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Sleeping Beauty’s HORRIFYING Origins (Disney)

August 14, 2019

Welcome! Here we are again! This time we’re looking at how much darker
and, quite frankly, disgusting, Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” could have been compared
to, well, a few three older tales it turns out. Yes, the Brothers Grimm have a version of
this tale, and we’re going to explore that in just a second, but the origins of this
dreaming girl in particular get REALLY DARK the further back in time we go. It’s like a centuries-long game of telephone
– each telling gets more and more disturbing as we go backwards. It is interesting to see what has been changed,
what has been kept, and what was repurposed. So, grab your time travel device and follow
me into the dangerous wilds of Once Upon a Time… Sleeping Beauty’s Nightmare – The MOST HORRIFIC
Fairy Tale First up, we’ve got Disney and Grimm. Disney’s storybook animation starts off
with a lovely celebration for the long-awaited baby Aurora, named after the Dawn (remember
that for later!). Her betrothed sees her in baby form, making
their meeting later less creepy? Among the guests are the 3 plucky fairies
who bestow blessings… and 1 uninvited guest. Poor Maleficent! Anyway, out of spite, this scorned fairy curses
the new princess to be pricked by a spinning wheel spindle before the sun sets on her 16th
birthday…and die. Merrywether won’t have that, and lessens
the blow somewhat – Aurora will only fall asleep until True Love’s Kiss dispels the
magic. SO FAR, we are pretty in-line with the Grimm
telling, to be honest. In Grimms’ “Little Briar Rose” there
are 12 invited “wise women,” and, simply because the King didn’t have ONE EXTRA FANCY
GOLDEN PLACE SETTING, the 13th wise woman in the realm couldn’t be invited. An oversight (which Disney’s Maleficent
totally references during her speech, btw) Yeah, I’d be miffed too? Grimms’ overlooked wise woman is not innately
EVIL, just t’ed off she got rejected. Yeah, she does take it a bit far when she
casts her curse: “The King’s daughter shall in her fifteenth year prick herself
with a spindle, and fall down dead.” Like in Disney, the final Wise Woman does
damage control: “It shall not be death, but a deep sleep of a hundred years, into
which the princess shall fall.” Her reversal is a bit different in that no
kiss is mentioned. Kinda good actually, as non-consensual kisses
are eh problematic!? In both Disney and Grimm, the king has all
spinning wheels destroyed. Disney goes into full “romance” territory:
the hiding princess and nosy prince crush on each other. I mean, they DID meet once upon a dream…This
motivates him to slay the dragon Maleficent and save the kingdom (and Aurora). Because of the romantic aspect in Disney,
the curse does not last 100 years, but MAYBE a few hours? This dragon and intensively evil fairy was
NOT in the Grimm tale, but it is some pretty and epic animation and color!) In Grimm, the princess is not hidden away,
but of COURSE Briar Rose finds the ONE SPINNING WHEEL left in the kingdom. Yeah, she has to go to an obscure part of
the castle, behind a locked door (with the key in it) she sees an old woman spinning
FLAX (remember this little grain for later!) The princess has never seen one and of naturally
wants to try it herself. Lights out. For the whole kingdom. We don’t NEED a prince to save the kingdom
in Grimm, the curse is up after 100 years regardless. But, in that time, the sharpest of prickly
rose bushes have grown around the whole kingdom, protecting all the sleeping inhabitants for
a century. (Note: in Disney, Maleficent curses the thorns
around the castle to prevent Phillip from getting close) Back in Grimms’, naturally a rumor starts
that within the Briar wall lies the most beautiful sleeping princess. Of COURSE the um… excitable… princes from
bordering kingdoms try to slip past the thorny barrier… “but they found it impossible,
for the thorns held fast together, as if they had hands, and the youths were caught in them,
could not get loose again, and died a miserable death.” That’s probably the most Gruesome thing
that happens in this Grimm tale, honestly. Anyway, ironically, or as foretold, the DAY
the curse is set to be up, one prince decides to try his luck as well. When he arrives, the thorn barrier has turned
to large flowers and welcomes him into the kingdom. He enters the Princess’s chamber and (ugh)
of course steals a kiss. (At least she probably has the WORST 100 year
morning breath. Yummy!) The prince turns to leave, but the princess
wakes up from the nap of the century and falls in love with him. (sigh) Whatever. Unlike Grimms’ poor Rapunzel, Briar Rose
is 115, so that’s cool I guess. Everyone else is now awakening and welcome
the new Prince. Happy Ever After! The End. Disney credits their tale as adapted from
Perrault, but I think it’s way closer to Grimms’ version. We’re going to jump into the other versions
now, so you can judge for yourself though! Where Disney and Grimm are VERY similar (barring
Maleficent’s role), and for the most part, light, the tales from Perrault and Basile
get VERY dark, in different ways. I’m letting you know right now there’s
some not pleasant (or acceptable) happenings in those tales, so do watch with care. A stolen kiss (which is NEVER ok, btw) is
just the tip of the iceberg of horrific here. Grab some hot tea and snuggly cat, if that
helps! On the topic of stolen kisses, THAT’S NOT
IN Perrault’s telling of “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood.” In fact, our prince the epitome of respectful
young man, except for his sneaking around. Ok, so quick rewind, in THIS tale, things
Start exactly as they did in Disney and Grimm. Some exceptions are: The oldest fairy was
presumed dead by everyone in the whole kingdom, (as she hadn’t left her tower for 50 years.) and so was not invited to the feast. She shows up anyway, upset, but the king lets
her dine, but just doesn’t have the time to make her the custom solid gold and ruby dining
set he made for the other fairy godmothers. (Fun Fact! This appears in Disney’s as a background!) She curses the baby, etc. same same. Yada yada. Ok. Princess falls asleep, King father makes her
the most beautiful silver and gold embroidered bedspread, the youngest fairy godmother (The
one who reversed the curse) was 12 thousand leagues away, and gets word that “the princess
has fallen asleep” (from a dwarf with 7 league boots who sprinted to her.) She shows up to the castle in a fiery chariot
pulled by dragons, and puts everyone else to sleep, so that the princess wakes up to
familiar faces. (Similar to Disney) Within 15 minutes, new
trees and vicious thorns spring up around the castle, protecting the princess from anything
untoward during her sleep. 100 years pass, so cue our respectful prince,
who is able to enter the castle without being impaled. He KNEELS beside the sleeping princess. (No unconscious smoochy smooch.) She awakens the second 100 years pass, and
kinda flirts with him. He tries not to laugh at her clothes, which
were something his grandmother would have worn. They stay and TALK for 4 hours, like soulmates
do. In that time, everyone else has woken up and
they are HUN-GRY. They break up the giggle fest to have a feast. The palace chaplin marries the princess and
princess at once, and they are left alone, but “they slept little, for the princess
had little need of it.” Daaaaang. Wink the heckin wink. Happily Ever.. NOPE! THIS tale is just getting started. The prince leaves the next day for his home
kingdom, and lies to his father, the King, as to where he was. The King buys it, so the prince keeps spending
2 or 3 nights at a time away from his parents’ castle. This castle-hopping goes on for 2 years, during
which the Prince and Princess have two children, a daughter, Dawn (or Aurore), and son, Day
(or Jour). (One of those names sounds familiar?) The Queen is not fooled by her son’s lies
and KNOWS he must be having a romantic affair. Even though the prince wants to tell his mother
the truth, he knows he cannot because she is an OGRESS who cannot possibly contain her
appetite when it comes to small children. What? Yeah, apparently her family had money, so
that’s why the prince’s parents got together. Anyway… Two years after that, the King dies, and the
Prince assumes the throne. He makes his marriage to the Princess public,
and the whole family moves into his castle. Of course a war breaks out, and he has to
go fight it. The Queen Mother decides she would like to
take the young family to a remote summer residence, where it would be much easier for her to indulge
in her “ogeress tendencies.” Once they are all there, the Queen Mother
tells the cook she would like to eat little Dawn. The cook goes to collect the child, but finds
he has too much of a moral compass. He takes the child to his wife for safe-keeping,
and cooks a little lamb instead. The Queen Mother eats it, finds it delicious,
and tells him she would rather like to eat Day. Same thing: Cook hands the child to his wife,
and cooks up something else instead. A few more days pass, and the Queen Mother
tells the cook she would like to eat the young Queen, and, please make sure to cook her in
that same sauce that he cooked the kids in. Well, at this point the cook is stuck: he
just doesn’t think he can find an animal with skin old and coarse enough to match an
ancient 20 YEAR OLDS (heh OUCH) to trick the mother-in-law with. So, in order to save himself, he is set on
KILLING the young Queen, and she just sits there like “Ok, do it. I’ll get to see my babies soon in the afterlife.” Haha whoops it turns out NO ONE TOLD her that
her children were safe. Ha. The cook cools off and takes the Queen to
his wife to watch over, then serves the Mother In Law a doe. A few more days pass, and the Queen Mother
is prowling around the castle to smell fresh meat (like you do?) when she hears the Queen,
Dawn, and Day playing. Furious, she orders that a cauldron filled
with toads, vipers and snakes be placed in the courtyard, and the young family dropped
into it to be devoured. (trumpet sound) What’s this?! The King returns home unexpectedly, JUST before
his family is dumped into the cauldron. What timing! The Ogress Mother is “so maddened by what
she saw” (I dunno?) that she dives headfirst into the viper cauldron instead and dies. The King is upset (It was his mother, afterall)
but “consoles himself with his beautiful wife and children.” The End. OH! We get an honest-to-goodness written moral
at the end of this tale, which is convoluted, but I think it kinda boils down to essentially:
“Girls, don’t rush into marriage.” Yeah. All this weird diet stuff, and THAT is the
moral of the tale? I’m confused. Happy Ever After I guess. Dear viewer, we’ve now travelled back to
the most brutal tale of this bunch. There is no joy to be had here. Just look away… look away! There’s nothing but abhorrence and devastation
on the way… (but really stay… but be warned) I honestly had a tough time with this one,
so just throwing that out there. This tale is Giambattista Basile’s (I probably
ruined that?) “Sun, Moon, and Talia,” and it requires
a lot of euphemisms. It DOES NOT hold up today, thank all the lucky
stars. Anyway, into it, shall we? Once Upon a Time there was a Great Lord who
celebrated the birth of his daughter, Talia, by inviting all the wise men and fortune-tellers
to predict her future. After much deliberation, they decided that
she was in serious peril from a piece of flax (remember that from before?). The Great Lord is not having that, and bans
all flaxseed and hemp and such from his kingdom. We’ve encountered this before! And, of course, one day, when Talia is “a
big girl” she encounters an old lady spinning, and like all the other tales, is curious and
has to try it for herself. By accident, a piece of flaxseed gets caught
under her fingernail and she falls down dead. When her father hears about the incident,
he is so sad that he just abandons her non-responsive body propped up on a fancy velvet chair under
a brocade curtain in an empty palace in the country, shuts the door on her forever, and
tries to erase every memory of HIS misfortune. Psht. Some time later, a King who is out hunting
loses his falcon in that same abandoned palace. He sneaks in and sees Talia sitting lifeless
on the fancy chair. He calls to her, but she doesn’t respond (because
she is “dead” so…) Because “her beauty had enflamed him, he
carried her in his arms to a bed and picked the fruits of love” … NO means NO, buddy,
and NO RESPONSE is a HECK NO. This is not ok, King or whatever! Also, SHE IS LIFELESS. We have a word for this but… *sigh*… He then just leaves her body in the bed and
goes home, where he “does not remember what had happened for a long time.” Lucky him. After nine months, Talia “Unloads a pair
of babies.” Basile’s words. Twins – a boy and a girl who “look like
two bejeweled necklaces.” She apparently had such a painless delivery
that she is still “dead”: so two fairies come to the palace and place the babies in
the milk zone every few hours. One day, a baby mistakes her finger for the
milk source, and sucks out the flaxseed. HOORAY! The result of an unasked-for encounter saves
the day? (facepalm ugh) Talia wakes up SUPER CONFUSED
about these babies, and the invisible fairies who provide them with food, but just sort
of accepts the situation, and the “jewels beside her as dear as her own life.” The skeazy scumbag King finally remembers
that pretty dead girl and finds an excuse to return to her. He is surprised to find her awake, (given
how he liked her so much unresponsive) and with “two painted eggs of beauty.” She doesn’t remember him (she was “dead,”
after all), but he is so proud of his “eggs” that he tells her all the details of what
he did to her. Then the two talk and “MADE FRIENDS and
“a Strong Bond was established.” WHAAT?! After a few more days and nights with her,
he returns home, where he can’t stop talking about her, and the children that HE got to
name… Sun and Moon. Naturally his wife, the Queen, is suspicious. I don’t blame her? He’s taking weeks for “hunting” trips
that should take days, and babbling about his love and two babies incessantly. She asks her trusted secretary to spy on the
King, which the tale describes as a terrible, unjust thing to do, but honestly, I think
it’s absolutely her business? She of course takes things to far, tricks
Sun and Moon into coming to the palace, where she, “that heart of Medea” orders the
cook to cook them into various little dishes and delicacies. When the cook sees the two “lovely golden
apples” (these descriptions, I’m telling you!) he takes pity and sends them to his
wife to care for, serving up 2 baby goats cooked in 100 different sauces instead. The King comes home and the Queen enthusiastically
serves him the “special” dishes. He eats everything with gusto, and she encourages
him to keep eating saying: “Eat up, for you’re eating what is yours.” He ignores this, until about the third time
she says it, at which point he yells at her for being unable to have children and storms
out. Feeling the need for even more revenge, she
has her secretary trick Talia into coming to the palace. Instead of finding the King, Talia is confronted
by the jealous Queen, who calls her all sorts of nasty names, and blames her for the King’s
infidelity. Talia tries to explain that it wasn’t her
fault and “That the King had taken possession of her territory when she was under a sleeping
spell.” The Queen is too angry to listen to excuses
or reason and orders Talia be burned in huge bonfire in the courtyard. Playing for time, Talia asks not to be burned
in her clothes (which are very fancy, so the Queen would rather keep them unsinged for
herself). Talia wails and screeches as each article
is removed, and finally, down to her petticoat layer, the King shows up, gets the truth out,
and orders the Queen be thrown into the fire instead, that she may become “compost in
the broccoli plot.” Mmm. He also orders that her secretary and everyone
associated with the horror be thrown in as well. The cook, however, says that rather than being
burned alive, the King should reward him, handsomely, for he had actually saved Sun
and Moon from “returning to the body of their father.” That cook is named “Gentleman-in-waiting”
then the King marries Talia right away. And yes, I’m so glad you asked, because
this tale too has an honest-to-goodness moral. Ready? “Talia recognized after all her ordeals
that for those who are LUCKY, good rains down even when they are sleeping.” WHAT. I would not call being abandoned then assaulted
“good” or “lucky.” I call it a cop out for unacceptable kingly
behavior, or unacceptable behavior in general. Ugh. Happy Ever… nope! This is just too messed up. Anyway, that’s our time travel into Sleeping
Beauty’s horrific origins. A lot of these things are NOT alright, or
OK, and dang I really want to watch kitten videos meow. Anyway, did you grow up with any one of these
versions of the tale? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for watching this doozy of an animation! I do hope you enjoyed it, serious subject
matter aside, and that you are having an excellent day. Or night. Or afternoon. Anyway, Welcome! Glad you are here, and catch ya soon in the
next video. Good bye!

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