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Samsung Electronics promotes 4 foreign executives, 5 female executives

January 22, 2020

something electronics promoted 162
executives following a reshuffle of the firm’s top brass among them are nine
foreign and female employees science at the tech giant is supporting diversity
and focused on grooming young talent Kim Jae Hee explains further Samsung Electronics promoted for foreign
executives and five woman out of its 162 senior promotions on Tuesday the company
said it tried to keep promoting foreign workers and woman as a way to reinforce
diversity it said it has also promoted young leaders who have shown strong
performance and high growth potential to executive vice president positions in
order to expand the pool of future chief executives among those young executives
promoted this year was printed this tree the 38 year old head of think-tank team
at Samsung research America and CEO of Samsung star labs mr. e is known as the
creator of the so called neon project which created human-like Digital avatars
that were showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier
this month another young for an executive mature a
Patek er from the management support team was also among those promoted 5
woman earned promotion this year including an sujin
in the semiconductor business and was recognized for advertising developing
v-nand devices however the nine former female executives promoted this year is
actually slightly lower than the eleven foreigner female executives promoted in
each of the past two annual reshuffles kim daehee arirang news

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