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The Digital Literacy Competency Calculator (DLCC)

November 8, 2019

– [Instructor] Welcome
to the Digital Literacy Competency Calculator or DLCC, a web based tool for
representing the connection between digital literacy competencies and the teaching and learning
practices that produce them. This representation
format, which can be easily customized by instructors for
different teaching contexts, allows learners to see
exactly what is involved in mastering a digital skill. With the DLCC, instructors can customize the course description,
create a visual hierarchy of standard space competency mastery and a link to a pop out icon page with the following features, a description of the competency, the standard source, the mastery
level target in the course, the activity to demonstrate mastery, and the time spent on mastery. The icons are standard spaced
and can also be customized. To help you create a competency calculator for your instructional context, we have shared our
step-by-step digital literacy instructional design process. The first step is to choose
a digital literacy framework for your instructional context. To help you get started,
we have identified from our work with Columbia faculty three different types of
digital literacy frameworks that align well with higher education, instructional settings, and goals. Once you have chosen your framework, use one of our mastery matrix templates to plan digital skills instruction, based on the framework
that is most appropriate for your instructional context. In the mastery matrix,
you will be asked to articulate the skills
that you want students to develop for the competency,
associate each skill with the mastery level you
want students to achieve, and identify a specific learning activity that you will use to help
students develop each skill. Based on your mastery matrix,
you can create a public, web-based representation of
your digital skills instruction and share it with your
learners, your institution, and the larger digital literacy community. To create your own representation, visit our repository on Github. Once you’re in the repository, follow the detailed read me instructions to create your own site with your own digital literacy competency calculator. It’s okay if you have no
experience using Github, the instructions include
plenty of Github documentation that will be helpful. We have created template representations of the competency calculator
for three frameworks that you can customize based
on your instructional design and mastery matrix. Here’s an example of a DLCC
that is created for a Columbia course using one of our
template representations. The course introduces students
to techniques of working in digital environments as they
work collectively to create a small scale digital edition
of a 16th century manuscript. You can check out this
DLCC on our website. We are releasing this version of the DLCC as a first iteration. There is much room for
development and innovative use including badges, additional frameworks, and additions to the model frameworks. Please share your customized DLCC with us. We’d also love to hear about
what worked and what did not. You can contact us by email at
[email protected]

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