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Reptil TV – Folge 98 – Verona Reptiles Börse Italien 2016

September 8, 2019

Hello, Reptile TV community and welcome to a new episode. It is now Saturday morning. In the background my car packed to the brim. We are on our way to la bella Italia, to Verona Reptiles. This is the first time that I’ve been to this trade fair. It is the largest reptile trade fair in Italy. As I said the first time, we’re trying it out on a small scale. The car is absolutely full, but luckily it has a large tailgate. In this case we’re not taking a van as we do when we go to Hamm. We are taking a small selection – a few animals and some accessories. We want to have a look at the trade fair and you can come with us. Have fun and ciao Italia. Here’s a quick look at what is needed. In there are my high-heeled boots, which I take to every trade fair. They make you look taller behind the table. That is a tip worth taking, for insiders. Everything has been packed into the car. And here is my camera kid, Stella. And off we go! No matter how lovely the route, there is a traffic jam on the next stretch. We have to leave our beautiful Southern Germany and drive straight though the Alps to reach Italy. We are now in Austria heading towards Innsbruck. On one hand, a tedious stretch, where you can only do 130. In places there is a lot of traffic. On the other hand, there is a super panoramic view straight through the Alps. Really lovely scenery. We have arrived! Incredible but true! This is where it all happens and first of all, check-in. It has been really well organised here. I’ll take you on a quick tour. Here we have flamingos – incredible, but that’s the Italians for you! Over there is the event organiser. You know the Italians; they do everything a bit better, more spectacularly. They really know how to make things go with a swing. This is the event organiser, Francesco. Stefan: Nice to meet you. Robby: Hello Stefan, welcome to Italy. Perhaps you remember. Stefan: How many years since we met in Daytona? Perhaps you remember that we met these two in Daytona 3-4 years ago? Stefan: And you said free spaghetti all three days, right ? Robby: So we will have a dinner for us tonight. Last time we met, we had great fun and said that when we come here there would be free spaghetti every day. Here we are. 🙂 We have had a bit of a laugh, for the manager is showing where our table number is and we said, “Frank from Hamm, Frank Izaber Terraristika.” He’s still doing it; he takes each person personally to the table, that’s quite a job. This leads into the second hall. Earlier we saw the entrance hall and this is the big exhibition hall proper. Gosh, I am impressed! This really is a big event. There’s Robby, waving to us. Yes, this is a really big section. And it extends even further back over there. I thought this would be a cosy little Italian market. This part is really huge. Good morning, it is now Sunday morning. It is shortly before nine and the trade fair is about to open its doors. Like all trade fairs, a crowd of people have already come in before the official start. I am really excited; there are really interesting exhibitors here. I think this is really cool. Later I will take you round and show you what there is. Now I am making a tour of the exhibition. Let’s see what we can find. First of all, a brief glimpse of our own lovely stand. Unfortunately, too many people just here. It is incredible what you can pack into a car, if you really want to. The fair is already really packed with visitors, there’s no lack of people. It’ absolutely full, there are even a few families here, who are just looking, but there are also lots of terrarium owners. I am pleasantly surprised. Here we have the garter snake breeder. He has a good selection of garter snakes, not bad. Interesting. I had not heard of Thamnophis proximus. Incredible. Thamnophis eques virgatenuis. I am not really a fan of garter snakes, but here you have everything to do with garter snakes. He is so pleased with his garter snakes, that he is taking photos of them. All in all, you see a large number of tortoises at the trade fair. Marginata Sardinia. Here, of course, they have the perfect husbandry conditions. All testudos are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Now, you can wonder whether they are so smooth, because these animals can be kept in perfect conditions here, because of the climate. Let’s just assume that this is correct, but I do think that they are not as smooth as those in their natural habitat. This is an indication that they were born in captivity. Here you can see crowds of people. Let’s see what there is to see here. Any amount of lovely big chameleons. Various Piebald calyptratus Various Panther chameleons That has been well done, I must say. Here the Rhacodactylus corner is just as well set up. I also want to show you this selection of Cilliatus. These are made from snakeskin. That is to say, from the sloughed skin the animals shed during moulting. So, no snake had to die to produce these. All you need is the sloughs, like the one she is showing us. You just collect the moulted sloughs and turn them into pretty jackets. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is that no snake has had to die. In the truest sense of the word, the snakes have lost their shirts to it, but not their skins or their lives. I think that is a really good idea. Now we’re leaving the hall. The Italians are giving la dolce vita their full attention. And they are right. Despite the overcast sky, the temperature is a pleasant 22-23 degrees. Outside here everyone is eating, drinking and having fun. The laid-back atmosphere is typical for a trade fair like this one. Pleasant atmosphere, the people and the organisers are extremely friendly. Here is the DJ table, where the mixing is done. And here are the Italian nibbles. Now I’ll take you back again into the large hall. Here is He has simply inverted our initials. I may be repeating myself, but the Italians always have some style and taste. Of course, not always and you can see that everywhere, but you can see many stands, which are really well done. Here is Testudo Marginata with its range. Really lovely black Marginatas. Of course, any amount of accessories. Here we have lovely roots, from the tea tree, I think. “Grilli Gratis per Reptili”, so if you buy a reptile you get the cage free. Not a bad idea. Lovely pogonas here. What have we got here … maize … coloured maize or what? Cultivated maize in bright colours. You can buy it as seeds. Interesting, you can buy seed stores here. I think you can get quite a good impression of the size from here. Of course, this is nothing like the size of the fair in Hamm, but this trade fair is definitely not small. It has to be said, it is large and well organised. I think that this sets a real trend in southern Europe. Here we have a couple of lovely condros. About the same price as we would pay at home, I’d say. €320 for one condro. Those are normal German prices. Black reptiles originally from Hungary, but there are also many in Italy. Herpitalia, any amount of boxes and stuff such as soil substrate. Judging from the T-shirts this is the trade fair organiser. Here we have an old acquaintance, Dottore Johnny Lucero. He’s been breeding reptiles for ever. He must have been in business for 20 years now. Here is the Polaschek company from Vienna. Mr. Polaschek senior must have been in business for 30 years now. This is his son, Martin I would even say that the Polaschek family is a terrarium dynasty. Martin: More than 30 years now. Stefan: It must be. Lovely Regius. People like being filmed. Here we are, outside once more. The air is a definite improvement. The only problem here is … look at the beer stand! Here we have good, Italian draught beer and that, unfortunately, is the queue. The only fly in the ointment. I must see, if I can find a back door, so that I can buy a beer, before I return to our stand. Oh, I take it all back. Here is the via della Birra. And the queue is bearable. I can sacrifice 5 minutes to it. One more quick look around the entrance hall. Here is the T-shirt merchandising, from baby sizes to large. Bandana, maglia, bimbo. There are T-shirts here for all sizes. There are the flamingos we saw yesterday. Yesterday we saw that the whole affair has been organised tastefully, with entertainment in mind. Here we have large sulcatas, €95 – €1200 for the females. Once more the large Marginatas Sulcata elegance And to return quickly to my stand. I hope Stella has sold out of everything. Ah, there is something I must show you. Look at this little fellow. A ferret on a lead, that is almost Japanese standard, having a ferret on a lead. OK, now let’s see whether I’ll get the rest of my snakes sold. I’ll now send off my camera kid, Stella. She is going to film what there is in the rodent room. As an allergy sufferer, I send Stella. I will now show you the best bit of the trade fair. That is our mates, customers and reptile acquaintances, who bring us a bottle of wine. That is the real highlight of the trade fair. We have not sold a lot, but here is a bottle of wine and everything is OK. The fair is coming to an end. Here they are taking the final photo of the whole team. Italians, it’s as if they had just won the World Cup. The flamingos Stefan: I say it’s like you won the World Championship in soccer today. Francesco: Yes, yes, yes. He and Fillipo are the event organisers. Robby as well; he is the little boss. So the three of them – Robby, Fillipo and Francesco. They are the bosses. Stefan: For you how was the show ? It was good; we are very happy. Stefan: Thank you and see you next time. Thank you Stefan. Ciao. The fair is reaching its end; my camera kid, Stella is filming the hares and rabbits. We are almost through. We will soon be packing up together. Here we have a couple of children, who want to hold a snake. I don’t think it is usually allowed at trade fairs, but the girl really wanted to hold a snake. It has been lovely here in Italy. We have met nice people on our first visit to Italy. It is certainly worth making the journey. Not a gigantic, international trade fair like Hamm, but really cosy and relaxed. So stay loyal and check out my films and check out Italy. Till next time!

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