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Sterling K. Brown on Going from ‘Meathead’ to Sexiest TV Dad

December 3, 2019

STARS”] [APPLAUSE] You’re good. Are you sure? You’re good. I’ll try to relax. Yeah. As much as possible
but I know you now. Oh, it was so good. Last time he was here– we have to show
them, it was so good. Go ahead. So we’re going to play a game
that is called the movie game. Anchorman [LAUGHTER] Rudd. Oh Wet Hot American Summer. Amy Poehler. Baby mama. [SCREAMING] [CHEERING] You are awesome! I’m glad it was towards you. [APPLAUSE] I won! [LAUGHTER] We got you. We got you real good. You– you. [APPLAUSE] I pride myself on being able
to catch people off guard. I scare my wife all the
time much to her dismay. You scared the
doo doo out of me. Oh man you went so fast. I didn’t see it coming. No that’s what a
brother would do. If something happened
I would be up out. And out of there. With the quickness. It was so good. Yeah I thought you we’re
going to hurt yourself. I’m glad that I did not. Yeah. I was scared. Yeah. I was scared. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. I checked it, I’m good. You look really good. Thank you very much. You just went to which
high school reunion was it, what number? This was my 25 year
high school reunion. Wow. Was that fun? Where was it? St. Louis, Missouri. I went to MICDS, Mary Institute
Saint Louis Country Day School. And it’s so cool to
see when you’re 18, you can be kind of cliquish
and standoffish or whatnot. But like there’s only 120
people in my high school class. And so you get older
you live life again and then half that way. And you just want to see
how everybody’s doing. Yeah. How the kids are, how
marriage is, how life is. It was wonderful. So we were lucky enough to
find a picture of your prom then because I thought
the audience would like to see you back then. Oh really? Yeah. [CHEERING] So my wife posted
that on Instagram and I think she cut my prom
date out on the other side. Who’s on the other side. But I was such a meat head. Like I had like a 17 inch neck. I looked at some pictures
of myself I was like, you’re a big dude. Were you an athlete? Play football, basketball. Yeah. So what– and what
did you play football? I was a fullback and
an inside linebacker. Uh-huh. So I was a real bruiser. And it’s funny because
I have two boys now. I don’t think they’ll play. No? I don’t– I love the game but
everything that we’ve learned about it, I think there’s
other ways to enjoy yourself. Did you think you were
going to go into it? Did you think you’d
be a football player? For a while I thought
about playing D1 and then I went to Stanford. And they’re ginormous
human beings. Yeah. And I said you know what I
get the same thrill on stage, maybe I’ll just do this acting. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s not as dangerous unless of
course I scare you and then– The doo doo. Yes. By the way, so that that man
right there that we just showed became People Magazine’s
sexiest TV dad. Oh that’s right. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] So what does that mean? To be sexiest TV– because
dads aren’t inherently– are dads sexy? Like dads are just
kind of like– It depends on the dad. It depends on the dad, yeah. And clearly you would be
the one we’re talking about. You would be that dad. I’ll take it. Yeah. Yeah. And your kids should be
happy to have a dad like you. Do they know it? Do they understand? They could care less. Well. They honestly could. All my oldest son cares
about is us being at home and having massive
pillow fights. And now he’s playing
like flag football. Oh. Adorable. Those are my children. That’s Andrew and Amare. Andrews the oldest
and Amare is the baby. How old are they? 7 and 3. I gotta stop calling him
the baby but he’s my baby. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I know. But that’s adorable. Thank you. They’re adorable. All right, let’s talk
about Angry Birds. Let’s talk about it. Who do you play? I play Gary. You saw him in the clips. Right. He’s a bit of a nerd. He is full of himself. He’s like if Q were
a cartoon and a pig with glasses from
like the you know, James Bond stuff
that’s what Gary is. Uh-huh. And do you relate
to the nerd part? I’m a bit of a nerd. I mean I went to Stanford,
which is called nerd nation. Like we refer to
ourselves as that. And every time I go to
a reunion I’m like I’m the least nerdy person here. They’re like doctors and
lawyers and business people. And I decided to do
nothing with my education. [LAUGHTER] So I’m less nerdy now
than I was 20 years. Well it still helps
to have an education no matter what you go into.

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