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TWICE TV “KBS 가요대축제”

December 3, 2019

This is TDOONGE’s KBS Gayo Daechukje waiting room NAYEON Language interpretation: Secretly filming?! / Eh?! (They are filming us now) (Where?) (Where?) TDOONGE, let’s move for an interview~! CHAEYOUNG Play with ONCE~♥ JEONGYEON can’t take eyes off the monitor LOL To ONCE, our JEONGYEON is the prettiest(TT) We found CHAEYOUNG returned from the interview and preparing hard! (hehe) CHAEYOUNG: Today we have KBS Gayo Daechukje There will be JYPnation stage as well as a very special shrine feeling stage that we prepared Unusually, I wore like this today. Strawberry Princess SWAG Because I’m doing the rap today Usually, we always did cute and bright things. Originally, when I was a trainee, I had this tough image… Today I got to show you. (Bright concept and strong concept) Both are good But, I did not show you this image a lot Fans may like (this concept) a little more (Before) I did performances like this a lot. It has been quite a long time. There won’t be many performances like this. Maybe, fans will like it a lot~ I hope so. I will do my best~♥ Now, SANA and JIHYO are in 1020% serious mode /
for the perfect stage, practice again & again TWICE(TT) cool and pretty, doing everything @Back of hand collision [email protected] / Hit-! (Lol)/(Lol) NAYEON, together, Dance Dance~! SANA: Do I go below here? JIHYO: Not like this? Forward? SANA Exciting, exciting~ SANA: This is the real one… TDOONGE laughing while gathered to monitor CHAEYOUNG: (Camera) captured well SANA: I ruined it(TT) (Lol) (Lol) NAYEON: Your dress stands out too much(Lol) CHAEYOUNG: It stopped at SANA(Lol) SANA&JIHYO monitoring in serious mode without laughing But, when “Don’t Leave Me” song comes out? They can’t help laughing(Lol) Snack time of the 230s captured Yum yum ?! SANA: Wow…! Peek? Tried but failed… SANA: Really Whoooa (=Covered again) Finally..?! Ah, no It’s hard to meet… What? Camera finally met SANA who is really hard to meet /
SANA doing an eating show with the ramen… Eating, Eating Chewing, chewing (Something feels strange…)/?!! Kim SANA is shy to be caught eating But, finished ramen deliciously CHAEYOUNG: You smell nice.. Uh! They were filming…! They were in the back /
The camera will go anywhere that TDOONGE goes… Famous mischievous girl, Yoojanggoo / Touch Touch~ CHAEYOUNG: Ohh! Oh, erotic! (Lol) Cool MINARI / Oh my! Camera! Suddenly it’s kiss time (SANA is sullen) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ TOFU filling blood sugar eating chocolate Let’s eat together, ONCE♥ DAHYUN: Let’s go! Our TOFU was also busy doing MC for Gayo Daechukje /
DAHYUN, cheer up! NAYEON: I’ll save it for later… ☆Rabbit eating a chocolate with front teeth☆ Chocolate is rare and precious Biting, biting After this, there is none. This is the rare chocolate that DAHYUN gave to energize I need to save it I want to eat it too I am saving it. Don’t~! (Sad)/ Rabbit trying to protect chocolate and human trying to take the chocolate / There is no more~! Want to try eating? (Ignore) /Can you buy me chocolate… Me too! CxxxKY! Then?! I’ll eat it at once! NAYEON feeling better after eating chocolate Let’s take a photo so they can capture us! We need to stop~! You must stop~! I’m not playing with you… Yoojanggoo, broken choreography robot, not listening Eldest baby is playing jokes on the youngest… Ah, ah~! JEONGYEON: (TZUYU) says stop~! JEONGYEON (TT) (Help me) (Save TZUYU~T.T) JEONGYEON: They say stop playing jokes on the youngest~! Eldest baby, not listening, and the youngest cannot raise head (Action of love toward TZUYU) Finally over? / NO! TZUYU: When will it end?TT (Lol) JEONGYEON: Do not… TZUYU says stop~! TZUYU: Why me~~! Why me? This time, target changed to JEONGYEON! / Not me..! Yoojanggoo struggling in happiness at the attack of the Peaches Yes..! Ow…! JEONGYEON: Ahhh, really don’t like it~!/(Real world friend look) (Real world friend look)/JIHYO’s facial expression (Lol Lol) JEONGYEON (Lol) eventually enjoys together Q. How do you feel getting out of the playing? ONCE, I love you~♥ Awkward answer, but we love you! Yes~! Shall we look at the selfie time of the Peaches? 1st trial Failed 2nd trial, right after? Failed again What about 3rd try? Failed again(TT) MC NAYEON’s peach interview / NAYEON: MOMO~ At Gayo Daechukje, we are meeting MOMO Say hello~ Hi, I am MOMO from TWICE. You look a little different from the usual. Please describe the concept. Yes. Today, I am doing JYPnation… (Determined)/ Why are you looking at me, look at the camera / Shaking eyes Doing the performance as JYPnation team What performance will MOMO show there A little bit of spoiler please~! Ah~ I don’t expect that much. I believe other members will show better performance. (Joking) / Yes. Then, NAYEON You don’t have right to ask me, now It is still your turn, MOMO Yes. What stage will NAYEON show Heating interview atmosphere of the peaches… It is too hot, so we will take a rest for a while (Prim) Yes Yes What will be the main stage of TWICE A little bit of spoiler please Main stage has a feeling like this… What feeling…? (Born in Pig’s year, NAYEON) They say 2019 is NAYEON’s year Say something to NAYEON (Ignore) I will not answer to that question There is a copyright(?) Ignoring each other’s opinion, Peaches(Lol) NAYEON is born in the year of Pig. Next year is the year of Pig. (Forcing with eyes) Then, NAYEON Become a pig forever! Thank you for the interview, MOMO. Thank you veryX2 much Happy. New. Year. Never ending interview battle of the Peaches Yes, ONCE~ You know, the same thing in 2019? You know what I mean, right? MC MOMO’s peach CAM / NAYEON: Film me in a pretty way! Capture me in a pretty way. Again! Again! MOMO: Yes, NAYEON ~! NAYEON: I will be sitting like this here.
So just ask me ‘What are you doing?’ OK (Bitter) (Lol) (Lol) (Lol) Puzzled / Wait. I am sorry (Real world friend look 2)/ Eh…? (Lol) Yes, hello~(Lol) Yes. NAYEON What are you doing? Uh, doing just something… (Fact attack) You don’t do like this usually in the waiting room (Shameless) Yes. It’s the end of this year I feel a little restless Why~? Well, since it is the end of year… (POWER close-up) Thinking of another new start, my heart is Restless What kind of new start? Something good may happen next year. So, I am very fluttered and my heart is pounding. (Another POWER close-up) NAYEON: Ask me something funny What?! Ask me something funny (Shaking voice acting(Lol)) So so so so so sorry I will ask ag..aga…again Next, Ms. NAYEON(?) (POWER polite) / Could you describe the concept of today’s outfit! Yes, our first performance today is JYPnation~ Our MOMO is at least an acting queen/ (Shaking camera LOL) I will sing and dance there Aha~Okay~ I think I will have high expectation or not Say it straight/ LOL LOL (Hirai MOMO may be a goat) Ahah, ok…ok..okay In 2019, uh~ I wanted to ask if you have a work or habit to challenge Well, I want to be cute next year Eh…? I want to be cute next year Eh; Yes, thank you. Good bye; LOL LOL Everyone, you worked really hard in 2018 In 2019, I will try to become cuter NAYEON Yes, good bye Thank you (Prim) / Go away / Ahah, is this the real side of you? Shaking, shaking~ Go away Ahhh~ Yes, I will go. I am gone. Go away Yes thank you~♡ ♥Happy Birthday SANA♥ / JEONGYEON: What is it? Ah, SANA~ I, I, I (will hold the cake) (Careful) 96s has been waiting a while / What is it? Deep realization / Ah~ SANA Surprise birthday party! Starts now~! Thank you♡ Along with the big cheers, SANA makes a wish. Then, it is birthday celebration kiss time! Full of the members’ love♥ Fallen! Happy Birthday SANA♡ Full of kiss prints Again, it was busy day today I am so happy to be congratulated by so many people♡

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