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SCT Livewire TS Performance Tuner Monitor Programmer Computer On Ecoboost Twin Turbo F-150

August 20, 2019

Male1: Brought to you by JEGS. Bruno: Woo! Sounds good man! Matt: It does sound good. Bruno: Yeah. Matt: I like it. Alright, let me reel it in,
let me bring it down. Alright, cool. Nicely done. I like it. Tim: Hey guys. That truck sounds awesome. Matt: Tim, thanks man! Look at that. Always
good to see you and your timing is impeccable. Bruno: Perfect timing. Hey, this is Tim from
SCT. We called in a favor and brought him in. He’s kind of the expert when it comes
to tuning and so are the guys at SCT. Now, anytime you’re doing an exhaust upgrade, like
we did, and then when you start digging into performance upgrades, like we did the turbos,
you need to tie it all in together… Tim: Right. Bruno: …and he is the guy to do just that.
Thanks for coming down. Tim: No problem. Bruno: I appreciate that. Matt: So Tim, what have you got man? Show
me. Tim: You know, I brought over our new livewire
TS that’s going to get you guys all set up for the turbo upgrades on this eco-boost. Matt: Now what I like about it is…are you
doing the install? Because that would make life a lot easier. Tim: Actually, you know, I’ve got our truck
outside. It’s got an eco-boost that’s already tuned. I think me and Bruno are going to go
for a drive and you know, you can stay and install this one. Matt: Whoa! Bruno: I like that. Matt: How does this work? What did he…hold
on! Bruno: You stay here and you just do whatever
it is you do. Okay? You got this. You’re the professional. Matt: I do everything. I do pretty much everything
around here, if you haven’t noticed. Bruno: So Tim, I got to say, love this truck.
The graphics already, man, kick this thing up. Why did SCT get involved with doing these
eco-boost motors? Tim: Well, you know, obviously, the small
motors for fuel economy are the future of, you know, Ford and the other manufacturers.
Everybody wants good fuel economy, but they don’t want to sacrifice the horsepower. So,
you know, twin turbos on a V6 makes the same power as a V8. Bruno: See, I like that. The small displacement,
man, you just stuff it full of air and you can make power. Tim: Exactly. Bruno: But obviously, there’s some need here
for some tuning, especially, in our application man, we’ve got a new exhaust and somebody’s
got to bring it all together and I think you guys are doing it with this product. Tim: Yeah, you know, the livewire TS has lots
of horsepower, lots of torque, still maintains the fuel economy as long as you can keep your
right foot out of it. Bruno: Now, in terms of performance, that’s
what I’m all about, the numbers, what are we looking at from just simply adding the
tuner? Tim: Just the tuner itself adds 50 horsepower
to the rear wheels and a hundred foot-pounds of torque. Bruno: Wow! Tim: Your little V6 responds like a diesel
truck when it’s tuned because of the twin turbos. Bruno: Wow! That’s amazing. Now some of the
things that you can do besides just the tuning aspect of it, you know, I know there’s like
a gage pack, I guess, inside of this thing. Right? Tim: Right. You know, the livewire TS just
isn’t a tuner, it’s also a full data monitor, so you can monitor all the vehicles engine
parameters right on the screen of the device. Right now we’re running, we’re monitoring
boost, you know, we’re monitoring transmission pressure, air intake temperatures, all vital
vital things of the engine while it’s running that you want to keep your eye on. The livewire
TS, on all the gages, you can set up a custom alert, so if that air intake temperature hits,
you know, 220-230 degrees, the gage will actually flash red to let you know that hey, you know,
if it’s getting pretty hot, you better back out of it. Bruno: Ok, so we’re making a lot of power,
we’re able to keep things living. What about the installation man? Is it something that’s
easy to do? Tim: You know, it takes 20-25 minutes from
start to finish. It backs up your stock tune so, you know, you always have that tune in
there, so if you ever need to return the vehicle to stock, you can easily return it to stock.
You know, start to finish, you’re looking 20-25 minutes maximum to install this product. Bruno: So Matt, we’re probably thinking 45
to an hour, so we can drive around for a while. Tim: You know, he’s probably still back there
trying to install the tunes. Bruno: No, you know he’s waiting for us to
come back and install it. That’s Matt. Male1: Brought to you by JEGS. Lifetime support.
Complete customer satisfaction. Delivering performance since 1960.

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