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October 12, 2019

Hi it’s Leo from the TechMaker chain
and today I will reveal to you a secret: console game disks are
totally inoperative when put in a CD DVD or Bluray drive connected to
a computer … Yes I know, that makes a shock, but before you break down in tears,
I will try to explain to you why the bluray of a PS4 game is unreadable by
a corresponding player while no matter which other Bluray would not have a problem
! And also we will see on a larger scale why can not we play these games
there on PC. Already, we’ll see how these works
records there, and in this video I’m going not really make distinctions between CDs,
DVD and Bluray because even though it’s not exactly the same things, there are many
similarities that will help us understand what’s going on, so we’re going to talk mostly
optical discs! And no I’m not going talk about Nintendo Switch cartridges,
because, BIZARREMENT, it does not fit in the reader of disk, yet I tried! Every
once it goes through, incomprehensible …. In short, when you put a record of this
kind of in a reader like this who can theoretically read it, even if the one that
I hold in the hands is very very old and do not necessarily have to read blues but
open your chakras and act as if it’s the case, well the disc will be recognized
by the computer at its insertion. The disc will start spinning in
the reader and information lying above will be treated! And where is it
that there is information on it tell me? Well just where
your parents told you never to put the fingers pardi, this reflective surface
! Well actually the data is not registered
directly on the surface but on a layer metal protected by plastic. But that does not prevent that if you scratch or mess
the surface, the data will no longer be readable ! It will then be necessary to clean the disc, even
just polish it if the stripes are too pronounced! This famous metallized surface goes so
have data written in the language maternal computer: the binary. Okay so it’s not zeros and some
which will be directly engraved, even if it would be funny enough it would not be
really effective, only in movies we see that! It is therefore with hollow
lying on that face that data are inscribed, or “engraved” as one
said in the middle. The reader will determine the data
finding on this disk thanks to a laser who will be reflected or not if the latter
goes on a crack or not, and so can retranscribe this data to the user
on his computer. With the evolution of this process, he has
been possible to make these hollows more in smaller ones while keeping them readable
by the reader by making him evolve because the reading technology is changing, and so
by extension to expand the capacity of these optical discs that at the time of the CD was
from less than one Giga Byte to bluray contain more than fifty with
the double layer! If you wish to have information about the exact process of
reading these discs, I invite you to go see the video of Into The Ordinary
on the subject that explains all this so very fast and simple. In short, there is way to talk for a long time
of these small disks filled with data, but that’s not necessarily the goal of the video
and I may possibly fall asleep if I only talk about that so I prefer
you roughly summarize their operation, so let’s go back to our original question
: what is the difference between this bluray classic and that of a PS4 game? well
not much in fact, but it’s rather the system itself that will block! Well
yes it would be too simple to be able to just put the bluray of Red Dead Redemption
2 in his bike to play and so totally override the exclusivity because without this
security it would be enough to put the game of cowboys in there and PAF, to you the game
in ULTRA with Ray Tracing in all meaning thanks to your quad sli of RTX 2080
TI! Yet, if you do that … well you will be disappointed that there is no
will have nothing to notice, and even more in my case since the reader that I hold does not
not bed bluray but is not plugged absolutely nothing that does not help the process
! Uh .. wait, how am I doing to re-open that me? Good I would see later, thankfully
that there are two discs in the box .. So this bluray is going to have readable files
by the console itself but not by something else, and once that digital frisbee
will be placed in the console, well the magic will operate and the game files will be played
! Although good, nowadays, CD’s do not just serve to give permission
to launch the game as it is almost totally installed on the machine as seen
gargantuan storage requested; we are about 100GB for the game I’m holding
in my hand, it’s not for nothing there is one just for installation
! And again, it’s not counting on the bets ever larger ones that are
downloaded and installed on disk hard of the console … Besides, we could be disappointed
to say that these records there are nothing special apart from what’s on it but ultimately
it’s quite logical, since if it were not that they posed a problem, it would suffice
to find the dematerialized version of a game and hop we solve the problem! Because at
final, it’s not magic data huh, it works the same way as
the other optical discs seen above, with these famous hollows, but what comes out
is not understandable by a system operating lambda, but only by
that of the console! It’s as if you try to read a document in Chinese, if
the operating system, ie your brain, do not understand, well, he understands
not. Well, it’s all the same. It is necessary that the data that passes on
the disc is readable certainly, but especially translatable for the reader to give the
adequate information to the machine to which he has pledged allegiance, whether it be your
computer or your console. Here, it’s not even that we can not read
files, it’s downright impossible not see them. Just because Windows does not know
the file system used by the PS4. You would have the same problem if you try
to use the hard drive of a PS4. Unless you format it with a system of
files usable by Windows like NTFS for example, you will not be able to do anything about it. But that’s not exclusive to consoles,
try to play a disc used for a Linux system and you will have the same problem
! Then we have another problem. Even if we managed to recover the files
of the game, what could we do with ? Easy, we run “RedDeadRedemption2.exe”
here we go ! Or not … we would all like that too
simple, but it’s unfortunately not like it works! An .exe is for Windows,
and the PS4 has its own file formats, and we can not read them so easily …
and even less execute them. That’s where the emulators come in,
but we’re not going to get into that today if we can not be there tomorrow,
but tell me in the comments if that would interest you as a subject for a future
video ! But then, this clean operating system
to the PS4 or the console that we seek to copy, we could get it back to
side of our good windows and do a dualboot and so have this famous interpreter? well
in theory yes but in practice not at all … Already because the system
is not distributed at all and is kept in the safes of these very companies
preciously because we are talking about owners but especially that even though
you got to have that famous sesame, well you would need IDENTICAL hardware
to that of a PS4, because as soon as the latter will realize that it is not installed
where it should be, it goes quickly give up the mission. And do not expect to make a machine
with the same processor and the same card graph, it goes much further than that
with very very specific parts, that you will not find in the trade. And besides all that that explains why
on a console you can not choose the graphic quality of your game, or so
at the most you leave the choice between the fluidity or graphics but no more,
simply because the game knows it will turn on a very specific system, with just one
possible difference between classic PS4 and PS4 Pro but which will be predefined in advance
! This is also thanks to that it is much easier to develop
a game on consoles in any case at the level performance, certainly they will be more
weak than the majority of pc but the game can take advantage of the fact that all the systems
are identical to fit perfectly to these, and not to be games
with systems to facilitate management performance by the user as
the developers themselves do not know actually if this or that feature
will be effective in this or that Setup! These famous systems will therefore be the
only elected to let these games go since they will be the only ones to understand them. And unfortunately, there is not really
way around that … and it’s like that for all the consoles, even if the
security solution is obviously not necessarily the same each time; the
technologies were of course not the same at the time of the Wii or again
of the first PlayStation as you go to see that sometimes it was a little
more permissive. Besides, it’s true that a lot of people
could talk to me about emulation around of that and why it does not exist then
for those recent consoles there but hmmm, it’s not exactly the same thing, but
as I told you earlier, we will talk about it next time, okay
? Anyway you have no choice! On the other hand, some specific console disks
let out some data! So be careful, you will not be able
not start the game, you still are not going find an .exe inside, do not need
messing around, but sometimes some sources are accessible with some games some
consoles and we do not know too much why, but we can find there for example
files of all kinds on which are console-readable game files
corresponding, good on your side you in will surely do nothing but for all that
is datamining that can always be interesting ! By cons beh it’s haphazard
luck and in 80% of cases, the PC is not going absolutely nothing display, and does not even
take the trouble to allocate a temporary letter to your drive to access it. Besides, this behavior will really depend
also which game from which console you are going test and on what support, and there is a
myriad of results! And yes I found people who have absolutely tested cd’s
of all existing consoles to see what did it do if we put them in
a PC, the internet is great. But suddenly, I also realized
that if you put a PlayStation disc 1 in your pc, well you can outright
access the music of the game! Good here too it does not work every time but
I am sure you are very happy to learn that you can listen directly
The OST of Bubsy 3D on this small record black surface! Ahlala, that good memories .. And so it’s because of all this tintou
that your console game disks do not turn not on your beast that cost you
several thousand euros … And here bah even going to the not very legal side
of the thing there is not much to do, since no solution can be found
on the net with one of these operating system owners found in the depths of a
USB stick, even on the pirate bay .. So that does not mean it’s totally
impossible to do it huh, but in any case case that the info has never been shared
to the general public … And imagine that, by the greatest of chances,
we find a way one day to be able to transcribe what does this bluray mean to the PS4 for
the language of our computer? Beh the problem would not be fully resolved
in view of how current games work with Day One updates adding
mandatory content .. We can take a very recent example: Kingdom
Hearts 3, this famous game that took 13 YEARS see the day after the second opus, even
if in fact there are actually dozens of opus but in short I will not start talking
of the timeline of this series otherwise we has it for 7 hours! Well the end of the game
was NOT on the disk in question, but rather as a download once
that the game ended up on sale at the micromania of the corner, to avoid
the unfortunate leaks of the end. So on the paper it’s nice to avoid
to be spoiled on Twitter but for our problematic that poses a glitch, since
how do we do to have this bet up to date ? Well yes, we must be authenticated
to Sony’s servers, and these are going not really let a PC into the
network they are pretty much closed there down … And yes I know, the game is out on
Xbox One too and Xbox=Microsoft=Windows, but honestly it’s just as much the bazaar
and it will not change anything because even if you are on a modified version of Windows
on these bikes there the problem is the same is a modified version with the
hardware specific to the console and not another, and that will be inoperative if you
turn it on something else and that the Xbox Live servers realize this, if
you can already get your hands on it of course. That’s why the PS Now
I talked about on the video of the end of the consoles is a cloud solution
gaming by the way, since certainly you play to PS3 or PS4 games on your PC, but
in reality you streal a console to distance, so it does not change anything at all
to the process, your computer is just doing the gateway to a REAL PS4 (simulated
huh, it’s not thousands of PS4 left in a warehouse of course, but rather
servers) remotely, so the server his side as you display his content
on a TV screen, PC or on a screen Bread he fights royally the steaks. Well, anyway I explain everything
that but today almost nobody anymore does not have a CD, DVD or bluray drive
on his computer anyway, in any case for fixed even though it starts to
not bad to disappear also for laptops ! For example my little Xiaomi Notebook Pro
that I trimballe that I had tested on the channel and that I use for more than one
year now has no drive, and I know that this is also the case of a lot of
last macbooks! Besides, little hop card, do you have a reader you? Paf in
top right do not hesitate to tell me all because I wonder who still has
one of our days! And no, a card reader SD does not count. In conclusion, beware when you buy
your Fortnite CD at Fnac, because if you you deceive version, you will not be able to
install this magnificent royal battle adulated of all ! Finally, it will change you
in fact not much since there is does not even have a CD anyway
box of this game, since these are just skins inside! In any case I hope that the video you
will have pleased! If so, as usual, do not forget the good blue thumb of love
and share this video a maximum before that your friends start to insert moults
things in their disk drive! I have do not want it to end in emergencies …
Ah and of course, if it’s not already do, subscribe to the channel by clicking
on the logo that just appeared just there it was Leo from the TechMaker chain
and above all, never stop learning ! Hi ! * Mwais, well, we’ll leave it like that,
the time I find a solution .. *

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    J'avais un Action Replay sur ma PS1, qui me permettait de lire les CD de Play One gravés. Ce gameshark contenait la possibilité de
    -Lire le CD gravé ou officiel (START GAME)
    -Démarrer le CD avec les cheats (START GAME WITH CHEATS)
    -Sélectionner la triche (SELECT CHEATS)
    -Gérer la memory card dans son intégralité (Supprimer des sauvegardes, Formater, déplacer d'une mémory card à l'autre [Ouais carrément!]) (MEMORY MANAGER)
    -Voir la dernière image du jeu affiché en tampon avant l'arrêt de la console et la déplacer en X ou Y (J'ai jamais compris à quoi ça servait mdrrr) (GRAPHIC VIEWER)
    -Lire un CD audio ou ouvrir un Explorateur de fichiers compatible avec le format du disque! Hourra! Plus de problèmes de disques vides! (CD – ROM)

    C'est sur cette dernière fonctionnalité que je voulais aboutir:
    Sur PS1:

    -Les fichiers audio sont en (.xa). Peuvent être lus par le boîtier hack mais aussi par un lecteur DVD compatible! On retrouve la nostalgie de l'époque en écoutant!
    -Les fichiers de cinématiques (.fmv) On pouvait rembobiner grâce à L1 et R1 et faire play/pause. La meilleure des choses! (Comme mon écran affichait le contenu de l'action Replay en NTSC [format d'écran] mon écran l'affichait en Black & White)
    Tu trouveras plus d'infos ici :
    -A mon souvenir, on pouvait rien ouvrir d'autre mais on pouvait voir où chaque donnée du jeu est implantée…

    Si tu veux te renseigner, voici le nom complet: Action Replay CD. Peu importe la version.

    C'est sympa, pas trop orthodoxe mais ça permet de savoir plus sur la console et son procédé!
    Je n'ai rien touché ou modifié, c'était à des amis de mes parents de base, elle était déjà munie de l'Action Replay et c'est ma première console de salon haha.

    Note: Si on retire l'Action Replay, la console boote normalement, comme si de rien n'était.

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    C.Q. Putain de F.D

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    sa marche de prendre une PS4 et de l'utilise comme un lecteur CD c'est ton PC qui fais le reste
    (et les connetion PSN et le autre pas la PS4 pour les ID)

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    qu'en est-t-il des jeux cross plateforme? comment peut-on se retrouver sur les mêmes serveurs alors que les consoles ont des systèmes d'exploitation différents?

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    Enfin du coup c'est pas trop bien mais merci de avoir fait gagner du temps Léo !!

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    J'ai vu windows sur switch aussi 😏

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    Astuce pour débloquer le CD ou DVD dans un lecteur pour pc :
    En dessous du tiroir (pour les disques)il y a un petit trou, prenez une trombone et mettez-le dans le petit trou et hop vous avez débloqué le tiroir 😀

    P-S : pour ceux qui ont un Mac ou un MacBook bonne chance ! 🤔

  • Reply Ludwig BELLEAU April 25, 2019 at 11:12 am

    @Léo-TechMaker j'ai un lecteur cd car je grave mes musiques FLAC sur CD, la audi de mon frère n'a pas de lecteur usb, ni de jack 3.5mm.

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    Voila voila ..

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    Par contre une petite remarque de "confort" pour les vidéos et les spectateurs : couper tous les temps de respiration ce n'est pas agréable pour l'écoute. La respiration n'est pas utile que pour celui qui parle, mais aussi pour la personne qui écoute. (déjà que tu as une voix plutôt… disons qui porte)
    Les oreilles aussi ont besoin de respirer. Et ce ne sont pas des reprises de souffle qui vont faire fuir l'auditoire.

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    Pour ce qui est des jeux PS1 je le faisais a l'époque, d'ailleur les jeux PS1 fonctionnait dans un lecteur radio pour écouter l'OST direct sur la chaine HI-FI :p

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    Sionon tu as des vidéos en double comme celle avec Donald Trump par exemple.

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    Résumé rapide : c'est pas .exe

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