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Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters Of All Time

February 12, 2020

We throw the word annoying around a lot. To the point where even the word annoying
has become tiresome. Before I get into the intro though I want
to say that what I find to be annoying may be different for you and thats okay. In regards to tv characters my definition
of annoying may come more from them being irritating or just useless as a character
overall. Welcome to Top 10 Beyond The Screen. Im your host Johnny Rogers. If you happen to be new here we cover all
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movie character you find to be annoying and while you ponder that lets jump right into
the Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters Of All Times #10 Andrea Harrison
AMCs The Walking Dead had some big shoes to fill after the comic book had been so successful. Andrea was actually one of the more beloved
characters as well. However only in the comic books. When the show came out and people saw Laurie
Holden bringing this typically hot-headed and proud character to life, the fans started
to hate her. I mean how could you not, she ditched Michonne,
Rick and all of her friends to go live with the villain of the show. Not exactly the right move during a zombie
apocalypse and comes off as really annoying. #9 Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders has been that annoying neighbor since the very first time he appeared on the
Simpsons. As time goes on he has only become increasingly
more irritating with his religious optimism in nearly every terrible situation. Dont get me wrong, optimism is a good thing,
but when it comes from that know-it-all Flanders, it can be very annoying to hear. Originally the character was meant to just
be a friendly neighbor that Homer hated. Ergo a one off for throw away jokes as the
episode would follow the Simpsons story. Yet for whatever reason he was included a
lot and became a central part of the show. The best justice for this though was when
Homer wrote the song called – Everybody Hates Ned Flanders #8 Ross Geller
Ross is no ones favorite Friends character yet for whatever reason amongst that cast
of greats he consistently got the most screen time and the most amount of lines. However maybe less is more. Because more of Ross, just meant, more entitlement,
more whining, more selfish behavior and overall more of fans being annoyed by him. Ross is a doctor, but you already knew that
because he tries to tell people any chance he gets. Despite expecting love from Rachel, complaining
about her, acting like a victim and even trying to ruin her relationships he still ends up
with her. How annoying is that for a fan to watch. Oh and he was the perpetrator of the third
most annoying line of dialogue in television history – We were on a break. A line that was used over and over and over
again until it had no more meaning. Ross is the worst, dont at me. #7 Will Schuester
He may have been voted teacher of the year at McKinley High but fans of the show Glee
will tell you that Mr. Shoe was an annoying character. Not only that, but he was just a terrible
teacher in general. Instead of nurturing and guiding students
through his Glee club, he seemed to project his own hopes and dreams onto them. It was if you were watching a show about an
adult who found out he failed high school and now had to go back. Hes so unlikable on the show its a wonder
why they would ever write for his character in such a way. During season 5, Marley was refusing to wear
a seashell bikini and she took a hard stance saying that no man could ever tell her what
to wear. Yeah well in comes Mr. Shoe who says – oh
ya? Youre suspended for the rest of the week. His argument was that she was putting her
personal feelings of being uncomfortable ahead of what the group wanted. Yeah not a stellar guy nor was he ever NOT
annoying to watch. #6 Dawson Leery
Besides being an annoying meme to see still on the internet, Dawson Leery was a terrible
character on you guessed it! Dawsons Creek. Oof nothing worse than having the namesake
of the show be the most annoying to watch. I believe Broadlys Sarit Luban put it best,
he wrote Dawson exemplifies the Nice Guy persona that is all-too-familiar today, whereby self-identified
sensitive men perceive themselves as morally superior to and passed over in favor of their
more stereotypically masculine peers.- Hes kind of like Ross in that way. He feels entitled to women because hes nice
and when he doesnt get what he wants he makes this face I dont know what it is about that
face, but it should be next to the word annoying in the dictionary. #5 Screech Powers
I wasnt a big fan of Saved By The Bell and the main reason for that was because of Screech. Even during a reunion sketch on the Tonight
Show with Jimmy Fallon, Screech was not included Because even the most annoying late night
host cant stand Screech. His goofiness was irritating, he never seemed
to understand jokes and somehow he made Zack Morris look cool and Zack Morris is Trash. The biggest critique that fans of the show
had with Screech was that he was oblivious to Lisa not wanting to date him. He would consistently try to convince her
time and time again but ultimately ended up with nothing in return. #4 Ted Mosby
Neil Patrick Harris should be given an award for making this show even remotely watchable. Ted Mosby is the main character of the series,
yet his bland, boring and needy attitude made him insufferable to watch. Even fans of How I Met Your Mother will admit
that the series finale was where everything really went downhill. The whole show was confusing to watch and
you can thank Ted Mosby for that. He narrated from the perspective of telling
his kids how he met their mother. Yet season after season he dated multiple
different women before falling in love with this random woman who turns out to be their
mom. However in classic Ted Mosby fashion he ends
up going back to Robin when his wife passes away. #3 Sheldon Cooper
Ill say it Sheldon, You are the third most annoying television character of all time. Even when Amy insinuates hes being annoying,
he starts being more annoying. He then chases Amy out of his apartment because
she wouldnt say it to his face. Gee I wonder why? Even as a brilliant scientist Sheldon Cooper
has no grasp on basic human concepts like sarcasm. This leads him to come off as egotistical,
arrogant and ultimately belittling to those who actually care about him. Perhaps the thing that made people really
start to dislike this character was his dumb recurring jokes. Like whenever he decided to bother his neighbor
Penny by repeatedly knocking on her door #2 Steve Urkel Introducing the character responsible for
the second most annoying line of dialogue in television history Yes Steve you did do that. Even actor Jaleel White looks back on this
character and cringes. During an interview with CNN he told them
that he doesnt miss playing Urkel nor does he ever want to play a character like that
again. Its not hard to see why, that high pitched
voice is so contrived to sound like a stereotypical nerd. Most people think the show Family Matters
hasnt aged well, but in my opinion thats all thanks to Steve. #1 Janice
And now the moment youve all been waiting for, THE number one most annoying line of
dialogue in television history is Yes and if you combine her oh my gawd, with that horrendous
laugh and add in some Chandler Bing-a-lings, you have the most annoying television character
of all time. Now this is exactly what they were going for
with this one so we cant really expect anything less. However its her scene interjections and story
disruptions that really make you cringe whenever she shows up. That nasally New Yorker accent will go down
in history as the classic side character that annoyed both audiences and the other characters. And that has been the Top 10 Most Annoying
TV Characters Of All Times. Thank you for watching Top 10 Beyond The Screen
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Rogers and until next time, stay classy

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