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Two Poles of Love. Russian TV Series. Episode 3. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

December 4, 2019

Damn it… Hold on, hold on. Now, now… One moment… THE POLES OF LOVE Episode Three Well… -A trauma?
-What? What has happened? -I don’t know.
-A dislocation or a sprain… It hurts. -Do you have a doctor here?
-He shall be taken to a clinic. No clinic, please, Oleg Yuryevitch!
Honestly, there is no need. I’ll manage. I see. Get up. Where is that hospital? We have only one hospital –
the Central one. The Druzhby Narodov Street, 11. Let’s go. Be careful. For you, the tournament is over. Be careful. Lean on the left leg. Come on. Are you waiting for the surgeon? -Yes.
-Who is the last? I am. But I’ll let you
go first if it’s urgent. No, no need to. We’ll wait, won’t we? Well? How are you doing? I see.
It must be a dislocation… -Careful!
-What is wrong with her? Hyperthermia.
Brain concussion is possible too. -Any fractures?
-I don’t think so. We’ve rendered the first aid. -Zhenya? What’s wrong with her?
-Into the emergency! -What is wrong with her?
-Young man, calm down. What do you mean? Zhenya? Zhenya? Get her into the emergency,
prepare a dripper, fast, and anaesthesia. Cut her hair where the wound is. -What has happened to her?
-Young man, calm down. Don’t shout! Guys! Guys? Where did you find her? -I think she jumped from the bridge.
-Maybe it was a suicide attempt. -Or an accident.
-What accident? What is going on? Zina, where can she be?
She could have called, couldn’t she? What is she doing? You shouldn’t have driven her out
of the house and said silly things! Well… I said something…
out of foolishness. Right! Out of foolishness, exactly! She is with Oleg. She called me
but asked not to tell you about it. She will come back,
Fedya, but you won’t drink anymore. And you’ll apologize to her.
Otherwise, we’ll lose her forever. Why are you torturing her?
Why are you torturing me? Let’s do it this way, Zina. When she calls next time,
tell that that daddy… was wrong. Dad was wrong, wasn’t he?
Let dad apologize himself, then. Right… -Doctor, how is she doing?
-Who are you? I am… a family friend. A relative. Her state is stable.
There is no threat to her life. What is the patient’s name? Yevgeniya Kurbatova. Can you help me fill her medical file in? -Yes. Sure.
-Let’s go to my office. Where am I? At the hospital. You’re at the hospital.
You have brain concussion. But don’t worry,
your health is not in danger. At the hospital? What about my dad?
I need to go to him! Be quiet. No, no. You need to lie down.
Your dad is fine. Everything is fine with him.
What has happened to you? Did you follow me to the competitions? If you told me you wanted to go,
I’d take you with me. What… competition? Who are you? You… don’t you remember me? No. Well… what do you remember? I remember talking to Valya… Then I fell into the water. It was cold and painful… I’m… I’m Oleg Roschin. Your coach. Your fencing coach. Do you remember? No. OK. Have rest.
You shan’t stress out. I’ll come back soon. Doctor, she came to her senses.
But she doesn’t remember anything. This is natural. She must be suffering
from temporary amnesia. It happens because of strong blows. Let’s do it this way – I’ll show
her to a neuropathologist tomorrow. If everything is fine,
we’ll discharge her tomorrow. OK? -I understand. OK.
-Good luck. Thank you. Here.
The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I hope everything will be fine.
The doctor says you can’t worry. If your pressure rises at night,
they’ll have to cancel the surgery. We won’t cancel anything. Is Alina here? She is running somewhere.
What did you want? The girl has grown. She doesn’t report to me.
She has sketching trips; she has discos… She came here, made a tick
that she visited her father and… This is all. You know her, Kirill! You need to make up. If there is a baby… What do you mean – “if”?
There will be a baby. A boy. As you dreamt. If there is a baby and you… if I’m not there anymore… Don’t even dare think about it! There will be a baby,
and we’ll make up… I promise. I’ll apologize to her today. As soon as she comes.
I’ll be the first to apologize to her. In your presence. I swear. Just don’t think about anything bad.
Is it a deal? All right. Very good. This is it. We’ll go home now.
It’ll be all right. The doctor said the same. Will I always be… a vegetable now? No. What nonsense? It’s temporary. It’s because of the blow. At home, even the walls help!
You’ll remember everything. It’ll pass. Sit down. Be careful. -Zhenya… What has happened?
-I’ll explain later. Come on. Everything is fine. Come on. Zhenya… Where? What has happened? -Where am I?
-At home. -Zhenya, you’re at home. At home!
-Zhenya? What has happened? -I’ll explain later. She needs rest now.
-Oleg, did you have a car crash? -She needs to rest now.
-I’ll go myself. I’ll manage. -What is on her forehead?
-I’ll explain everything. Come on… come here. The police are working on it.
It must have been a robbers’ attack. What bastards! I wish I was there!
What has happened? You told me she was in the city!
That she was at his place! Yes. She was at my place.
But she doesn’t remember what happened. She doesn’t remember me too.
However, the doctors say that it’ll pass. At home. But you shan’t bother her now. All right. This is it. OK. I’ll go.
I spoilt the contest for my people. I’ll have to justify myself
before the management. -Bye.
-Good bye. -Thank you, Oleg.
-Hold on. Fedya? Tell me
that everything will be all right. Did you wake up, my girl?
You shan’t get up. What is it? What? Lie down, lie down.
I’ll do everything that you need. Tell me, and mum will bring it to you. You scared us so much! So much! Do you have a headache? I will never
let you go anymore, do you hear? I’ll always be close to you.
Mum will always be with you. Mum will always be close to you. Daughter… daughter, I… I was wrong. If I saw those bastards, I… I’d strangle them with my bare hands…
Do you know that? Yes. For you, dad would… He is our hero. Forgive him… You… Do you want to have rest? Don’t worry. Dad and I will go
and cook some pancakes now… -Yes.
-Your favourite… Sure, Zina. Let’s go. With condensed milk. Have rest. How unexpected! What do you mean? Is that you? How are you doing?
Did you come with victory? -You…
-Are you hungry, by the way? I wanted to cook some beans… Zhenya… and then I remembered
that I can’t cook. What beans? We shall call the ambulance
for you! How are you feeling? An ambulance, for me? Why? What do you mean? Wait…
Why are you walking? You shall lie down! Me? Lie down? Your parents must be going crazy. You… You nearly died…
such a trauma… are you all right? -After the hospital?
-After what trauma, Oleg? Are you all right? -Wait, but…
-What? What? But… how can it be? What? Shall we drink coffee?
-We’ll drink coffee later. Later? We have an unwanted witness…
Go back to the room. -Will you manage on your own?
-Yes. Go, go… What is going on? What do you want here
and how did you come in? I’m sorry, Olga Viktorovna.
I came via the back door. I just didn’t want to bother you. I repeat my question.
What did you forget here? I came to Alya. I was talking over the phone
with her two days ago and suddenly… To Alya, did you say? Oh, God! How long will you go on
riding on Olshanskiy’s back? Or do you think I don’t know that
she steals food and money from home to bring to you? And you accept that… like a beggar. Aren’t you ashamed? -Is Alya home?
-No. I thought she went to you. No. She isn’t at my place.
And she doesn’t answer the phone. Why worry? God!
She is not a baby anymore! It’s high time to stop running around her. What about Kirill?
Kirill Alekseyevitch… is he home? I beg you… please give me
his new phone number! No. He is not here and he won’t come.
For you, at least. Do you know what? Go away from here. If you come to him at the hospital,
I don’t know what I’ll do to you. You’re a beautiful woman,
Olga Viktorovna. You’re smart too. God gave you talent.
You could live happily. However, you’re not happy. When Alya comes back, ask her to call me.
I worry for her. This is nonsense, Oleg! Yes, this is some nonsense…
But… Listen… There might be different
coincidences in life but… I don’t know. Why are we discussing nonsense?
Let’s call them. Whom? The relatives. My mum and dad.
We’ll check your adequacy. An orange? Hello? Zinaida Valeryevna? This is Oleg. Hi, Oleg. Please tell me… how is Zhenya doing? Fine. I’m cooking dinner.
Zhenya is coming to her senses. Her appetite is good. She has no fever.
She is keeping silence, though. She must be still in shock.
Her father is doting over her. People are right to say that there is
no great loss without some small gain. He didn’t drink a single drop today!
So we’re fine. Thank you, honey! Come, we’re always glad to see you.
Good bye; my custard pies are burning! Thank you, Zinaida Valeryevna. Do you see? So, I’m there… And I’m fine there. But you’re here… And you’re not fine. Am I right? I’m here. Am I not fine? But who is there, then? I… I don’t know. Look, we shall go there and find out. Find out what? My parents brought a total stranger
into the house! You… did you hear what I told you?
She is… your absolute copy. You’re like two drops of water. Then I shan’t go there because
my parents will go crazy for sure. Plus, I haven’t made up with dad yet. -OK. I’ll go on my own, then.
-Where? Now? It’s too late. Right. How absurd! Zhenya, let me steal some pancakes
from mum at the kitchen for you? Like in your childhood. Do you remember? We used to steal pancakes from her. She would turn around,
and in a flash, there is nothing! An empty plate! Where are we?
In the bathroom? We closed the door and are chewing.
They are so tasty! We have our torch with us. Why the torch? It’s tastier this way. Do you remember your first rapier? The lucky one. It was Oleg… Oleg gave it to you… your coach.
You have a birthday. We were celebrating your first victory.
So you remember? It was his lucky rapier.
He used to always win with it. And then you were winning all the time.
We were celebrating your medal. You couldn’t understand why the medal
should be dipped in the glass. -What medal?
-The medal. Your medal. The first one. You have a lot. You’re… one moment… You’re a champion… our pride and joy!
They are all yours. And there are some more.
You did very well in sports. Oleg used to say that you had
a reaction of a chameleon. Like a lizard? Yes. Do you remember? This is what you used
to say in your childhood. Do you remember? OK, you… it’s all right.
Don’t worry. It’s not a problem. Look… let me bring your breakfast. Mum must have already
baked the pancakes… with your favourite jam… strawberry… And why are you… limping? But I… it so happened… I’ll be back soon. How is she? She asked me why I was limping.
I showed her the medal. She doesn’t remember anything. It’s all right. She’ll remember.
She’ll remember for sure. Fedor, what are you going there? Zina, stop it. I won’t drink. I promised her some strawberry jam.
For the pancakes. Yes. I’ll bake another portion now. This is Oleg. I invited him for breakfast. May I? Are you drawing? Cool! Maybe you should have entered
the Academy of Arts, after all. Aren’t I… Aren’t I studying at the Academy of Arts? You said you failed at the exams. I see. What a pity. It’s weird, though. How are you feeling? My head spins a bit. Good, otherwise. I see. Did you remember your parents? They are very… nice people. I see. It means you didn’t recognize them. What about these? The medals. Some trophies… “Some?” They are your trophies.
And medals too. -Who is it?
-This is you. -Yes.
-And me, I believe? Am I crazy? I don’t remember anything about it.
I don’t know anybody. Will it always be like this?
I told the doctors… I told the police that I remember
completely different stuff, but they didn’t believe me. Calm down, calm down… You…
You shall tell me about it. I’ll believe you. So… I’m Alina Olshanskaya. This is for sure. It’s my first time here. I don’t know these nice people.
I don’t know you either. I have no idea how I ended up here. And these pancakes… and medals.
And this is true. -Yes, this is true.
-Do you believe me? Yes. But it means you have a double. -What do you mean?
-All this… It’s all very weird. Some nonsense… Well… This is Zhenya, my ex–student. She lives here.
She is in my apartment at the moment. It doesn’t matter how she ended up there. But you… you’re alike…
like two drops of water. God! I’m not crazy, then! I’m so happy! My father is in the hospital!
He has a surgery today. I need to go to him! Urgently! There… my stepmother is there.
Valyusha… No, no. Stop. Are you all right? Think about it.
You’ll leave now. And what? What? Everything will return to its place. No. This is a problem.
It won’t. Do you understand? Somebody started this mechanism. OK. Let’s suppose that you leave. Zhenya will come back here.
She’ll take part in the investigation. But she doesn’t know anything.
You’re the only witness. Secondly, what if
you’re not doubles but sisters? Maybe they know something about it? How did you end up
in another people’s family? Why? Thirdly,
there was an attempt at your life. Who may guarantee
that it won’t happen again? So, you won’t just leave it as it is. What do I do? I don’t know.
Let’s… start from the very beginning. OK. So… My mother died eight years ago. Zinaida Kurbatova.
This is my mother. I was born here. Can you find the info on my birth? -What do you need it for?
-What for? You see, my mother hasn’t
been feeling well recently. The doctor suspects that it might
be connected to some pathologies at the birth. He can’t make a right diagnosis. That’s why we need to find out
all about the birth. -Your ID, please.
-Yes. Here you go. -Good. Kurbatova…
-Zinaida Valeryevna. -The year of your birth?
-2000. Kurbatova. I’ve found it. Yes. Kurbatova Zinaida Valeryevna.
She gave birth to twins. Twin girls. But… one baby died at the birth.
Asphyxia. However,
the mother didn’t have any pathologies. I helped you… as I could. This is either a doctor’s mistake or…
a crime. What a mistake! What crime? Maybe we’re dealing with both. There are too many questions. How did Alina end up
in a strangers’ family? Was she given away? Was she sold?
Do your parents know about it? Do the Olshanskiys know that
Alina wasn’t their blood daughter? -We shall find it out.
-Where? Where are you going? To the Olshanskiys.
Mum and dad couldn’t give my sister away. Rich people may do anything for money.
Buy or steal… Let’s not draw hasty conclusions. If one may buy whatever one wants… it means one may sell anything. -Is it logical?
-No. I don’t believe it. Let’s not play the game
of “believe-or-not”. I have a plan.
Alya and I have already discussed it. Listen to it too. You’re the elder sister, after all…
if just for five minutes. -Is she beautiful?
-Who? My sister. Look in the mirror. Wow. Hi. I lost my keys. Alya… where have you been? I’ll now have breakfast and go
to my father to the hospital. To dad. You’re not against it, are you? You haven’t come for two days!
Explain, please. Some fool attacked me…
Took me somewhere… I thought it would be the end of me.
I thought I would die. Oh, God! How terrible! He took my bag away,
pushed me out of the car and left. This is it. I spent a day in the hospital.
It took me another day to get here. But don’t worry! Everything is all right. What do you mean – “don’t worry”? Don’t you understand that you could die? Do you remember his face? His appearance? I didn’t have time to look at him.
It’s all right, though. The police will sort it out. -The police?
-Yes. They interrogated me in the clinic. Yes. The police are good. -Well? Shall I change?
-Yes, of course. Go. Alya? What about your hairdo?
Did you cut your fringe? Yes. I did. Hello? Yes. I came in. Olga jumped at me with questions.
I did well. It’s incredible. Wow! She looks so much like me! Yes. Yes, yes. I’m listening.
Yes, I remember. I’ll go to father in the hospital
to visit him. Yes. To Valentina too. Who is Valentina? Oh, Valyusha.
OK. Text her address to me. I’ll buy the food and calm her down. Tell her a hello from me.
Let her not worry. Let her be strict with father. He always has a bottle in the kitchen,
in the upper right drawer. Let her spill it out. Is it Thursday?
It means mum is on duty at school today. Let her prepare sandwiches for her. Mum always forgets them
and stays hungry. Yes. OK. Bye. See you. Bye. -I’m going.
-Take it… for you. Thank you. I always forget about it
and my dear daughter remembers! -Look after dad.
-OK. -Have a good day.
-Have a good day too. -Bye.
-Bye. Did mum go away? Go to your room. Lie down. You need to sleep, to have rest…
I’ll now cook dinner… warm it up… I’ll call you. Where is she hiding it? The pan? The pan is behind your back. Right. Why are you… drinking? Life made me, daughter. It happens. -Life?
-Yes, life. I always thought
that a man controls his life. You were right. This is what
you always used to say. And? Do you control your life? You left sports.
You didn’t enter the institute. What do you control?
Nothing. You’re just like me. But at least she… I mean I…
I at least tried! What about you? What about me? All my plans were ruined… I wanted to open my own car repair shop.
I had a lot of clients. I almost got the license. I… -And what?
-As if you don’t know! I wasn’t ready for children. -For children?
-For a child. So, I spoilt your life, didn’t I? Listen, Zhenya… Don’t try to confuse me. I’m just trying to explain to you
that one doesn’t always control his life. Sometimes… troubles happen. I’m disabled now. And what? No normal car repair shop will hire me.
They don’t need invalids. I have to repair cars in people’s yards. Do you think such job brings big money?
Chance car repairs? Next to nothing! So, you repair cars! This is cool. A father of my friend bought a network
of elite car repair shops recently. They’ll be hiring staff. I’ll ask him to
talk to his father, and they’ll hire you. How interesting… Where did
your friend find such a father… with networks of car repair shops? It’s a friend of a friend… I am still not thinking clearly… Yes… You shall go and lie down.
Have rest! And I… I’ll cook dinner. Don’t look for vodka. It’s not there. You’re just like your mother, aren’t you? Dad! Don’t disturb him now. How is he? Don’t worry. The surgery went well. However, he shall remain on the apparatus. In a few days,
you’ll be able to talk to him. He was asking about you
all the time before the surgery. Yes. I’ll come, dad. Thank you. Hello. I came to Alina. May I? Is everything all right? -Come in.
-Thank you. You didn’t expect me, did you?
Oh, you became so abrupt! Why aren’t you dressed? Where shall I go? Did you forget where we go on Saturdays? It just slipped my mind. I called you all the morning.
You didn’t answer. I lost my phone. It’s all right. I’ll give you a new one
for your birthday. Go and dress up. I see. How will we go there? Usually, we go through the door.
But today we may use the window. I mean, by car or… Well, friend… I don’t have a car yet! I see. -Go and get ready.
-I’m going. -Yes.
-Go change. Yes. And you look fabulous, as always. Damn it! Wow! Are you sure
you’re going to the bowling? Yes. To the bowling. I just decided to stand out.
I may change again. No, no. Stop it. It suits you so well! You’re so different…
the image, the hairdo. And you’re looking at me so… How? In a different way. Let’s go. Don’t forget your jacket.
It’s cold out there. The jacket… Have a good evening, Olga Viktorovna. This girl never won before
but now she doesn’t miss a single shot. -Congratulations!
-Wow! Where did you learn to play like that? You may become an instructor soon! I have a good teacher. Do you remember how badly
Alina used to play? No. We don’t remember.
Let’s toast a good teacher! Hurray! Will you drink for the teacher too?
Thank you! I’m flattered. The first nice word in ten years!
A teacher! It sounds good. Ten years… since the childhood? Yes. It’s a shame to remain friends.
We shall get married. Has the decision been taken? Yes. In the first grade. And now, when you’re so beautiful… it’s high time. I don’t know. This is not right. What do you have here? OK, Cinderella, you seem to be not
in the mood to joke today. Did you show the photos of your mean
stepmother? The ones which I took? Yes. They are good photos. Good photos? Those photos are incredible! I was running after them under rain
and snow, to take pictures for you! Of course, Igor and Olga Viktorovna
are good at conspiracies, but I made some good shots. You know, I think you were right. She was the source
of the information leakage. I just don’t understand how she could
fool you and your father for so long? Really… She had the information.
A lover from another company. She is preparing a new nest. Are you sure about it? No, you were sure about it.
I just helped you. Why are you so upset?
Let’s go. Come on. Put the glass here. -Where to?
-Let’s escape. Have a walk somewhere… Yes. I can’t talk right now. I told you, not now.
The circumstances changed. A call from work. These people!
They know that a man has a weak heart. He is almost in the deathbed.
But they are still calling. Can one say so? No. Sorry. I… I was… I am just nervous.
I don’t know what I’m saying. Alya, sometimes I’m wrong
and impolite with you… Forgive me, please. If something happens to Kirill…
I don’t know… I won’t survive it… I’ll go crazy. Dad asked us to make up. It’s his wish. We shall hold on together.
Together, do you understand? We’re one family. One! Don’t go to that lady anymore. To Valyusha. If she wants, she may get
a half of your inheritance. You’re such a trustful girl! I hope you understood me. Peace? For dad’s sake. Peace. For dad’s sake. Very good. My girl! Come in! God, I worried so much! I called you, you weren’t answering…
You weren’t at home. I didn’t know what to think.
Why are you standing like a stranger? -Come on, get undressed!
-Yes, yes. -Are you all right?
-Yes, yes. How are you doing? Fine. Did you change the hairdo?
It suits you so well! -Thank you.
-Thanks God! I went to Olga Viktorovna to look for you. You know, she drove me away. Why did you worry so much? Why are you so formal?
Did I offend you somehow? You always call me “Valyusha”.
Did something happen? Did Olga tell you something bad about me? No. No. Don’t pay attention.
It was… an accident. Do you know what? You were right. You have been right since your childhood.
We didn’t believe you. Even I. I thought that you were fighting
with your stepmother out of jealousy! What was I right about? You see… When I was looking for you,
I came there… It was early in the morning.
Igor was there. The one you were telling your dad about. He came out of her bedroom. Oh, God! Kirill Alekseyevitch is
at the hospital, you were not home. And they… The main thing is, they were behaving
as if everything is known for sure. As if they have nothing to worry about. And… Olga says that you may lay
claims for a part of the inheritance. Me? The inheritance? What right do I have to it? I don’t need anything from you, my girl. I gave Lera my word… that I would watch over you. -To my mum?
-Yes. Yes. I’ve been with them since youth.
In happiness and in grief. Then you were born.
Such a long-awaited happiness! Poor Lera!
Kirill Alekseyevitch was very happy too. They were such a couple!
They loved each other so much! Why do you say that my mum was poor?
Is it because she died? Yes. And because she failed
to give birth to a child thrice. I told you about it before. I was still small then. She failed to keep
the pregnancy three times. The miscarriages ruined her health. And later, you were born.
Such happiness! Such joy! So… was the birth normal? The birth was difficult. Very difficult. But Lera recovered, and you were born healthy. Why are you asking about it now? Just… for nothing. I’m just interested. It’s good outside.
At last I went out with you. -With me. Let’s be informal.
-OK. Look, I didn’t come for nothing.
Zhenya is in my apartment now. Maybe it’s time for you
to meet each other? I think so. Then let’s go to the shop
and to my place. Come on. -Well. Are you ready?
-Yes. One minute. I’m ready. -Zhenya?

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