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Review of cheap LED T10 bulbs on Protege5

December 3, 2019

This video is for information purposes only. I’m not responsible if you injure yourself or others. I’m not responsible if you damage your vehicle or any other vehicle or property or anything else. I recommend that you refer your vehicle to a professional license repair shop if needed. Thank you from JJdaCool. To remove these lights for the license plate what you need to do is push in and they should just pop right out careful not to break anything There’s one. and there’s two. then you’ll probably need a pair of needle-nose pliers to further remove the light that’s two. now i’m gonna try replacing these bolts with leds and see how they work out. The first set of leds that i”m going to try are these ones with the large LED and no dome want to rotate it until you hear that click but not so hard that you break the plastic. Ok, we’ll see how those look. oh, ok sometimes with these LEDs you have to flip the bulb over for it to be in the correct path of electricity. Im not going to put them in all the way at the moment. I want to see how they look. alright so next I’ll be trying these other style of leds, it has one LED in the center its a smaller led. (and again its upside down) that one is a lot brighter and a little bit more white but that might be too bright though for license plate lights. so, put the arrow in first. you can see little bit of the difference between the two lights, the light on the right is a little bit more blue and looks like it’s spread out a little bit more the light on the left is a little bit more white and it is more focused okay so here’s how it looks on a bright white highly reflective surface and bright white matte reflective surface all right to remove the rear tail light assembly you have to pop these little covers off and then with a 10 millimeter socket you go in and loosen the nuts. Careful not to loose your socket down in the sheet metal. after you remove the three retaining nuts then the whole assembly should just pop right out ok so with the LED and the left side and the regular incandescent bulb in the right side it doesn’t really appear that the leds that much brighter well the overall output from both the LED and the incandescent lights are about the same but i’d have to say that the incandescent is a little bit more white and has a little bit better spread of output whereas the LED light is a little bit more focused and is a little bit more of a blue light, but it’s still not quite bright enough to work as a reverse light overall I’d say the LED is a fail. usability as a reverse light i give it a two out of 10 this far cost probably eight out of ten under ten dollars. Just not bright enough for a reverse light that’s about the same output as the regular incandescent. To put the light back in it’s the reverse of the removal procedure, line up the little tabs should go right back in. Then you will want to snug the bolts down. put the plastic covers back on. and you’re done. Peace yo, From JJdaCool.

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  • Reply Thatonecar1 March 18, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    I’d suggest putting an O-ring on tail light studs

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