‘Throw Away the TV’ 😖 Wife Swap Highlight

February 17, 2020

– [Announcer] After struggling for days under the old house rules, the new wives are ready to take control
and lay down their new rules. (dramatic music) – New rule, you’re to set
aside your businesses, put the books away and try something new. (kids laugh) – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Girls, make plans with your friends, ’cause you’re gonna go out one night, and you can’t come back before midnight. (girls laugh) (dramatic music) David, you and your wife
have sheltered these kids and I believe it’s important
that they can have friends and that friendships can teach
things as well as family. – I don’t agree with like 95% of that. We are leaders and we’re
raising leaders, great leaders. And leaders do not walk the
way ordinary people walk. I’m not gonna allow that,
sorry, not in my house, no. – I followed y’all’s
rules, I ate your food and I wore your clothes, so it’s my turn. (David scoffs) – Scott, you need to be
more involved as a parent. (Kids laugh) And start interacting more
with the children and wife. So if you eat dinner with the family. So you guys are going to help mommy with cooking the meals and
fixing up the properties. (upbeat music) The next rule, no more
TV on school nights. (kids whine) No phones, no TVs in the rooms, and no game console for Keigan’s room. (Keigan sighs) (dramatic music) I’m so proud of you,
you’re so involved in this. No more TV in Keigan’s room, no more TV in anybody’s
room during weeknights. – That’s all of them, right? – And the one in daddy’s room. – [Boy] And his phone. – Daddy was not to happy about his phone, and he was not too happy about his TV. But everybody’s on the same page now. So we’re gonna do family night, so. – Are we gonna do a game? – Oh okay, I love that. – I’m miserable, I don’t
know what I’m gonna do. (dramatic music) – Keigan? (Keigan cries) (dramatic music) Where’s Keigan? Keigan, are you okay? Hey Keigan. (Keigan cries) Keigan, Keigan, what’s going on? – [Keigan] I don’t wanna talk right now. – Talk to me, talk to me. Because I took the TV out of your room? You wanna go for a walk? Okay, me taking the TV out of your room is not the end of the world, okay? You have to find something else to do in place of that, okay? You don’t wanna come downstairs and play with us anymore for the night? – [Keigan] No. – You sure? Okay. He’s hooked on it. It’s almost like being hooked on drugs. So what can you say? You know, it’s not his fault, he’s just a little
jackalope in this bad habit. – [Nicki] You wanna do laser tag? – [Announcer] Nicki begins to implement her new rules by taking the Okinbode kids away from their family-centered routine to a place they can have fun, and hopefully make new friends. – Right now I’m having a really good time with Mama Nicki and her idea of fun. But I still feel
disconnected in some sense, where I feel like I should
be working right now. But it is what it is (laughs). – I set a rule today
for the kids to mingle and meet friends, ’cause
life is not about working. – I’m Bobbi.
– I’m David. – David.
– Hannah. – Hannah, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – New high score! – Okay!
– Who’s y’all’s new friend? – I’m Bobbi?
– Bobbi? – Yes, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – I was a little bit taken
back ’cause I was like, new people, and I was a little scared, but once we started
talking it was very nice to meet someone new and
to make a new friend. (kids laughing) – [Hannah] Oh no. [Keigan crying) – Okay, sit up, sit up, sit up. Come on, you’re not a
little baby, you are ten. Sit up, get your shoes
and wipe your nose please. This is what happens
when you spoil a child. It is the mother’s fault for giving the child everything that they want, and the father’s fault
for not being involved. If we were not here, imagine
him in the next six years. Imagine him as a 18 year old,
a 20 year old, a 32 year old. [Keigan Crying] – What’s wrong? – [Keigan] I miss mom. – You miss your mama? She’s gonna be back home before long. – [Keigan] And I try to
watch TV to forget about it. That’s why I watch it. – Sometimes we gotta take things away to figure out you don’t
really need them, you know? – Keigan feeling this
upset is a great proof that what I just did is right. Because he’s hooked on that
thing like, oh my goodness, wow. (dramatic music)

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