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Shenzhen Electronics Markets- Back Alley Walking Tour

December 7, 2019

So this is one of the back alleys of Huaqiangbei. People come here to grab a bite. They have some Guangxi food, some Hunan food, and Cantonese food. It’s not fancy but you know everybody’s
in a hurry and we are frugal. I am heading to one of the phone markets
they have some accessories and all kinds of stuff, components. Today I’m going to
grab some USB-C wires for my new One Plus 5 cell phone. And you can see something like this- the
tricycle they used to ship small packages to other buildings. And of
course I’m walking on high-heels on this. Man I think I need to practice more. I got a little out of practice because you know I stay home and edit all the videos no
time for me to practice. And they have some like buns here. I’m worried about the dude on the
bicycle try to film me. Because it’s so narrow now everyone, the cars and people they’re
trying to come from the same road. Another car. I have to go to the side let
them cross first. Is he going to drive or just? I will let them go through first then I will go. China Post. A lot of people they stop by and film me and I feel flattered. They probably think I’m famous or something. Or maybe just because I’m unusual. They like strange things, they look, but they don’t stare because I’m not a forigner. I’m an Asian person with interesting style they stop and then take a picture. You can see I took some pictures with some Aunties, some strangers. I’m walking to the Security Market also I got some cameras there before. Hello See? Very friendly. More cars…more cars Cameras. So on this side this is the Security Market. As you can see, there are tons of IP cameras here. And it’s the lunch hour of course people
come and go, it’s very busy. And today is Monday also so you can
imagine what wiII happen on weekends Very, very busy You know I really enjoy the back alleys like this. I know Shenzhen is a modern city you can see a lot of pictures you can see online that you can see it’s very comfortable, they’re like Photoshop but here this is the real-deal, you can see… I almost want to drop by to get the milk-tea but I can’t because I’m filming. This looks scary…spooky I think it’s going to rain. It’s going to rain and I’m not going to shoot for a very long time outside. and we’re right back to Saige (SEG) So mobile accessories. Big logo around here. Is it going to rain or not? I don’t know… Don’t worry the car is not going to hit me they are coming in this direction and I’m going that direction. And I’m seriously worried about the dude that.. Say hi! Say hi! Hello! Yeah they are trying to record and take a picture. Oh man even the guy from the car…yeah. Being you know, unusual in China sometimes could get you some attention and as you know I enjoy the attention. Hello! Hello! Hello! Here- Lets take some pictures. Even the guy on delivery. A little further. Thanks! Thank you! Hello! Oh man I feel sorry for him because working and… I almost… Wait a minute, thank you Oh man I almost got hit like last time when I was in Bangkok trying to
film for you guys. My hands got…my arm is a little bit tired. Right back to SEG. I was going to show you the phone market I went with Bunnie (Huang) last time. But I kind of lost my sense of direction with all this attention. It kind of distracted me. I wish I had ten arms I can hold an umbrella… ah it’s getting hot! It’s not going to rain but it’s definitely getting hot. Hello! Hello! I am filming! Say hi to my fans! They are very nice Aunties I’m walking to the other market I want
to show you. I really like that one. I went there with Bunnie (Huang) last time. What’s with the guys you saw on the bicycle? In China we have the bicycle co-sharing app like a MoBike and BluGoGo- those bicycle you can see they are all co-sharing bicycles. I don’t know if it works in other countries but I think it definitely works in China.

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  • Reply Vinay China Panjwani February 17, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    hello naomi i just now seen you on serpentza , he sent me here, hope you are doing well,i have seen the video you shown him hua qiang bei market, nice to see you

  • Reply OKSZAelectric Jacek Radoszewski February 21, 2018 at 9:39 pm

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  • Reply Dragon Tank February 26, 2018 at 9:44 am

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    You make interesting videos…Pls stay safe so that we could enjoy more of your content and obviously you..😍😍
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