem to have a thing for you
okay where are you going want to climb it with me I really want to but someone
should keep watch for ourselves forces good cool almost this thing is still
standing don’t jinx it please see Oh get up there you gotta be a way try this one cool here we go yes I’m a it all right I got
there good yes okay awesome it’s a pretty easy easy peasy so yeah whoa awesome guy almost up there almost Yoho way down there all right yes here’s our three symbols
well that took less time than I expected let’s see here
Oh wonder what that could be for future reference she’s axe and behind number two Oh aimed
right at those Hoysala ruins it’s an old fortress hooked into the
mountainside I’ll just mark that on the map with a nice girl without one not
burnt up oh this one let’s see what’s behind the
Bogle another old fortress sitting smack-dab in the middle of the lake bed
I’ll jot a bow on the map in that spot cool how about this one all right Oh last but not least the Troy no and
another old fortress just beyond those waterfalls tried it mark on the map for
you what okay oh wow guess I should have looked for a call
button before climbing well true true about that hey and then some found her three
symbols really yep each one was pointing towards a
different fortress those will be the best places to look perfect all right
all right and we were talking about what were you saying about Assad oh what a
sobs interest in me it was just useful leverage at the time
do tell rather not maybe over drinks not enough
alcohol in the world crap all right so we go this way there we go all right oh man bumpy I see a white boy
i beep turn in this way right you’re the military expert what’s our
strategy here many hoping to stop us in our tracks not what I would do
so what would you do if you were a cell besides lose the beard hang back let you
do the heavy lifting then sweep in and rev up the trucks once you’ve done all
the hard work serious practical litigates a lot of
risks lucky you’re on my team yeah you are
I’m a little surprised Assad’s not doing the same thing maybe it’s expert knows
more than we think right all the more reason to wrap this
up quickly then so go this one first all right cool all right yes we made the first one look
that one of us offs trucks looks clear out here interesting circular murti like the disk
you should do the trick yep I got it cool all right
so I have to pull it hard to say a fortress not the right layout for a
temple true whoa all right somebody going this way oh gosh I who I’d watch your mouth once we
have attached the people who follow hello can’t be helped
come on oh no you boys really don’t come on come on all right all right no more
shooting oh oh there was a big truck parked out
front see so where to how we get there okay
hey climb what the heck each other this way oh yeah
Ariel would have preferred a head start over yourself not much we can do besides
doesn’t matter who starts only who finishes go there what is it
a shrine don’t think so don’t see any day as he’s hanging about let’s find a
way up all right I do it yes go beans got it yes may it amen
why must uh Ali restock what uh okay knuckle be suck ah oh my gosh alright so I need to figure out okay how
I got a man okay that was my fault oh man I got um I my rain there you go okay
per favore alright let’s try again
all right get this something oh okay why didn’t I see that there
before oh my gosh okay I did up my fault so
that what my back gave him try get him right there you go
sniper I hate I’ll buy that there you go nope get out Oh oh man no there we go hi sniper where are you yes it is just
what I was gonna say all right where’s she go where she go oh man
she said that me painting their wheel so I got there ah here we go hi whoa nice I just thought like diet every
time wait a minute stand stand tight do this yes all right
climb it yes I’m fine yes I’m okay all right I see yes awesome
I’m a there you are having fun yes up and have fun yes all right
oh man all way down perfect wait Thanks come on well lookie here
what are you willing to bet told you it’s some kind of K gold star for you
now let’s see what it does what does it ancient wigs or puzzle and puzzle a hey
puzzle hey man let’s see oh okay of course I’m making it low I’m making them
Bowl okay this one won’t fit this won’t fit that fit almost look
right but no ah man come on see though this is a very difficult okay this is very difficult right now
oh gosh I don’t like puzzle I don’t like at all See Mom look right look like maybe ah okay okay
cool yes shoroma know what now I guess we
turn this crank and see what happens next I think it’s safe you know that
treasure hunting is not a good gig for the risk of us right neither is being a
mercenary difference is when I pull the pin on a good night I know what’s going
to happen next in my way is much more fun did you hear that
you feel that don’t tell me all these the Kraken look at it holy hell
there’s a massive relief carved into the side of that mountain and you were
worried we were going to turn that crank and die
I guess it’s good I’ve got an archaeologist daughter with me it must
have been fun growing up eh it had its moments I learnt a lot boy
Salar Empire was kind of his thing took up a lot of his time though me if I go
digging for treasure I better make a buck or two well sure I don’t take big
risks without a good payday I imagine so I like running an army huh that’s a big
responsibility second nature it’s my father’s company he retired I took over
family business hmm made a real mess of it not you should
know heard you and those Drake brothers are close yeah well conversation for another time so where to next
there’s the fort above the waterfalls with the Trident and there’s the fort in
the mountains sporting the axe suppose I should have asked about the drakes
before I took the job not much to tell I know Nate pretty well say I’m less so
he seemed to just appear out of thin air okay so how we get down how let’s find a
way to get back down to the car sounds good I’ll follow her oh this is open now
nice oh whoa okay that was my fault that was my fault
guys sorry about that all right that’s right yeah oh there is oh okay oh alright so we’re
going yeah I know terrible driver just so you know Nathan Drake is no longer in
the picture you don’t have to worry about you I had my concerns why do you
accept my offer I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth
especially with everyone wanting to see me fall I hear that but on the plus side
oh there’s a plus on Oh when people have no expectations it’s much easier to take
them by surprise as far as I’m concerned this business is tough enough on your
own you have to take any advantage you can when there are way
got this right mostly how old were you when you started young learn quickly
enough I needed to let people think they were getting their way and then I could
get the upper hand too subtle for me I always preferred the direct approach
yeah whatever works I say we’ll go this way all right because I had to make sure I’m
gonna white path get easily lost in the jungle so but this way I think so
Oh because our bridge right cool yes their bridge I don’t terrible driver terrible driver
the c-arm it could be a bridge somewhere up here
it could be could be I don’t see ya no worry I’m come back and go this way
right here so see yes I’m going to right way so go
through here yes all right Fraser wait careful that place
is crawling with rebels well here goes nothing oh crap anyone here know all right oh boy oh boy it’s gonna be fun no people there we go oh yeah try to come out see ya Oh move oh man yeah yeah there we go there we go yes cool all right let’s see don’t
recognize this it’s not one of the three symbols I think it’s worth all Tom never
say no to a chance to make some extra cash hmm that wall looks fragile let me
see dang ain’t working
I tried that won’t work you see something ah man I don’t have a bomb all
right cool awesome yes I’m tried this right man no yes interesting some kind of whistle our
token you find anything just a token of some kind old boy sell our thing II
think we need it need probably not want definitely nice Hey notice anything
about this statue that’s holding a product one of our three symbols yes and
it’s pointing at those ruins right glad I’m good for something looks like there
might be a road leading up there up there okay friends I’m going to supper
right here so thank you for watching uncharted the Lost Legacy irie PJ don’t
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