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Techbites: Stretchable electronics, Keynote speaker Matti Mantysalo, Tampere University

September 15, 2019

The focus of my research
is bendable electronics. It’s materials, processes
and applications. At the moment, one of the most important
research topics is stretchable electronics. The goal of my research
is to develop technologies – to integrate electronics seamlessly
as a part of our daily lives. If you look at the world around you,
you can see many shapes. For example, human skin
is soft and stretchable. So could be electronics. As an example,
we can develop bandages – that measure ECG, respiration rate
and activity. This data can be transferred
to a mobile device – and utilized in
the digitalization of health care. We’re willing to push these
technologies to real-life cases. We’re looking for collaborative
partners to do it with us.

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