The Yakuza Remastered Collection (PS4) Unboxing

February 18, 2020

what’s poppin guys this is Keith from
popngames, what we have here is the brand new Yakuza remastered collection
for PlayStation 4, as you can see on the front here it includes a two disc
digipak collectible Yakuza 5 playstation 3 memory case and on the back here you
can see all three Yakuzas represented, 3 4 & 5, the description on the top left
hand corner I’ll read that for you complete the journey of the dragon
celebrate, Kazuma Kiryu’s saga with a beautifully remastered Yakuza 3, 4 & 5
complete your collection with a special collectible case emblazoned with Kiryu’s
trademark Dragon Tattoo and a genuine Yakuza 5 playstation 3 case including
content never before seen in the West and revitalized localization in 1080p
and 60 frames per second. experience the complete Yakuza collection on one
console for the first time in history, as you can see down here it is one to two
players, 67 gigs minimum for installation it is playstation 4 pro enhanced and
comes with two discs, the rating is mature for blood intense violence
partial nudity sexual themes strong language and use of alcohol, we’re going
to turn this and open it, now as you can see on the side here nice Yakuza 5
playstation 3 case and a representation of the remastered collection here as
well. open this for you now okay nothing else in here so it’s just a
PlayStation 3 case for Yakuza 5 and here are its contents, so it seems on the
first disc we have Yakuza 3 and 4 remastered and Yakuza 5 remaster on
disc, to take these out so we can see the artwork and here is the tattoo that
comes inside as well as some safety warnings for you, alright that seems to
be all we have in the Yakuza remastered collection for PlayStation 4, don’t
forget to like leave a comment, share, hit the bell for notifications for all our
new videos that we post and we’ll see you soon thank you

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