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Ultimate Baby Toy Room!!

August 13, 2019

(drill engine revs) (drum roll) (laughing) – We have good plans for today. We’re gonna eat breakfast,
get ready for the day, and we’re going to build something awesome and you guys can come with us. Oh my phone, thank you! Jenny’s still hanging out
with my sisters and mom doing like their girls’ day thingy, so it’s just you guys and me, and Adley. Get the vlog camera let’s go! Hey! Ooh! We’re ready. I put Adley in her bean baby outfit. (screeching) I don’t care if she wore it two days ago she looks cute so I put her in it again. And I’m wearing my baby Adley outfit! We’re going to be hanging out all day so we should be twinners, right? (laughing) First stop we’re going to the store. We gotta get some supplies. (baby cooing) (“Obtuse Angle” by RiFF RAFF) Jenny always uses this
thing when we go shopping she puts Adley in it but I
don’t know how to really use it. Okay, let’s go. Yeah, we’re at a toy store. Wow! Ooh! (baby cooing) Wow! Wow, wow! Do you want a dinosaur? Here. Octopus! What about this? Get you a piano? I think that’s a good idea. You’ll like it. So what we’re doing is,
you know the three rooms in the back of the new space station 1.5? One of those rooms we’ve decided
is going to be Adley’s room so every time she comes to
visit while we’re working, or if we need to get her
distracted or get stuff done, she can walk into that room
and play with all these toys. And that piano I just got, look, we can put that on the ground in the room and she can just walk on it and make noise and it will keep super distracted. Grandma and Grandpa have one
of these, and Adley loves it. It’s a popper, should we get that? Ooh! Another octopus! Told you she liked octopusses. Octopi? Octo… multiple octopus. Adley, should we get you a chair? These are kinda cute, do
you want an elephant chair? (buzzer) Do you want an owl chair? (buzzer) Do you want a fox chair? (buzzer) Don’t really know what Adley wants here. Do you want a Darth Vader chair? Ooh, do you want a Darth Vader chair? (buzzer) No? I was really hoping she
would pick this one. Ooh, should we do a princess chair? (chiming) Okay, she seemed excited
about the purple chair, let’s see if she likes it. Oh, you wanted to play with your toy? Is that so fun? Look what she wanted, it’s an octopus! Trains, “Be brave, be strong.” This one? (buzzer) Too bad, I already picked it! Oh my gosh, this is on sale. It’s a giant, giant, giant caterpillar. Do you like it? (multiple buzzers) Okay, Adley does not
like giant caterpillars. She keeps saying ball. We need to find her a
big ball or some balls, or those ball pit balls. Adley I think I found some balls, look. There’s princess ones,
some Minnie Mouse ones. Look, a ball! Ball? Finally found a toy she’s
excited about, a ball. Ahh, okay. Ball, yep. And we got our other stuff for the new Adley’s playstation 1.5. Yeah, probably good. Eww, don’t eat your toes! That’s gross! You’re funny. How does she even do that? If you can put your foot in
your mouth leave a comment because I feel like Adley’s
the only human I know that can do that. You’re gross. Yeah, you’re gross. You’re gross. Adley we’re home. We gotta do a quick pit stop at home because Adley needs a nap, huh? You wanna take a nap? Yeah. Jenny got home from her girl’s
night while Adley was alseep. So they’re at home chilling,
we’re going to build the Adley’s space station. Alright chicken, here’s the cutest part, are you ready? – [Chicken] Aww. – And when she comes to
visit us she’ll be so excited and will be able to play with her toys. And she’s play with this stuff instead of playing with this stuff. – Yeah, that’s important – Alright. I’m gonna try to put you guys up here so then you can look
down and watch Adley’s little space station get built. Okay. Try not to fall. (fast paced, high energy techno music) Alright, Merry Christmas Adley! I’m not buying you anything for Christmas because I just built you a space station. So yeah, we don’t normally
buy her this many toys, but it’s her Christmas I guess. Come test Adley’s space station. Pretend you’re Adley, like walk in, you kinda look like Adley
with that stupid hoodie on. – Hey, this is a cool hoodie. – [Dad] Okay Adley, go
look at your space station. – Ooh, ooh, ooh – [Dad] Ooh yeah, ball, yeah! Yeah, wait, notice your chair. Ooh wow! – I’m gonna break that. (laughing) – [Dad] Ooh look a piano, I wonder what happens
when you stand on it. Nothing I haven’t bought batteries. – You didn’t set it up. – I didn’t buy batteries yet. Ooh, I’ll go get Adley and Jenny later and I’ll bring them in. Jenny doesn’t even know I
did this, she’s gonna be like “Babe, why’d you buy her so many toys.” Oh look at this, sunset. I don’t know why I like
it so much but it’s like it’s cool because it’s in
between all the cables. I’m pretty sure I just saw Adley and Jenny while I was driving by, someone was pushing one of
those pink cars that Adley has, so they might be able to walk
over to the space station, I don’t know. What! Um, hello there! – Hi! – [Dad] What are you doing? – We’re walking to your work. – [Dad] It’s kinda late. – It wasn’t when they started. It took us 25 minutes – [Dad] Oh hi girls. 25 minutes? I think she wants to go in. – Let’s go in! – [Dad] It’s like she knows
there might be a surprise in there for her. Wait, don’t go crazy. See, the problem is babe, I don’t want her running around touching our computer cables and stuff. Where’s the baby suppose
to go in a space station? – Where is she suppose to go? – [Dad] Come here, come on! – Can you go in here? – [Dad] Check that out! Go over there! Wow! – Oh my gosh! You got her a chair? That’s so cute! – [Dad] Ball? Oh, what’s that? – This place is funner than our house. – Exactly. Oh! – Oh boy, I bet that makes noise. (toy rattling) – Ball? Ooh, a ball! Ball! That was the most excited she got the whole time we were shopping, when she saw that she freaked out. Let’s see if I can make a basket, ready? Watch, miss. Hey! Oh, balls! Balls, balls, balls! We hooked up the VR, it’s a huge space. I got some of my friends over here. We’re gonna be playing some VR tonight. Jake’s first time on a one wheel. Yep, good approach. Whoa, whoa, easy, easy! (laughing) The psychology of the car
being right there got to you. – [Jake] You gotta watch the car. – Ooh look at this sound system. (upbeat music) – [Chicken] You’re not even close dude, this room is huge. – [Dad] Alright, best of luck. – Achievements. (all laughing) (eerie music) (drill whirring) (all laughing) – [Chicken] Wait for it. (all cheering) – [Dad] Oh dude, that
sledge hammer though. – [Audio Clip] It’s a sledge hammer (fast paced, high energy techno music) (energetic, bouncy piano music) – Because Adley needs a nap. (horror movie high pitched screeching)

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