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Toshiba How-To: Replacing the hard drive on your laptop with a Toshiba Q300/Q300 Pro Series SSD

October 12, 2019

In this video, Im going to show you how to
replace your PCs existing hard drive with a new Toshiba Q300 series Solid State Drive.
First lets review the contents of the package. Your box should contain both the solid state
drive and a spacer. Before we begin, you should backup your important
data. Even if you plan on migrating everything from
your original drive to your Q300 series SSD, its still a good idea to backup important
data. If you are migrating your data, youll need
to use a bridge cable like this one. This will allow you to connect the SSD to
your computer while your original hard drive is still in use.
Data migration software came free with your Q300 Series SSD.
Visit this URL to obtain the data migration software.
Download the migration software and install it by double-clicking on the download.
Now connect your new drive with the bridge cable.
Next, run the migration software, and simply follow the prompts.
Once the data migration is complete, youre ready to install the new drive.
If you werent migrating your data, this is also where youd want to continue.
Turn off your laptop, unplug all cables and accessories, and turn your laptop over.
Different laptops will have different ways of accessing the hard drive.
In our example, you can see the hard drive access door here, which Ill open now.
This is my current hard drive. Your drives location could be different. It
might look like one of these. In many cases, you can simply slide the drive
out of the bay, but you might need to remove a screw.
Once youve removed it from the laptop, check if its attached to metal plate like this.
If it is, remove the plate and attach it to your new Q300 series SSD.
Now connect the SSD just like the hard drive was previously.
Once its secure, close your laptop, flip it back over, and reconnect your cables and accessories.
If you chose to migrate your data, you should be able to start your computer just like normal.
Its that easy! I hope this helped you upgrade your hard drive
to a Toshiba Q300 series SSD. For more information, visit

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