Securing the JVM with Nigel Daniels

July 6, 2019

I'm your employee from Oracle technology Network and I'm here today at the jvm summit and i'm here with nigel then who do you work for ok i work for a war attack and i'm doing a combination or product management and technical sales here in the west coast of america and so what is the your company about because you talked about a lot about the security of the jvm suppose yeah so more attack were a small company headquartered in Ireland clearly I'm over here in the US with poor presence in America on east coast as well in London and our core product is roundy virtualizing Java Virtual Machine we containerized Java and we do this for two key reasons the first is to secure Java to introduce rules to hire people to monitor what's happening to our application detect issues and also to respond to them we also have a capability of looking after legacy Java so those older JVM is that everybody's got a ton of in their enterprise we can run them on a more modern JPM and at the same time or containerization lets you really drive up the workload per machine and help reduce the costs of your whole jar of operation so any any insights that you learn today or that you shared with the audience today oh well um I'm not the most technical person or company or the true geniuses are working in Dublin I cellular this is a very very technical conference and I think those guys we've gotta roll from the presentations I don't know ever i got the maximum benefit from them but i certainly able to share the approach we've taken to delivering the solutions we delivered with the audience and i got a lot of questions so i think they people here responded to that and we're really interested in what we don't too so what were some of the questions I had questions will a mission about why we're virtualizing an already virtual machine that sounds like a really peculiar thing to go and do so I did touch on this allows us to injected security allows us to drive down the cost of operations so I touched on those things for people what we inject into the class libraries when we when we're making calls on what we call sensitive types sensitive objects and how we trap some of the things we track them and we get to see smoother the data or information flows that we can monitor so is it open or is it a closed system because security is sensitive subject yeah so our core product is a proprietary product so that is a closed system having said that we have published api's into it and those are open a POS we've also published some extensions to je viens so we can make java or behave in ways that according to the java spec it's not supposed to but we can do that in a java legal way so it's still TCK compliant and so i talked about those and we can do tricks like virtualizing application servers changing your file system to be encrypted on the fly all sorts of fun trick final big is will be presented at javaone so you've been a java one before i think last year so tell us what was your feeling about java one owns and technical questions we got our java want radios off talking to the other delegates and then towards the end I was speaking I talked about multi-tenancy in Java our house and what capabilities support band which was good again a lot of good technical questions there a lot of good audience interaction very much enjoyed that this year I think our CTO speaking at javaone so he's going to be talking about more about our security features and the capabilities there and generally about what we're seeing in the field of Java security be prepared for a lot of good technical questions though the people attending javaone tend to be really good hands-on technical developers they understand Java very curious people are so make sure you're armed with our information

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