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RAGE 2 : Playthrough – Gameplay Part 11 (PS4)

October 9, 2019

So yeah let’s how FAR I CAN ACTUALLY FALL! I’m good
I’m good I’m good [Hitting ground] What – [Laughing while frustrated]Oh my god! I’m already struggling man, this
is this is already too early for this to be happening right now. Okay how far am !? That’s not far but – okay, no more messing around. I’m going to do it for
real this time. Take a piss on it while you’re at it. [Peeing] Ohh
that feels nice. Ohhh yeah. Yeah I pissed myself! You didn’t see it on the frickin ground. Walker: Damn Crusher Nest! IAN: Damn crusher nests is right. But first we find the damn storage
containers and the.. Damn… Ark Chest! Authority Sentry: UNAUTHORIZED INTRUDER DETECTED! IAN: KILL THEM! Of course you don’t kill them! Authority Sentry: READY DEFENSIVE MEASURES! Ah whatever! IANISIN here! And welcome back
to Rage 2! Now we left off were we did this mission for Kvasir, took out this
gigantic monstrosity Cyber Crusher, I think that’s what it was called but it
was a Mutant Authority Giant. And we took care of the mini mutants. And that’s it
and he wants me to go back to him, talk to him, and blah blah blah blah blah he
wants me to do all this missions for him, I gotta go freaking travel there, and oh
my god is such a pain getting all the way over there! It really is man! I mean y’all
don’t see all this trouble I go through but still it just takes so long! But
anyway yeah we’re back. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and do this Authority Sentry,
because it’s an enemy difficulty of 10. Just look at it. I mean it’s right
there. Authority Sentry: YOUR ENTERING A PROJECTED AREA! LEAVE! AND NO HARM WILL BE DONE TO YOU! Yeah I don’t that happening! Look at it! There’s hardly any cover except for probably way over there. Authority Sentry: THIS AREA IS RESTRICTED TO AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY! Now get ready to
jump down. But I want to show you this little perk I got from Kvasir.
Hopefully it’s not a freaking tease. Hopefully it’s it’s actually you know – I really hope I didn’t waste my time
getting spending project points and purchasing this type of perk. Look! [Be
able to fall in from higher heights without taking damage. Any fall damage to
taken is reduced] Okay let’s prove it. Authority Sentry: THIS AREA IS RESTRICTED – IAN: Let’s test it. TO AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL – IAN: [Panicking while falling down cliff]ONLY! [Hitting ground] WHAT THE FRICK! IT DIDN’T DO – WHAT! It was supposed to – my damage was
supposed to be reduced! Ah SCREW OFF! Now I gotta go all the way
back over there! uh God damnit! So yeah let’s see HOW FAR I CAN ACTUALLY FALL! I’m good
I’M GOOD I’M GOOD! [Hitting ground] What – [Laughing while frustrated] Oh my god! I’m already struggling man! This
is – this is already too early for this to be happening right now. Okay how far am I? That’s not far but – Okay no I’m more messing around. I’m gonna do it for real
this time. Look at this guy! Look at him! [Headshot]
Freakin dumbass. they’re trying to ambush me or something? Good camouflage on you buddy. You’re freaking fire vehicle like, or not a
vehicle – supplies like pallets give yourself away! Girl on Speaker: THIS TIME IT’S THE SEASON! I’m tired of hearing that
every time. I guess so tired of hearing that freaking bitch talk on the frickin
Walker: Another Authority Sentry! Megaphone. Oh this is level ten there’s hardly any cover
around here. And I can’t swim in the water. Most of the time it’s not even deep enough. Let’s do it! let’s see how bad that’s actually I’ll
see how hard this actually is whoa if I’m gonna start shooting out all these
crazy projectiles at me come on oh my god yeah it’s doing it
okay come you butt down I still have it to feel operations so yeah even if I die I’ll still be okay okay okay ha take
damage from that for some weird reason that knows where I’m at God how much
freakin damage that takeaway that’s some of it just going crazy on me look at it
not just one person man you’re trying to take me down like I’m
general cross or something I can see why this is level 10 I’m get ready to know I
have a heart after this dude calm your butt down I came to get a kill I came to
get a hit on you yeah look at my stuff that takes away jump okay I can easily avoid death take
it out one more layer to go I can do this I hope so I sure as hell hope so I’m good I’m good I’m good I thought it
was a goner there okay I’m still good feel good jump jump jump
shit okay I still have the de Phil abrasion that should be good
whatever the hell it is I still can’t pronounce the name I don’t have any arm it gives you a bit of a hug
well screw you that’s why I think of that freaking oh my god that’s what they
say about beginner’s luck that’s a real saying oh Jesus
that was terrible hurry up I’m about to kill it oh you think you think you did
I’m good I’m good I’m good I’m good I’m good
yeah eat shit I should have got a lot of freaking XP
from that whoa bus laughter not die from a shrapnel take a piss on it while
you’re at it oh that feels nice oh yeah yeah I pissed myself you didn’t
see it on the freaking ground Sean a narc Chuck that pot indeed
strongbox it looks like a freaking place I’ve been Lily I’m eyeballing one
sketchy-looking place I can tell Bob storage containers okay let’s do this
the goons okay they’re not too bad as long as that’s not the freaky shrouded
those guys are a pain in the ass they take so much damage and they have a
frickin Samara like enemy that deflects all my bullets like get real is that
even real hell no unless you’re like freaking hitman Gus the guy’s a freaking
ghost now I have a pert hang on second let me kill these guys hang on hang on hang on
you know let me just go and show you come on hurry up it tastes so long it’s
just to get over here cuz it stutters a little bit okay now there’s a perk I got
from cavae sir and you see this ash wrecker picks up the signal from stores
containers so you see that little uh like a little sound bar or like when you
have like a Windows or Mac you have like a little uh like bars it’s kinda like on
a droid phone like the signal how much signal you have and what’s the how the
Wi-Fi is in certain areas that’s pretty much what it is if I see it I’ll let you
know okay look you see that right there it’s like a signal it shows you how far
the items are it doesn’t on the undated pads well you have to get the perks the
data pads the storage containers the art chips and even some of the drones that
are like stuck to the wall and yet they just want me to shoot them so yeah
that’s a that’s the part so it should be too bad you see look you see it lighten
it up so it’s already tell me where African chest is and look our chests so this perk is awesome well to spend
all my time and effort just you know searching for it okay my uh-oh I hear a
drone yeah cuz every time I heard that from spy drone that they must be spying
on me but if I hear that that means it’s one of those nearby cuz I was wondering
why my signal was still of yellow or flashing get all the assault rifle ammo
because I pretty much spend almost all of it on that damn authority century
turn valve okay I just suddenly stumbled upon it wonder where this arcs gonna be
really not here fire like in the mid city of the
freaking city or village town I can’t really tell between them once bigger
than the other if the are chest I think back here in
this alley probably but I don’t know just these enemies are getting me a
little strechted I’m looking at it I’m looking at it there it is see
lifesaver you have to spend all that effort and Tom just looking for it you
know what let’s just a little bit of firestorm haven’t been using this gun a
little bit even if I haven’t been recording even though I haven’t been
recording I still haven’t been using it that much and you know I just feel like
it’s kind of been left out ever since just look at it they’re getting burned
along I don’t know I I don’t even know how I hit that back I was like I was
like ten feet away from it catch on fire and burn in hell you two burning it
are you serious yeah that’s realistic burn inhale close your legs while you’re
at it my god the hell did I do to her and pull with assault rifle ammo I’m
looking at my signal I’m looking at it nothing in there
nope nothing hang on a second I might go back there and see what’s up it for the
art summer replicate the ops right there I might go back to that little uh trench
or tunnel and see what’s back there I probably get ready to do that give me
one second let’s just do the art first while we’re here cuz I don’t want just alright a strange computer lady you kind
of starved me a little bit hey we’re all good we’re all friends here for now just don’t whatever you do don’t
freaking rush me and don’t say goodbye like a sassy computer bitch you would
probably be to me there’s no way Alexa sassy nobody I’ve
had a bunch of girlfriends in my life and yet they’re always like that I’m
still the president hell yeah forget forget you-know-who and look
smart smart rocket launcher I can’t wait to use this baby mmm six freakin history
of guns I’ve trod me now I can’t aim with it well I guess that kind of makes
sense how’s this smart if it was smart I’d be able to guide it but it’s
acceptable okay there we go that’s what I’m talking about
but how do I do that though hold l2 and that’s how it’s doing this whole Tom look at that sucker okay
yep it’s just like the authority century cannot wait what’s the over job like oh
my god like I swore my buns fireflies only my mo will increase hopefully my
own my mo will go back to the way it was cuz sometimes in training it doesn’t
replenish yeah okay strong box art okay good baser give me all your credit so
that’s the famous for it health infusions what’s this overdrive
infusion that’s something new alright enemies come at me use it on
this big mother hunker but he don’t even know what to do
my fat none of them know what to do especially you cuz you’re in for
freaking you’re in for a hailstorm Oh who’s the OIC freakin armor guy looks
like a new enemy for a second come out can’t hide from me all that missiles are wisk on that one
gun but it’s alright just be glad you have it come on
yeah you can’t do nothing now can ya whoa I’m a psychopath I love it
century of 40 centuries yep they have no trouble with that anymore unless unless
it’s immune to it or something because if it is then like what the hell but
hopefully it won’t cause I think negative thoughts sometimes you got to
think of the positive we use the of sort of rough for a little
bit because not all good shits back are you wet to get out of here but it now there’s
more okay go back to that pit stop pit stop why don’t I keep I keep forgetting
the names of some of these things underground tunnel unless they didn’t
see what up over hey thanks still think I’m using it got and hit the freaking
wall yeah swarm on I put two enemies not just one enemy out of Tom do them all at
the same time I really am a psycho hey I love being
crazy crazy it’s completely normal unless you know how to control it if you
don’t know how to control psycho you’ve got to stay psycho no matter how long
the psycho you stay psycho ah hey and you are ugly boy who hit me take
this try and block that way no no not HR vehicle I need to find the rest of stuff
reload I kick I’m probably not gonna be finding that much animal for this um for
this weapon because so far the only people I’ve been seeing use the rocket
launchers those big um those tiny helmet um chicks the syrtis chicks with the
little tiny helmets it’s somewhere over here yeah I should’ve came here the
whole time I think this is the last one right no it’s not I’m missing a datapad
and a a storage container here’s one cuz the signal is kind of hard to tell where
it’s actually you know indicating because you could be below and it’s not
there but you got to go up or even lower to find the location you see my signal
you don’t know where it could be it could be up it could be on top of you or
could be below you you never know mutant love child huh look inserted what
that is we could probably go ahead and do these to kill sac head and eliminate
the drop dead Canyon cliffhanger what I thought I completed that ah whatever but
after I get these two done I’m probably gonna do lose some submission and then
maybe if I have Tom I’ll try and do double cross for it cavae sir so let’s
go ahead and start them up all worth to drop dead canyon look at this but that’s
a ceramic mug they’re probably thinking uh okay guys what we’re gonna put in the
game for them to collect let’s put a ceramic mug in there so yeah they’ll
probably remember us in the future and later on in breaks three or any type of
game they play like shadow Tomb Raider any Tomb Raider that game they play
they’ll think of us but there’s I love you guys y’all make
some good jokes and I love you so much that’s why I like games like that they
had they put inspirations of their company in the game that you know it
kind of says to the player wow thanks they’re really shown a little bit of
creativity in this game and hey I like it
creativity is more activity well this looks like a big area oh I’m ready
smart smart rocket launchers always ready it’s ready to take out big just
light her and take out other rocket launchers like you yeah you can’t run
from a rocket launcher if that thing fires you’re screwed like
there’s no other way to say it you’re just your flight out done hell they
might all work already right away cuz like Suze they heard that one gunshot or
one fire from the smart rocket launcher they were all running off pissing
themselves and probably hiding in a bush somewhere
oh it just continues it just keeps on continuing look at this guy he seriously
did not hear that all that gunfire he just sits taking a piss
that’s what you get for being stupid I don’t know why’d you let that a little
bit fun with it on mannequins all right show me all the stores containers are
chests and data whatever they’re all bust up on each other
don’t ever do that this when you’re in war because the enemies are most likely
to go for you because more enemies to kill means more victory and more
satisfaction a man whose skull is all the way over there I like it it makes
more excitement to the UM to the death because you know it’s called a canyon
drop dead canyon is that it usually if you hear that music that’s fine means
this you know no more wait never mind they tricked me yeah if some guy over
there has a come on aim it aim it fire at him he was expecting net
neither will you I’m just taking out every single person
every time I walk onto someone it pretty much like every time they get near them
it affects them to see affected that one guy I don’t know if it killed him though
but let’s just say it did every time you see the skull that means you killed them
but you probably already knew that by now anymore come on I’m ready I was gonna say that’s it but there’s
like a big Canyon just waiting for my freaking up my
coming come on I haven’t found any storage containers or any of the arch s
treacherous felt pressure has helped out one of the goose I’m just looking at my
little uh radar thing just trust me this is a big big critical thing I probably
need cuz I don’t want to you know go ahead and walk around or run around and
you know not find jack shit oh that’s a little view all you need to add is a
bunch of rivers and oceans and yeah that make it look even better come on out
where are you bad guys look at him it’s like you think we’re
gonna see any action today it’s like oh no oh wait yeah I fell down hey that’s armor whoa take it easy there snow for the feet oh this big mother come on welcome to them you take out all
those enemies there’s a cup African pack of them down through that big chunk of flesh
that’s disgusting isn’t it look at that organs and blood guts
spitting asses everywhere boo episode each other I like that hmm they just
wait till I got the end and hey I liked it okay so next up on the list
is the pain drain kill sec head so what’s it gonna have like a big bag on
his head I’m just saying I’m not really sure but that’s part where it’s gonna be
for my god damn crusher nest damn crusher Ness is right but first we find
the damn storage containers and that damn arcgis OOP alright let’s enter
oh shit is that freaking water of God it is just piss water no this is freaking
ass water I won’t even know what that stuff smells
like especially that big polyp hmm what are the hell that shit is I know I could use the smart walking rocks
along then but the neat dis aren’t really like you know good enemies that
you’d be using the mall because you know they charge at you you pretty much gonna
end up blowing yourself up because you know then come running at you yeah
and let’s do like a far away distance and they’re on the way or you so yes
probably the best you know thing to do when you cite these guys okay that is
disgusting hopefully we won’t we see in that in a
mm the 2065 anymore feels right not to like I said I’m still looking at that
little radar oh god it’s disgusting down here if
you’re thirsty now’s not the time there and I hate several pass to nothing
alright that’s good I felt like it’s just leading me towards second my friend
is what it is but hopefully I won’t have to drop down and you know find him on my
own what’s this
a box of individually half-eaten cookies where did they get some of these ideas
from I don’t even diluted benefit on hexa didn’t I don’t even know what the
hell that is I don’t even think I even said that right Oh God
that’s probably him he’s just calling my name right now he’s whispering my name no storage containers all right that’s
fun it’s popping me it spawned by you making sure I can twist some of these
doors what’s I can’t get rid of that string that’s disgusting
birthday god okay let’s see what we have here
Nikolas reign posters but that’s another the festive serum it ceramic mug can’t
pick it up though because I’m maxed out and smelly soap which is called a new
car so that’s must a small horn horse that’s
right what to use the soap on a smelly car Oh God sawing the corner Maya and it’s still
scared me there’s one once storage and one argh oh Jesus
stop with the fricken stop with the just dropping in my pet where did you even
come from is he up here whoa look at this
a bad test was probably happening right now look at this what are they doing I
don’t know but I’m shooting in the ass yeah that didn’t have to feel good hey
miss Ethan it’s so bright dude I shoot that nobody wants to see
that what is that let some got wrapped up in grass like
body bags is this not spit III probably won’t even
know they’re some of the spores that just turned moldy dr. dam net my vision I feel it about to
say it’s like few of us as I drop down that whole sack it’s gonna be there and
I’m already ready for him I don’t know what you just said but hey I’m just
gonna say that’s not a good son that noise
it sound like a freaking wave coming by can’t go there I can’t see him you just
i was gut feeling cuz if I would drop somewhere I didn’t know where I was
going then I was gonna be stuck yeah okay I can’t through and soon as I drop
down here he’s gonna be there he’s gonna come out of there isn’t he go ahead cuz
I’m ready cuz shoot the case maybe maybe I got a jump or something oh
I knew it he does have a sec on his head fire and still somewhat bit of damage I can’t move damn it okay you need to
calm down with the freaking throwing shit this ain’t the freakin fit foot you
sure it’s now don’t look like a Bigfoot there’s hardly any space hey thanks dude
great person loves dude what’s the point do it just low did I kill him get rid of
spawn right now my god I got stuck on the cage and the god took
so long to frickin reload somebody he’s throwing the abilities in your fear with
my um reloading abilities I don’t want this shitty combat shotgun yeah your second you’re a scary
mother-fricker no point even walking on to it this is gonna take up too much
time let’s look at it okay look at all the damage I’m already doing to him that
killed no not yet you’re dead bye-bye second you sack of shit cuz stuff inside of him umbrella I’ve
written bit of a barbed pole who people must have fun killing you every load now
let’s get out of here let’s go this place is creeping me out my right
every aspect of this game creeps me out I don’t care what it is
where’s the our chests and the stores container I think that’s it
yep location completed hey let’s go let’s get out of here but how y’all doing I’m fun thank you okay let’s go let’s
get out here ah fresh air okay now the last thing we’re gonna do yeah I did say
we were gonna do convey sir – but I just feel like a loose some probably needs a
little bit more time to see because look at her freaking level karma level level
done yes Phyllis she needs a little bit more recognition than me captain
Marshall and convey sir so let’s go check her out so what do you
got for me hey gar the felt right fission cores have been stripped from
all the old machines Clegg must have used them to power his idiotic tower we
need another power supply if we want that tank to run you mentioned some good
news yeah the gizmo you planted worked like a charm
pull listen to this straight out the Clayton’s computer endless support yet you have not
delivered on your end I am beginning to think that clay Clayton is not the
powerhouse of a man he claims to be I shall give you one last chance to
explain consider yourself summoned go to the
Goliath plant there you will receive further instructions voice conceded
goddamn zombie relish I’d know it anywhere
did we get the coordinates I’ll follow the coordinates and see what I can dig
up good luck Walker I think I might
accidentally skip the dialogue I’ve been meaning to ask you are you familiar with
nano tried powers I got a few tricks up my sleeve I figured as much and I
figured you’d like some more I happened to swoop up this message from a merc
working for Clegg Clayton name of chrome I hit the jackpot so hold on crack guard
just sitting here asshole shrouded got the jump on us killed half my team
you’re gonna double my comp or I’ll bring this info to someone with deeper
pockets all right that’s the Merc first and I
persuaded him to give me the location of the Ark you should go check it out
thanks for the info by the way what happened to Kron he’ll live
he’s on his way to overgrown City might be gone a long while might never come
back okay that’s good to hear all right so where’s the Twin Tower ah
shit I hope freaking there no it was cloaked Clayton behind assassination to
them may your hair God but he’s also backed by the authority to across
himself hey girl spending two on their secret meeting place deep in the jungle
I was a father to them oh my god that’s me much the same mission I got from the
last time but I don’t know but I’m gonna stop right here
yeah I I know it just it feels like I just do so much in one episode y’all
just don’t notice it but I really do but I’m sorry if some of these episodes you
know aren’t really getting that far but you guys trust me a lot is happening
that’s it I hope you enjoyed leave a like and let me know what you thought
and I’ll see y’all the next video for we’ll probably go back to convey sir
definitely and maybe we’ll go up to here and see beneath the surface so I’ll see
y’all all when I get to him eNOS out

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