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The Warriors Walkthrough Part 1 (PS4, XBOX, PS2) No Commentary

January 20, 2020

is still on and we’re going Cyrus said
the Nimbus area this afternoon to make sure now Cyrus don’t want anybody packed
and you don’t want anybody flexing any muscle so I gave him my word that the
warriors would uphold the truce now everybody says that Cyrus is the one and
only I think we better go have a look for ourselves we’re going in there with nothing
we’re going in there like everyone else my god no to everything in sight I want everyone
to know that the war is going never know what’s running to you’ll get to waste a few heads along
the way you just soldier you bouncing there you stick close by don’t worry I
don’t feel like it rent one thing we might get out of Cyrus
little lead us astray wolf
I wouldn’t mind a little someone down what’s the matter you’re going faggot
what do you know about times what do you know about time he’s the one
and only when you’re president of the biggest gay
city you don’t have to take a shit I’ll tell you something you you you you can you count suckers I say the future
is ours if you can count we’ve got to the Saracen sitting next to the Jones
Street boys we’ve got the moon runners right by the Van Cortlandt Rangers
nobody is wasting nobody you’re standing right now with nine delegates from a
hundred gangs and is over a hundred more sixty thousand soldiers now the rate for
twenty thousand police in the whole town can you dig it
can you dig it can you dig Firmin what’s up for cheap let’s get
going we got to meet up with the new blood he’s waiting for us in the alley
all right let’s go so he’s got skills he’s a born writer man he’ll get us up
yeah but can he brawl don’t matter how much town he’s got if
he gets wrecked that’s what we’re about to find out let’s go little man
you can finish that burner later right now we got to see if you can Bob listen Rembrandt you here because you
can lay a mean mark but getting up in this city only just your street cred
what makes a games rep heavy is how many suckers you can wreck you ready to test
your skills let’s do it I’m ready all right Rembrandt some of our
neighbors came by to help us out I promised him some licorice so they’re
gonna let you beat up on them for a bit Rudy get in there first let’s see what
kind of punch I want my booze my tiny bubbles that’s
what I like to see Fred Brad Moody’s had enough get him out of here and give him
his booze rest of you bums get in here
once your booze got to work for banging with us ain’t no typical street fight
Rembrandt it’s going to get crazy out there
so you gotta use your head or it’s going to get stopped always to keep your space
watch your back and make the most out of every opportunity all right next up weapons
if you ain’t packin then you gotta be resourceful out there try it out little
man alright it looks like you can handle
yourself toe-to-toe that only get you so far my brother
you want to brawl with the Warriors you’ve got to know how to rumble let’s
give the writer a real test you thought I was suck all right that’s enough
looks like you can handle yourself out there Youngblood let’s go try on your
new colors hey I don’t write nuther fetch is
looking fine but you’re looking a little banged up Youngblood Haberman why don’t
you take Rembrandt out and grab some flash I’m okay really warlord I’m fine
come on Rembrandt let’s break in those colors I know a guy that’ll fix you up this side of Coney Island is all
Warriors turf the east side ain’t but we’ll get into that later right now
we’re gonna need some cash to get you fixed up
the way a warrior makes his bread is by mugging stealing car radios and doing
smashing crabs I want to see if you can handle this Rembrandt dig I dig all
right smash your way into that store and take whatever you can find
let’s see little man and just ask me if you need any help let’s see if you can rip off some car
radios good now you see that guy over there I
want you to go mug that sucker what do you got for me you brought me on
right all right I’m finished all right let’s get going hey there you little man can you spare a
little change for a meal come on make this easy just give it all so then I
need some cash to get me act up Habermann I got everything you said holy
shit that’s a heavy score you got some pretty slick skills Gaeta thanks man
hey we’re gonna go see that dealer now watch look at you taking shots come on
follow my lead come on Rembrandt you got a key pop it on real hot street you ready let’s move looking good so far kid keep it up come
on man let’s roll see that window jump on through and
trust me come on man we’re almost there you can
make it do a great come on almost there just push down that old
fence here we are let’s go toxin is half man
the flash don’t bring no crash guarantee you gonna be a machine tonight yeah but
we pussy rent branches take that shit see you feeling better already let’s get
back to the hangout and see what cleon’s up to you hey Cleon you should have seen this kid
he’s got some skills man good cuz I want him out piecing building out red no
problem warlord I’ll take the Warriors off city there won’t be anybody in New
York who doesn’t know this game don’t get ahead of yourself Youngblood
first we got to take Kony and then we need soldiers for Freud coming out of skin you guys get
these fires under control the VP outside we gotta round up the warrior come on let’s go find the rest of the
Warriors let’s move it okay okay let’s move there
let’s move come on baby ones are gonna hurt you
know you want it Rob also your rough baby you ain’t seen nothin yet Ajax ditch the chick we need your muscle
the destroyers are hitting us again alright warlord maybe now I’ll see some
real action you see everybody else foxing them we’re
trying to score some blades they should be around let’s go get up dammit chumps freeze you’ve got no way
to run hold up a sec fellas Roger that this back to where Roger all
right boys it’s Paul put’s take care of leave this trash here ain’t going
nowhere go wait man ankle let’s cut around this
building we’re gonna have to save their ass some rotary out getting you out
draw stuff up you wanna let me out of these things hey
man I got it don’t worry hey someone give me a tea cool get this cuffs off thanks man
but cake I’m getting you out brother
so get me out of here come on the button good to be free thanks man we got Bucky
cops and destroyers all over the place we gotta find spots the pigs got box been down
and inside of him yet he’s around though you keep looking be careful it’s got a
nice we gotta get in there cooling you guys wait here I’ll go distract those
pigs where are you yo Cola sure I’ll wait right here come
on out I swear got easier those cops come on
you know I’ll find you dan he must’ve got behind us come on thanks warlord what the hell is going on
destroying us a redness and he stirred up the fuss you seen Swan he’s with
Cochise this way let’s teach those cops a lesson about
messing with the Warriors trash everything let’s cut through the back let’s pop this destroyer everybody okay I think some what the
fuck was the Destroyers doing popping it for me stony again getting their head
split hey maybe we better check out our
hangout let’s roll you see this war chief
what the fuck these dicks think they can get away with this shit those lame-ass
toys we’re gonna get him back right Cleon relax
what do you want to do war chief right now Virgil is celebrating what he thinks
was a victory he won’t expect us to hit him back on the same night but that’s
exactly what we’re going to do Rembrandt I hope you’re ready for the real deal
because I want East coney dripping red by morning no one fucks with the
Warriors home yo Virgil we did it warriors house cop bomb that’s good so
everyone’s back some of our soldiers got jacked
they put up a good fight though those Warriors are getting pretty heavy Virgil
bang shit I know these fucks I know the worries
they couldn’t cut it with us so now they’re gonna try and take off well I
say get up try the Destroyers made Coney Island and that’s all we gotta worry
about now don’t get up some fucking beers and some broads up Patrol you you ready for this man you ready to set
up fighting with destroy a piece we find payback time Rembrandt the ball our top
we’re gonna bomb last Coakley on they are out partying tonight gettin real
wasted so do not be too many destroyer patrols out fuck them
listen you just worry about the paint Rembrandt I’ll keep those fucks off your
back so you’re ready or what yeah yeah I’m ready okay here we go cover that shit man let Bertil know he
can’t fuck with us do your thing man I got your back one down Rembrandt now let’s go hit the
rest of their turn no problem Fox told me where I could find a whole
bunch of their burners oh great destroyers I can’t piece with no paint hey you’re me I got something you might
like this is some fine spray man no dreads
with this shit so long brother we’re gonna we’re gonna get made here
we’re taking so long man how am I supposed to write with no spray
jeez hey um you need wait you made my day brother that’s some good shit you
got there girl see you later nice work now can we wrap something hey
hey I got something you might like you see the boat there we go that’s all it
takes now everyone’s gonna know we was here take them out I’ll do my best hey you need anything worries then we
teach it soon enough there all respect he was the best bird I can’t piece with
no paint what I got is the nicest paint around man primo shit so long brother what you’re gonna do now you gonna win I
know that I’m gonna fill you full of holes
you are gonna pal hey hey I got something you might like you fellas looking to score six and three so that’s 10 plus the
seven needed this lucky so this come on let’s do it how am I supposed to write with no spray
cheese hey do you need some extra flash Oh hey um you need anything
ah shit here we go girls see you later hey come on I got something you might
like man this looks gross hey you mean
anything wait you made my day brother add some good shit you’ve got brother snuff that piece of crap out smile come on there’s still a few more
fox told me about back here we gotta get back to the party I want to
string me up some world Wow on your feet all right hurry it up we’re gonna get jabbed here
wow that’s great watch Sita’s chump sounds like a house party keep an eye
out for those drugs because I’m the fucking man imma fucking
destroy that’s why shit embody right now help me now everyone’s gonna know we was here you’ve done yet princess haha snuff sad enough shit to piss them
off let’s move – start again good Virgil’s gonna be so pissed off when he
finds out we bombed this whole turf man there’s a fat piece right on the back
wall there hang out do that one that’ll make them shit oh Christ
you want me to snuff a burner right on there hang out what if they’re in there
just waiting for us fuck look you girls can stand out here all
night deciding if you’re gonna go a pair of balls I’m going in there come on
Rembrandt I bet you could tag a whole piece right over that fat wall yeah
all right let’s balmy where Ajax get to don’t worry about it let’s just get at
that burner without being seen take out anyone that gets in our way I’ll bet they’re doing funnels and shit
by now how’d I get stuck pulling Scout this is bullshit
ain’t nothin going on a night tell me not to gig Duncan but Joe haha I
ain’t Bannack goddamn thing arrests I got
layoffs flash I know you will win I can smell your
fear listen up don’t show you goddamn ugly
faces anywhere on my turf forget got a deal with that last Scout before
we bomb Virgil’s piece buddy I can’t piece with no paint that’ll teach those toys not to Bob
Warriors term okay all done guys that’s great
Rembrandt really great man they’re gonna be so pissed okay can we get out of here
now I don’t want to be round they sober up yeah let’s go wait we haven’t found
Ajax yet various hey where’d you go what’d you do with my spray don’t worry
about it what you think you’re the only one around here with artistic talent huh
come on let’s get out of here good party party 5 is let’s see what’s
going on out here women – Orange
the Warriors I’m gonna kill those fucking warriors tell me Maasai what do you see before
you I see the van Courtland Rangers turf turf turf ain’t nothing but we’re one
gang stops dropping their colors and another gang starts lines on a map
that’s all turf is you take away those lines and
you’ll see you’ll see the possibilities the profit the power no one’s gonna mess with us we’ll make
sure to check out some new old man you want to come yeah sure man I could go
for a little tail what do you say what’s shaking man there’s a lot of chumps
trying to make some moves man these that ate the last we heard from the
destroyers they’re going to be back then they ain’t going to place all those
destroyer wimps had it coming I wish you would’ve let me finish him that ate the
last we heard from the destroyers that going to be back then they ain’t gotta
play saw we gotta take care of the destroyers it’s gettin to be dangerous painting the down Virgil I know you’re
not gonna take that lying down are you baby with the ferris and Jones street
boys choose still holding what seems like Brooklyn may be shaping up to a
whole new thing I guess

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  • Reply SeRious Sw0rd April 3, 2019 at 7:36 pm

    Is also on psp

  • Reply Lucie Bureau April 3, 2019 at 7:49 pm

    Ouch, this game didn’t age well ! Unlike the movie(and yet it had been released 40 years ago !) who is a cult classic. Have you seen it, Tikal ?

  • Reply WOLFPACKLEADERZ April 3, 2019 at 8:31 pm

    I thought you only did kid friendly games?

  • Reply cesar tavira April 5, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    Ohh… The warriors… Sweet remembers

  • Reply BraderGaming95 April 8, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    ~~ Warriors, come out to play

  • Reply Retzomat April 8, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    wie kann mans auf ps4 spielen find snirgends?

  • Reply Hezekiah Jacob April 9, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    pt 1, let's get it

  • Reply Chris Vairamon April 10, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Excellent work, WishingTikal. Next video game walkthrough – Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku.

  • Reply Blue Spark April 28, 2019 at 11:31 pm

    I was just watching you play Disneyland Adventures and now this…….. Cool! I actually grew up with this game too when I played Pacman World and Ty The Tasmanian Tiger.

  • Reply CloudyTonks April 29, 2019 at 2:31 am

    One of my all time favourite games!!! ❤️❤️

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