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The Best Lights For YouTube Videos On A Budget | Neewer NL480 LED Studio Light Review

December 3, 2019

The Neewer NL 480. Can you really get
high quality lighting on a budget? [MUSIC] Coming in at #69.99 from Amazon, the
NL 480 is a bicolor LED panel with 480 LEDs. Now it’s a bicolor panel which means
half the LEDs a yellow and half a more white, 240 of each respective colour. The
balance of that is adjustable on the back, meaning you can dial in your white
balance, from 3200 Kelvin right up to 5600. It has a quoted CRI of 96 plus,
which should mean that this light represents colour almost perfectly. It’s
going to be accurate and consistent, true to the human eye in most scenarios.
Now it is a portable light, so is designed to be taken with you. It can be powered
by the AC adapter that comes with it or by the Sony NPF 550 or 970 batteries. Now with that, let’s look at the good bits of the Neewer NL480. Now the best thing
about this light that we think, is its functionality is extremely powerful
3,300 lumen and it is bicolor meaning you can control the white balance really
accurately. It means that in pretty much any scenario you’ll have enough light
and the ability to control the color of that light accurately. And with that
accuracy we’re looking at the CRI rating of a 96 Plus. Now it’s hard to discern
how accurate that is we are just quoting the manufacturers specs, but from using
it I can tell you that the colour that’s reproduced from the light is pretty much
perfect. Another great feature of the light is the fact that it doesn’t get
hot. You can use it consistently for hours on end and it’s still touchable
which even for an LED panel is saying something there are some LED panels out there that will still get hot after a few hours of use. And finally is its
durability we’ve actually used this panel a lot over the past six months
we’ve taken it with us for incidental shots and it’s been extremely durable
during that time and works flawlessly it’s never missed a beat so for that
it’s in many respects the perfect portable light. With that let’s look at
the bad points of the Neewer NL480 Build quality is always the first thing
you notice of anything and it seems harsh to put it in the bad features
because it’s not terrible it is a metal and plastic construction but it doesn’t
feel very strong. I say we’ve taken on the road with us and that’s because it’s
always being carefully stowed in its padded carry case. I wouldn’t want to
leave this rolling around in the back of a vehicle I wouldn’t want to take this
anywhere out that padded carry case because it doesn’t feel like it would
take a lot to break this thing it is a slightly flimsy construction. Now the
worst feature of this light is how harsh it can be even when you put the diffuser
in front of it, to try and soften it up a little bit it still produces a very
harsh light is the best you can say it’s not a beautiful light is certainly not a
softbox what it is is a functional light it will enable you to control the light
in pretty much any situation really well what it isn’t is it beautiful light. Now considering the price of this light you’re getting quite a lot for your
money 70 pounds for something that is 3,300 lumen a CRI rating of 96 and
bicolor fully controllable that’s a heck of a lot of functions for that price
you’re getting a very functional light which would allow you to control the
lighting in your videos in most situations. Now like I said in the bad
features if you’re looking for a light to make yourself look more beautiful a
softbox then don’t look for this but if you’re looking for something that’s more
functional that will enable you to perhaps light a scene better then this is a great
starting point in fact as a testament to how good it is in that scenario we’ve
lit this entire video with these lights!! So that’s been my grab and go review of
the Neewer NL 480, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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    how does this compare to the 660 version of the same brand?

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