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Tokyo Ghoul Re Call To Exist – Assault On Coachlea – Episode 2 (PS4)

December 2, 2019

Tokyo Ghoul Re Call to Exist Assault On Coachlea Episode 2 So we’re here We’re moving on to the second part of Tokyo go. I think this is still referring to the entire story of season 1 The manga I haven’t read the manga or anything like that I have told you guys before so we’re moving on to the salt called the main story eyepatch Wait, what were okay. There was two side stories here. Uh Am I supposed to do that did oh Okay, well I’m gonna do assault codes first, then I’m gonna go back to like this side missions Main story eyepatch main story I’ve had All right. Let’s move on to here. I think I’ve already done this I mentioned Deciding that he must become stronger through yah more ease torture Connect he successfully defeated yamori and escape from the Allegory trees crumbling hideout Carnegie later joined the IO Giri tree in order to achieve his objectives where he helped I Otto attack a goal member prison Prisoner transfer in order to bolster the organization drink. Oh This guy, he looks sick, let’s go Alguien aquí de Baca Rose. Oh, sorry, they do guru. No Oh cock suck Sonia dictator So literally that’s considered to be the human race Okazaki-san go psychosis a Nocona Kumano Kodo bokutachi Sugino mocha texture cochlea ml coconut Para cocoons you use cocoa Cocoa pod acaba la da da moneh, same Nicole cares a little toe jiggy Oh, give me no key no semi. Oh, cool. Whoa. How about you calculate seracote overtaking? In a creek No, no, Tommy you go social so total mob tender Now Q now, come on Ashton. Wa koko so tell me them are under Test engineer sorry cuz oh, yes, sir. You read my mind You Will kill the doves what I think of Dove is chocolate my friend because I am chocolate you and me Well, the guy from the left is a white chocolate You will be knocked out if your health reaches you run if you are not revived with a certain period of time your character will die Wait, so do mi is this thing still? No, no No point in moving onward, I mean backwards head for coach Ilya devs Hope I’m not forgetting anything what is there to forget anyway, why do I keep saying this? There’s only the health tax You know Tokyo gold re call to exist You’re not ready for me the gas Oh dead that’s why cuz the gas I have to use my ultimate right now Super see RC copters Where Cheers I have to turn this on About a thigh Is there any health here need to find health Oh, why’d I do that Thank you, I Have to be careful next time because look that’s what happened. That’s what happened There you go, yes Sure, how do I revive naki and I Otto Hunga rooster I Understand I did okay there Though the one thing that’s I’m worried about is the health packs, how am I am I supposed to help them? Get the health pack, you know, I’m what I mean is give it to them Do I have to get near them Well, they revived by themselves, I think the moment the more I attack Holy shoot a grenade And connect kiowa chosen does it want to have these powers? You exist but how do I avoid them They went through oh, oh nothing never mind I’m surprised Speaking of being me being surprised I Do the math It’s getting away Oh Too bad, sorry. I’m not to take your tokyo gold powers Network culturally a deaths great another smoke. Whoa, that was close one What the What do I have to do To who see here it seriously. What was that? I’m surprised it did better Sorry my friends well, ah, nope your friends if you’re trying to save humanity You’re not sincere I have to get back No Whoa, look at you Going to have to attack her well, that was easy Well, let’s see what’s inside here, I want to know I can’t go inside And I gotta watch out next time oh So that’s how you do it Well, everything’s clear and an s-rank perfect That’s funny how like they’re shooting at them without their having conversation You don’t know You downstairs Danny deliver Honest I gotta watch out for here is there is cover I have to skip him I just give them might as well use my ultimate No, no These follow four texts keep me pretty entertaining I Hope I Hope I meet up with Nike and I ought talk because I saw they both seemed pretty cool Host shoot there’s like a ton of soldiers there Soldiers everywhere. Wait what what’s happening? I got all Is that it No, no Great Oh Great another one guys powerful than the average Oh shooty and he has this weapon Since Donna I have to first take out these enemies What I thought was unexpected I never knew you could actually throw your enemies Alright an S + I want to look around. I want to see if there’s anything missing. Oh This is the power that’s weird who turned it off or was it knocking the others? I get the feeling there’s gonna be a boss battle Oh Hey turtle Mirza take you high – Zulu nice try Honest Deathwish trophy beginner country Quran Oh No Honest not only the idea Oh Mora No, no, no no no no. Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes How long was the now 22 just 20 seconds So, I guess that’s all of them the enemy’s 5 4 3 2 1 Yes An sss. Is there an sss + This looks the exact same map but you know, I shouldn’t look underestimate it Judge standeth now another coyote Mustang Rezian Is does he have any relationship with reason We do a ball Both disguise ridiculously strong What the hell what is that Oh, I see I’m gonna open all of them I might buy some might find something here But you know, it’s just the health potions that’s Technically what I need I’m gonna try to open all of them first Is that all of them sure time to fight this guy How pitiful huh, really Oh, no, sir, not a yarmulke Matilde Oh The hell his disguise a monster A hassle I bought in him like halfway Yet Oh Because of his weakness the people he cared about had been killed in order to become stronger and protect everyone Ken, joined the Isle Geary tree, but the power he gained by fighting for the organization was far from enough to beat To beat Sachi after being beat within an inch of his life his hands body began to change it all showed up and escorted Sachi away from battle now having lost control of himself can turn to face Ayatollah and She no Hara Oh Yeah, she’s comin on deck cognate up although guru cons in the night now You see what you’re made of doing or taking damage fulfill, uh awakening Gong this will allow you tell me special moves or go Okay All of those she knew me I can go faced go toe-to-toe with Sashi like this No What’s your special ooh, whoa – yes Look at you. Oh my god, like you’re now it’s making me want to watch Tokyo ghoul Ranked three Hold up no not right now So I think we’ve I think we’re done with assault on culturally. I’ll rescue at analytical Keen rushes to save his friends Do you want to check something substance campaign taken control of your character as you complete stages? Customization I should You know, I should do that some other time right now. I’ll focus on the next part. There’s a side story those

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