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The Fix for JL-JT Gladiator Non-Rubicon LED Headlights

December 3, 2019

Hey off-roaders, Do you own a JL or JT, but you don’t have the Rubicon model with the LED headlights in them, Now there’s an option available from JW speaker that’s going to allow us to retrofit those 7″ LEDs that have been around forever. and we’re going to show you how to install. As you can see this is 9″ factory incandescent headlight And here we have the 7″ truck light LED headlight of the JW speaker attachment already installed. Quite a big difference between factory and LED. When you open up the box you’re gonna find a few things in here & a couple of little bags of screws. Make sure you locate those & DON’T LOOSE THE SCREWS First thing you’re gonna find is this big housing that’s going to hold that 7″ LED light the retainer ring that’s going to secure the 7″ LED to the housing and then this Other trim ring that’s going to go around the headlight once everything’s installed. It’s going to finish it out, make it look real clean Also, this harness adapter that’s going to plug into the factory location and then also plug into the PWM harness that’s going to come with your aftermarket headlight. First step we’re going to remove the grille so we can get to the factory headlights. There’s gonna be three bolts holding it in one here here and here. Included in the JW speaker kit will come with an adapter that will plug in here and also interface with the pulse width modulator harness that comes with the truck light headlights truck white headlights dark light headlights. Ring is gonna be pretty snug so it’s gonna take some effort to get it in there, get it all the way down before you start trying to screw it in or you might strip out the plastic. All right The next step you’re going to do is take this trim ring and you’re gonna install around here One of the problems that we found because we’re using truck light instead of JW speaker is that the trim ring didn’t want to fit securely and flat around like it would have probably if we’re using the same brand as the adaptor. So, Beau had to take a sanding disk on an air grinder and take some of the nipples off that we’re on here. So the trim ring would sit flush. Don’t go too deep. If you go if you break through there you’re gonna get water inside. Also, one of the things that you ‘re going to have to do is you’re gonna have to use these adjustments on the side. There’s three of them. To center the headlight. So the trim ring will sit flush. Now we got our trim ring installed. You can see on the back there’s some adjustments back here So once everything is installed you need to adjust your headlights. This is where you’ll be doing it from. We’re gonna take the adapter harness that can the JW speaker kit Plug it in the headlight Make sure it’s secure. You’re going to plug into the factory location here. Probably want to take this, find a secure spot up here somewhere. to zip tie that to and then Beau is going to come in behind me and bold everything up. And there yet fairly inexpensive option to add LED headlights to JL or JT. More information on this and how to buy it. Click the link below that will take you to our website. Stay tuned!

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  • Reply Steve Tabor September 18, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    Led is a good upgrade doing it cheaper is even better seen some upgrades 7-1200 $ crazy amount good stuff as always be safe

  • Reply JKU Spider September 18, 2019 at 10:10 pm

    That’s pretty cool!

  • Reply J Smith September 29, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Would have liked to have seen a nighttime demonstration of this light.

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