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Philips Innovation Services | Employee Nasteha Omar

December 2, 2019

I just recently started working within Philips
Innovation Services. and my aim to contribute to innovation of
course is looking into our current processes and find ways of how to improve. First looking into the problems, then into
the solutions. My role is business support officer within
Philips Innovation Services for MEMS and Micro Devices. I am supporting our CRM’ers customer relationship
managers with the sales, quotation, progress of a project, orders and invoicing. Within this process, I am working very closely
with the supply chain team, and I am also working very closely with the process engineering
team and process development team. So you can say that I’m contact point for
our internal and external customers. The innovation that really has changed my
life and had an impact on my life is the internet. It really allows me to find stuff that I like
the most and search the things that I love. For example, food and travelling. And the internet also allows me to communicate
effortlessly with my colleagues within Philips. So, can you imagine live without internet
for now, it is impossible!

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