Room Tour Project 176 – LAPTOP Setup Edition!

May 21, 2019

before we begin episode 176 big announcement last week we talked about the razor rescue edition of room tour project if you want to submit your setup to enter to win a brand-new razor theme set up check the gleam link down below we could submit your setup to be entered pretty crazy stuff coming on want to announce it now so you guys get your submissions in but what's up guys I'm random Frank P back with episode 176 of room tour project this week a special laptop edition had a lot of requests to do this one see anything you like I'll have it all listed for you in the description down below so you can check it out let's start off episode 176 getting it goin is juice with a really nice-looking bedroom here loving the hardwood floors and those I don't know what what I call blinds they're pretty big lose some big windows but you guys aren't here for that you're here for the laptop setups and as you can see his actual death setup is pretty nice and simple very organized as well and I'm loving like the little sunset peeking in there this little golden hour shining through so checking it out with his single monitor is a 27 inch Samsung it's the 390 series it was a curved LED display got it propped up on like a monitor riser and then on the back off to the right side you could see his laptop this is an msi gs70 2 with a 17 inch with an Intel i7 6700 HQ with 16 gigs of ram and a gtx 960 5 m graphics card it's even got a little sticker on there and his own custom wallpaper extends and then checking out his peripherals we have the cooler master storm Devastator keyboard always a fan of that one to could throw back with the Eagle tech mg 0:01 Wireless Gaming Mouse on an asus x extended mousepad with a my own express pad and it speakers of the JBL t 450 bluetooth got them on each side of the monitor and like I said before it's a nice bedroom set up pretty chill overall and as the whole point of this series is you know to give you guys ideas inspirations you could see a very nice executed simple setup that is all powered off the MSI laptop his name maybe juice but he's bringing the sauce that was good now we got fartin and I can't think of anything to rhyme at with besides fart in but we're not immature here all right let's move on besides that another single monitor very simple setup he has a docked behind the display so he could just you know dock it for like the desk workstation unplug it bring him with him on the go and I got another set up right next to the window you gotta have that natural ambient lighting guys I'm telling you it's crucial so his display is a 24-inch viewsonic it's the XG 2 4 0 2 it is a 144 Hertz panel little Ironman figure up top then down to his peripherals we have the corsair strafe keyboard with cherry MX blue switches a red dragon Sentra ffice Sentra forests mouse an Xbox one controller is like a secondary peripheral no headphones or speakers to report on then for his laptop the Lenovo Legion Y 7000 it's a 15 and a half inch screen insides an Intel i7 8750 H CPU eight gigs of RAM and NVIDIA GTX 1060 internal graphics so a pretty powerful laptop when it comes down to it here just the necessities more simple nothing really unnecessary no desk lamp and there's not even any RGB lighting so got that window there that'll suffice one now we've got Ramon and he's going the opposite route of fartin because he does have those RGB lights going on and this is all matching to that you know purplish kind of theme even down to the like Eclipse wallpaper you know so checking it out he has his laptop hooked up to the monitor which is a 32 inch Samsung curved display and asked for his laptop it is an msi gs70 3 VR stealth pro it is seventeen point three inches of the core i7 6700 HQ 16 gigs of ram and also has nvidia gtx 1060 integrated graphics force peripherals he has the coarser gaming k55 RGB keyboard and is a budget option at 50 dollars the coarser m65 pro RGB with the cursive h-60 corsair headset so go in all course they're there for the peripherals then you can see in the background he also has his ps4 so laptop setup console setup alright they're at Desktop and he noted it's his budget gaming and streaming setup so he has the webcam over on the laptop and without breaking the bank I was sleep for his peripherals you know the laptop is the more expensive item here obviously since it is you know pretty powerful overall so it shows you you can have a nice little death setup it's not the biggest desk it's not the most organized but it works for him and it's gonna get the job done now we've got jokes on you and this one is a nice like an audiophile enthusiast set up again very simple and ideal so time to talk about once to get through his audio gear but also going with the single monitor setup this is a samsung 24-inch monitor and then off to the side kind of act like a secondary display you can see he has his iPad pro this one's just like propped up you know give him some extra screen real estate so his laptop isn't really seen here I said me as a doctor way or tucked away somewhere but as for his actual laptop it's also another Lenovo légion this is the Y 530 it's a 15 inch screen with an i5 8300 H in a video gtx 1050 graphics with eight gigs of ram down to his peripherals nearly ducky 1/2 tkl keyboard with cherry MX blue switches Valachi tech g 903 wireless mouse and an mm 200 extended mouse pad from corsair get into his audio gear for his headphones and sennheiser HD 5 9 8 sv with AV motive boom pro mic so you know kind of making it like a better headset the AudioQuest night-owl carbon headphones which are extremely nice in the bare dynamic armor on home powering that is his IFI stack with the the Iraq the IFI nano I galvanic 3.0 a micro I USB micro I can SC lots of stuff here I tube Gemini 3 I don't even know maybe submit this stuff and I just read it off so the laptop station with this switch the secondary screen with the iPad and all his audio gear makes for a nice sort of bedroom setup and then last but no no no not least is rich this one shapeshifter changes with the RGB lights now it's green and purple kinda like a Joker Riddler kind of theme it's always when I think of an icy green a purple together and then whap purple and ice blue change it all up I don't know why I said whap it was just what I was feeling but with the mounted ultra why the laptop docked off to the left plugged into an external graphics card so he could you know get some extra juice out of it for gaming the laptop he's using here is the Dell XPS 13 with an i7 8550 you CPU 16 gigs of ram and inside that enclosure the eraser core X is a GT X 1080 that's all hooked up to is 34 inch asus rog PG 34 8q so a pipe with our gaming monitor pair with the 1080 graphics card making for a pretty nice duo here as for the peripherals the keyboard is the hex gears x1 with chalk-white switches with the razor Mamba hyper flux wireless mouse hanley razor hyper flux mousepad kind of duo and for audio has the coarser void Pro RGB headset on the coarser ST 100 headset stand and you can go along check out some of his other keyboards nice little collection off to the side I can dig in so great stuff here from rich with the nice and wide desk lots of arm space RGB lighting all around to match the peripherals and taking advantage of an external graphics card enclosure to hook up a 1080 to the gaming display this episode room tour project sponsored by the all-new corsair iron claw wireless utilizing slipstream technology making this again one of the most efficient wireless peripherals on the market you could take advantage of its contoured shape to fit bigger hands the 18,000 dpi sensor adjustable increments of one RGB lighting and attend full of your programmable buttons so if you want to get your meaty claws on this big old chunky boy I'll put a link for you in the description down below then all right guys out of wrap it up for episode 176 of room tour project the special laptop edition hope you all enjoyed don't forget check the links down below for all the gear and hardware you saw plus the instructions to submit for room tour project as well entered for razor rescue blanked out like this episode give it a thumbs up show your support feel free to follow me on Twitter at random Frank P and last if you haven't already hit that subscribe button I hope y'all enjoyed have a good day

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  • Reply CSG_ Poolboy May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    Ok so if you connect a laptop to a monitor does it use the monitors response time, for example since my monitor is 1ms and my laptop is 7ms will it use my monitors response time

  • Reply OfficialWeeaboo May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    are we all just gonna ignore the man who has fucking toilet paper mounted on his fucking setup

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    I read that as "Meet Jesus"

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    Imagine being able to buy all of these ideas😂

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    Can we do a console edition plz

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    I want to enter but my setup is really messy because I need to move every week to each of my houses and you can probably imagine my wires especially when they are put under my desk in the center where my legs are so there is no hiding them unless I move the power ports to a different spot. And I'm stupid so Idk how to do that. Life kinda sucks…

  • Reply SMLAKE220 PLAYS May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    Weird commentary but ok

  • Reply Zavier Manalo May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    Partnered with Razer. Sponsored by Corsair

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    I don't usually give a video a thumbs up but this video deserve it 👍

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    That toilet paper roll mounted to the side of Jokes on You's setup gives it all away. He certainly does enjoy immersive audio for his consumption of adult media content.

  • Reply Koome May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    Why would you want increments of 1DPI when we all use 400, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 DPI? Pure Marketing.

  • Reply Clxut Gang May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    I am a pc person, but I do appreciate laptops as well.

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    Seems a bit like a budget setup edition…

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    Could you review the MH751 by coolermaster

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    I tough the first wallpaper from the first setup says meet jezus 😂

  • Reply AFallingTree May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    Is there a way to somehow turn the laptop on with one of those external power buttons that RandomFrankP showed off in one of his under $50 vids?

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    After laptops set up, next we gonna compete on iPad and tablets set ups 😁.

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    lmfao! "I don't know why I said whop"…What about you saying, Puurpuural and Ice Blue…lol…

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    I don’t have a setup.

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    @randomfrankp I would enter Razer rescue but I don't have a setup all I got is a Xbox on a dresser

  • Reply MccPlayzMC May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    I dislike laptop setups but… that’s just me

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    What’s Rich’s desk??? Can anyone help me

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    Does nobody use a dual monitor setup with a laptop?

  • Reply Daymean Lewis May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    @randomfrankp when will you do another laptop setup I would've totally submitted mine

  • Reply skidoodle 01 May 21, 2019 at 4:44 am

    Could a Xbox setup work on the giveaway or do I have to have a pc I have one but it’s broke ?

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    Do ugly setups

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    YAY!, I requested a Laptop edition :D.

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    Loving 🥰 the laptop set ups.

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