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Pc is on but no monitor signal fix!

August 14, 2019

your pc is on, the fans are running but
your monitor is not receiving any signal. if you’re currently experiencing
this one let me show you a quick solution coming up! there are several
reasons that’s why your PC is at this kind of state but before we begin let me
just inform you that there are four common components that are causing this problem number one, the cable, number two, the monitor.
number three, the RAM sticks and lastly the power supply. but before we blame any of these components it’s better to check them one by one. first let’s check out
your DVI HDMI or DisplayPort cables depending on what you are currently
using try using it with other monitors if you
have spare one at home or office if it works with other monitors then it’s all
good. but it’s not try replacing the cables second let’s check your monitor. if
you have a spare pc at home try it out there. if it works then it’s not
the monitor. if it doesn’t then it might be a faulty monitor. cables and monitors
rarely breaks earlier than the PC but it’s better to check them before we
start our cleaning solutions if you can’t do the number one and number two. let’s just jump to number three assuming that your cable on your monitor is not
the problem. number three and the most common reason for this kinds of problem
are your RAM sticks it just needs cleaning. so here’s what
you gotta do first turn off your PC unplug it and make sure there are no
more power left. to do that press the power button on your PC while it is
unplugged, remove the RAM sticks clean it and the RAM slots as well. use any
anti-static cleaner or you could just use a brush like this one. so if you’re
done with that place them back again and turn on your PC. if it works then you’re
good to go and again if it doesn’t work let’s try a more unique way of
cleaning. This time we’re going to use an eraser like this one. if you look over the
circuit connectors there are several dark residues and we’re going to clean
that using this eraser. this dark residues accumulate overtime as long
as you are using your PC. for some reason this dark residue causes the
motherboard to not detect the RAM sticks and we all know that without Ram sticks
the PC will not boot at all. so after we clean those dark residues make sure
there are no more eraser dirt left before we place them back. then turn on
your PC and you’re good to go. if your PC is on and your monitor is receiving
signal please let us know in the comment section below
so if the instructions earlier doesn’t still work then you are facing the worst
case scenario that might cause all of this problem. this is very uncommon and
it doesn’t usually happen to anyone but it might be your power supply and the
only solution for that is to replace it this always happens to a generic power
supply. so I suggest don’t cheap out and buy a better one. I gave a list of
trustworthy power supply in the description below so make sure you check that out well these are the common solutions if your PC is on that fans are
running but the monitor is not receiving any signal. if you got other solutions
for this problem please let us know in the comment section below.
so that’s it guys if you found this video interesting and helpful make sure
to give us a thumbs up and share it! thanks for watching and we’ll see you in
the next one!

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