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Unboxing & First Impression of Laptop Speaker | Portable USB Technotech Speaker

August 22, 2019

Hello everyone !! My name is Omkar Mohite, this is portable speaker for Laptop and yess!! Welcome to Omii’s TimeTravel The picture I am showing you about is of a speaker which is nothing but a laptop speaker My laptop speaker is damaged and so I have brought this from the online shopping site (amazon) …aaa… and the cost of this is Rs. 349, I have got this for just Rs. 349. Excellent one, right?? Its actually very cheap!! My mother shouts me because I wear the headphones for 8-9 hrs continuously. So this was important to make her calm !! 😛 😛 This speaker is a two channel speaker with a USB cable and 3.5 mm auxiliary cable or audio jack. We can connect it easily and…the main advantage of the speaker is that it has a gap or a slit as you can see it… we can easily hang it on the edge of laptop screen easily in this manner and in the similar way we can do it on the other side of the screen…this looks cool…right ?? This technotech has a volume control at the side its written here..aa…plus minus as you can see it here…so using this scroll type system we can control the sound of the speaker we can show an example kind of thing…aa… we can go for a video This is my channel video you can see it and now the sound is less and we can just increase the volume this is the quality of sound!! the sound quality here is absolutely superb !! and I am actually enjoying it !! :D:D ..aa..lets make the volume full and hear the sound from here its full and from the other side it is also full its awesome!! This is an absolutely superb product!!! Thank you for watching!! Do like this video, share and subscribe the channel

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  • Reply Rakesh Pawar October 23, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    give me link to buy this product

  • Reply XpertMan January 1, 2017 at 5:09 pm

    I love how you say that the sound is "absolutely superb" – I mean it sure is 110% better than any internal laptop speakers but is still far from any stereo speakers. But I still agree that after the laptop's tiny buzzers these give the impression live band in front of you 😉

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