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Tik Tok: Unleashed Tik Tok part 15

August 24, 2019

Ah, welcome back everyone to another TikTok video. I mean the first TikTok video we’re ever doing. *Felix questioning himself. Honestly i’m not surprised* Is this getting old? (Yes) Listen, I still enjoy it okay, they’re still funny! Some of them, you just- maybe like 2% of them are funny. That’s what we’re focusing on today. Hopefully. Is anyone surprised? (No) No? Well then let’s just jump into it: funny TikToks. Let’s look, let’s look here, everyone. “Let’s go to the mall. All right, I’ll drive. Put y’all seatbelts on! Pshh, yolo.” What is this from? “AHHHH!” *chuckles in Swedish* What’s the context? I don’t know. Does that make it funnier? Maybe. Let’s keep watching and why am I in the void? What is happening here? Good background, Felix. Professional quality as always. “So we have stars in the galaxy that are emitting light with a wavelength of… *obnoxious sipping noise* WINSTON WAS THAT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY-” Can’t tell if this is real, what the hell is happening? “WinStON wAS ThaT aBSOluTely NEceSsArY” *laughs in meatballs* What the hell? In our class, we’d just get kicked out. I feel bad for the teacher, but also funny TikTok! Haha! Yee Yee juice? Ay, it’s another one of those! What’s it gonna be? Ricardo sauce!! *Can this meme just die please?* I can’t use the actual song because it’s copyrighted but you understand. Ricardo memes never dies. *2016 Felix flashbacks oh god WHY?!* *CAN THIS VIDEO GET 1 MILLION LIKES* “Am I just the laziest boy? I wish there was a more convenient way to turn off the candle all the way across the room. Oh wait, there is. I just pulled this down,” What is that? Oh it’s the lid. “… it goes right on top of that and just wait and the flame will go out. And there it is. (genius) I was going in the wrong time frame, my friends. “I was.” You need to patent that right now, you could be rich! The hell has happened to TikTok? Like what has happened? What is this? Where do you even find this? *stutters in confusion* Just stop. Please stop. “Australia be like, Hello, mate. Would you like me to throw some shrimp on the barbie?” (oOF) Oh wow- oh okay, that’s impressive. Shrimp on the barbie? That’s epic! *disconcerting animal noise* *another disconcerting animal noise* (tHis Is So FunNY gUYs) See that’s funny! That’s comedy. Funny noises, hahaha *screaming in your girl ear be like* “So I got acrylics for prom and now I kind of just feel obligated to do this. (y’all know what’s about to happen) HERE’S!!! “NO!” THE MF!!! “TEA” AHHHHAH What is the entire Internet have together? No one likes that goddamn clip. “hERE’s- ThE mF- tEA” (brace yourselves) That at least I can respect. If she does that for a video, redemption complete. That’s all you need to do. Just start a video like that. (take a shot every time Pewds says “What is this?” What is this? “Fiesta, salsa, quinceneara-” No. No, that’s it. No more. NO MORE. Here’s, the mother f–king, Tea!” Get’em (im so sick of this meme ksljfh) Whoa! “I cannot be the only person who does this.” I didn’t know you can do that! Oh. You guys have nothing else to do in your spare time? (we’re nine I mean-) Really? Oh god, stop stop I I don’t want to see this video ever again (neither do we) Why, TikTok, why? No one just on their own volition decides, “I’m gonna create TikTok because it seems so fun.” No one. (watch he’s gonna ask “what is this?”) What is this? (see) I don’t get it. Is this is a girl joke? ( oh My GOd That’S SexIst!!!!!) Is that women, is this women humor? I don’t get it. What’s happening? Oh God, it keeps going. What? What’s the joke? *whispering* “Alexa, do you work for the CIA? *whispers back* No, I work for Amazon.” I don’t know, that seems suspicious to me. *Swedish laughter* Does she do that? That’s awesome. “So recently I’ve noticed that Marzia has pink hair,” Oh God. “Belle Delphine has pink hair, Marzia has a tongue. Belle Delphine has a tongue. And we’ve never seen Marzia and Belle Delphine in the same room at once. What does this mean? Pink Guy’s both-” That’s right, I am dating Pink Guy everyone. Sorry Marzia, but he’s the man of my dreams. Wait. They’ve both quit YouTube as well. Oh my god, it checks out. *screaming with no context* I don’t know what I just saw but there was a video and no context whatsoever. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Next TikTok. “Get your DSI. Go to the camera. Then take a video.Take out your SD card. Plug that into your computer. Then go to the DSI folder, take the videos and drag them into your phone. Now you have your new Android.” Whoa, look at that quality, wow. Well, I guess now you know which camera I use. The fe- the fellow Nintendo DSi. It’s amazing quality camera, really impeccable standards that I’m setting. “Got a new forklift so I can finally lift up my fork.” See, this is a joke. That’s a funny joke. He’s lifting up a fork with a forklift. That’s what it is. (hilarious) tyeh Amazing, 10 out of 10. Does not get better. It’s a Ricardo meme!! (No its not! Thankfully) *Felix is watching this in amusement with noises that should not be captioned* Hahaha. Wow, ahahhahaha. What if someone’s ever done, surely someone’s done it . We don’t have those type of grades in Sweden although if we do have G VG or m VG and m VG is like the highest grade. So technically you can just add MV in front of the G. Oh my gee (???). That’s a very Swede gee. Hmm, okay. Nice, very- (I’d probably do something like that) (The true reason I even draw is to create masterpieces like these) Very nice, let’s go back and look at that again. (people in the 50s: we’re gonna have flying cars in the future!) This better be a Ricardo meme. (people in 2019: ) Aw yeah, aw yeah!! No, don’t do it! Oh, thank god. Thank God. He made it. Next TikTok: OOOOHHHHH (This is painful) Some things just never change. *He’s replaying the video for that epic dvd hitting the corner action and reacting with the crowd because he doesn’t want to be alone* Thousand years ago, these kids would be fighting wars. Now they’re just screaming over DVD logo. We’ve come so far as a species aaand I take it all back. I just take back everything I just said. No, no, no, I do not like it. Oh my god, she’s wearing the merch *more Swedish cackling* That’s the best one I’ve seen so far. Ten out of ten. Okay, that’s another TikTok video. Hope you guys had fun. Leave a like if you enjoyed, subscribe and if you wanna support the channel the merch is here. Did you have fun today? (yes) I would say I had fun today. Nothing like distracting yourself from the pain of being alive for 10 minutes. See you guys tomorrow! (ooh how exciting) (excited to see where this goes) Whoa! Oh Hey! *awkward laughter* That was awesome, well done. Tuber Simulator. It’s now so relevant that it’s got a brand new minigame: CRANIAC! 😀 Drop the crane and get fresh items only available in the washing machine-like game. And you say there’s more? Of course there is! New knowledge perks. New quests. And new Pixelings. And legs, guys. L E G S! 😀

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  • Reply Cody Varela August 18, 2019 at 2:31 pm


  • Reply Jesslyn Maldonado August 18, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    4:37 the joke was that the girl in the right panel was showing her petite nose and the girl on the left was showing everyone that she doesn’t have one and that she has a huge nose. The girl that joined them was kinda hinting at it.

  • Reply DostyOfficial August 18, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    I would really love to have this merch, i am from Czech Republic and when i want to order it, it says "There has been a problem with your credit card. Please update your payment information below." … but my info is good, and i have money on it .. 😀 its unavailable in czech ?

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