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Offbeat Roommates and Wedding Dates (Ep 3, Pt 1) | The Unsleeping City

August 25, 2019

(breathing heavily) – Guys, this is Brennan
from College Humor. I’m in the CH offices right now and as you can see,
they’re totally abandoned. This is a possible future
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right now and hit that bell. (sobbing) I’m gonna myself! We descend into Times Square with this strange, icy fortress. – Can I just heave that off me? – You fling the entire
chrysalis off into– (group groaning) – Oh, is that Santa?
– Santa! – Argh, it’s crushing me! – Hang on, Santa, I’m coming to get you! – You leap up and fully decapitate the entire–
– Wahoo! – Ho, ho, ho! What the happened here? Sleigh, where’s my sleigh? – Still in the park. – You guys arrive in Central Park. A full centaur walks up. Any idea what happened here? – I saw some pixie stuff around here. – Maybe it was somebody trying to cover up and make it look like it was pixies? ‘Cos underneath it was infernal. – It’s gone.
– What’s gone, Santa? – My list.
– How powerful is this list? – It’s extremely important
that we find this list and get it back. – I will say that there
has been this dark force inviting me. – That sounds like something
you all should check out. (mysterious, twinkling piano music) Welcome back, one and all,
to the Unsleeping City! My name is Brennan Lee Mulligan. These are our intrepid heroes. Say hi, intrepid heroes! – [All] Hi, intrepid heroes! – Last we left them off, they were near the
promenade in Central Park in a version of New York with
magic around every corner. Indeed, we have gotten our first taste of the Unsleeping City. Santa Claus’s sleigh
has just been flown away by jolly old St. Nick himself,
and his eight tiny reindeer. – Bye Santa, we love you! – And the cops, who perceived it as a Toyota Camry being towed away due to the strange Umbral Arcana that prevents New Yorkers from noticing pretty much anything weird happening, have now begun to disband. You guys see Officer Epona
Cirillo, a centaur cop, has entered now. This piece of Santa’s dashboard, with strange fae runes and
infernal underneath it, she’s taking that to go
enter it into evidence. The wind kicks up, a little
bit of snow flies around. You six companions,
bedraggled by some combat, but all standing at this point, now stand here in snowy Central Park as the crowd chatters
and talk to each other about this crazy car crash. Can you believe that? Some drunk driver must’a taken a car right into the tree, man, I tell ya. You are left with each other,
snow whipping round you. Cold, brisk New York day,
late in the afternoon. Pete, you feel that sweet peppermint tooth still in your head. Look around. Sofia, you now see the
centaur walking away, that a mere three days ago, would’ve just looked
like a horse cop to you. And the rest of these denizens
of the Unsleeping City, you guys all know that something very strange
indeed has happened. What do you guys wanna do? – Hey, Pete. Lemme see your old dud tooth there. – Like, my–
– Yeah, your– – Should I just rip it out? I don’t want this in my mouth. – No, no, no.
– It’s gonna rot my teeth. – Nobody needs to be ripping teeth out. – Let’s have a vote, I say he rips it out. – I agree with Kug. – I don’t like any of this, as the trained medical professional here, nobody’s ripping teeth
out of nobody’s mouth. – Truthfully, I just said
it ‘cos it sounded fun. – Ultimately, Pete, it’s up to you. – I don’t, I can’t be missing a tooth and selling drugs, y’know?
– That’s true. – Probably shouldn’t be doing either. – These days, people hold drug dealers to a very high standard.
– I’m gonna leave the tooth in and keep selling. – Can I look at it, very closely? – Yeah.
– Okay. I pry open his mouth and look in. – The dirtiest rat fingers of all time. – I mean, Kugrash, you’re
supposed to wear gloves or something, man.
– Eh, it’s fine, man. You know, you go camping,
you’re touching the dirt and you’re sleeping, you do whatever. – Where are you camping?
– Touch the dirt? – I camp every night, I
live in the subway station. – Don’t worry, I’ve
eaten so many sandwiches from his dirty hands. – Kugrash, what are you rolling right now? – A medicine check, maybe?
– Yeah, go for it! (dice clattering)
– Ooh, 23. – Uh, yeah, absolutely. Well, you take a look. The peppermint tooth, it
seems that Kingston’s vaccine that he put in there earlier has fully stopped this transformation. But it looks… This shouldn’t be here. Kingston’s medicine should
have reverted this tooth back to regular bone. Something about the intrinsic nature of Pete’s DNA, or maybe even something more profound and spiritual than that, is keeping this peppermint tooth here. And though it tastes sweet,
you don’t see it corroding. You don’t see the saliva
eating away at it at all. It looks, if you had to guess, and you had a very good
roll, if you had to guess, the tooth is there because it wants to be. And something about
Pete means it’s more fun if it’s there than if it’s not. – Hm, I mean, it’s fine. Yeah, it’s fine, just a peppermint tooth. – Yeah, it’s fine.
– Use some multivitamins. – You wanna just take one
if you’re worried about– – Oh, yeah, I haven’t swallowed a pill in like, four hours. (Sofia/Emily laughing) – Those really are a crock of shit. – They’re a crock of shit.
– Vitamin C, B12. – Should we tell it to
the wizards, who…? – I think they have a
place near here, right? – Real quick, ‘cos I’m kinda new to this. Magic is just real? – Yeah, I actually wanna
check in with you two. Are you guys okay? You guys woke up this morning and– – I was gonna talk to you privately. – You wanna talk to me?
– I would love to just run and get dumplings with
Kingston, if we have time. – You wanna grab some coffee real quick? – Okay, we’re gonna go grab
some coffee for everyone. Do we wanna meet? Do we wanna head somewhere? Wanna go talk to Alejandro at
the Gramercy Occult Society? Maybe let him know what’s going on with all the information we just got? – Yeah.
– That sounded better. Yeah, you guys can walk ahead. – Yeah, we’ll walk ahead.
– Maybe someone could just refresh me on what you guys talk about. – Yeah, I mean, I wasn’t
gonna do it this publicly. But you know what, it happened. So I don’t really know if
I jive with any of you. But Kingston, I feel like I can trust you. I got some questions.
– Darling, here’s the deal. Magic is real and you get to see it. Isn’t that great?
– Let’s go get some coffee. – It’s so fun!
– Well, you talk to her. I’ll talk to, yeah.
– Enough for me I suppose. – As you guys head off, you see that the actual natural movements of the crowd as you get towards Columbus
Circle and start walking, it’s not too far of a walk
from here to Bryant Park and the public library there. So you guys head off. The crowd naturally moves around Kingston and creates a little pocket of privacy. You guys stop. You have never in your life
seen a dumpling cart in New York but you go up, and you see that
there’s a guy standing there who looks around for a second and goes, Hey, Kingston, bro! Hey, Ricky, good to see you, man. How are you?
– How’s it going? I appreciate, good to see you, man. You’re looking fit, you’re looking good. – Hey, I like the mustache. Is that new?
– It’s very new. My girlfriend, she like the
wax on the mustache, so… – Okay, I see that. – She say she want to the Pringles guy, so what you can do?
– Hey, that’s her business. – It’s my business now too, you know? – Hey, my friend’s trying to
get a couple of dumplings. Can you hook it up? – Yeah, can I get some hot
and sour pork dumplings? – Oh, for sure, you want
some hot and sour pork. He reaches in, throws some dumplings. You got these little plastic containers. It smells so good. He gives you these huge,
heaping containers. You get these little
spoons that go in ’em. – I’m rolling a blunt. I’m not about to eat this sober. – Okay. – My name’s Ricky too. My name’s Ricky too. – Oh, Ricky! You’re named Ricky as well! – Yeah.
– Nice to meet you, man. Here. You see he says hold out your hand. Hot wet dumpling right there. – Thanks.
(group laughing) – You see he puts these in there. You immediately eat this dumpling. You regain, it’s been about
a short rest amount of time. But you do regain five hit
points from eating this. – Oh, cool. – Kingston, I’m not sure
if you’re full or not, but you regain five hit points as well. You guys walk away from the dumpling cart, chowing down on these bad boys. They are so tasty and delicious. – I’m smoking and eating, so I’m almost drinking the dumpling. – So you’d have to hork
down an unchewed dumpling and smoke the spliff in the middle– – Oh, it’s blueberry! Should’a just picked a natural roll. – Yeah, so you guys have a
weird little amount of privacy. And the noise of the snow, there’s this beautiful thing. New York is a very noisy city, but with the thick snow
around you right now, it’s actually kind of muffled. And you realize that
you’re having a hard time hearing the people around you. And you have a feeling that anything you were to say
right now would not be heard. Something about the confidence
you’re keeping with Kingston means that what you’re
saying wouldn’t be heard outside of your conversation right now. – So what’s going on? What the is going on? – Oh, you mean with all the magic, and the Santa Claus, all that bull? So, welcome to the Unsleeping City. New York exists in a plane of existence where just below it is the Unsleeping City and just above it is Nod,
or the sixth borough. And so New York is this magical place where the Unsleeping City, which has all these
fantastical magical elements that you keep seeing
and, leads into New York. And so I don’t know what
has happened to you. But you, unlike most people in the city, are now able to see all this bull. Trolls, that big centaur person. You know, all of that. – I just thought I was always up. I’ve been taking so many drugs for so long I’ve seen all this stuff for a while. – Yeah.
– But I just thought, like… Oh, yeah, it was tripping. – Yeah, well, for a while you were. But now something has
clearly happened to you with that weird that happened
back in my nurse’s office. I mean, there’s clearly some magic has been imbued in you. Hey, don’t fret, it’s
gonna be all right, okay? You are in good company. Me and Misty have been doing this for a long time, we’re
gonna talk to Alejandro. – Is this, like, a full-time job? Or do I still have my life? – I mean, you can still have a life. But I’ll tell you, it’s
gonna be a wild one. – Hey, uh, sorry, it just
seems like information that I also really need,
although I don’t want. – Kugrash is using his little rat ears and just translating for you. But the Kugrash way. So there’s like a real New York, and there’s a fake one. You’re in the real one now,
so there’s magic everywhere. So, yeah, we’re gonna save the world, like how we saved Santa, like that. But, like, all the time. – Is this like a full-time job? – Eh, y’know, it’s gonna be a wild one. (group laughing raucously) – A wild job.
– Yeah. – As you guys walk
along, the exact opposite of what’s happening to Kingston and Pete is happening to you guys, because you can’t go five feet
in the city of New York without people being like, Misty! – Oh, darling, darling! – Oh, God, I’m so sorry to bother ya. I’m here with my kids, can you believe we’re doing a trip for the holidays. – I love that, I love it. New York, it’s the
greatest city in the world! – Ah, you’re telling me. I always dreamed of coming here. It was this or Paris and we just couldn’t. – Oh, me too, I love Paris. But you know, New York is New York! – Oh my god, we see the
Broadway shows and everything. And the Statue of Liberty’s from France, so it’s almost like an extra free trip. – Exactly, exactly! So many beautiful French monuments right here in New York City! – You’re just talking
like a regular person, I can’t even believe it.
– Oh, stop! Everybody’s a regular person. – You see that as you continue talking to this family from the Midwest, their smiles light up, and again, their adoration wisps off of them in streams of gold and
silver and purple and pink. (magical twinkling music)
You see he says, well, thank you so so
much for taking the time, Miss Moore, you didn’t have
to and it really means a lot. – Please, I love my fans. It’s not even my fans. You’re like my family.
– Oh my god! Can you believe someone
would say something so nice? You see that they all chatter excitedly. The dad, who has up to this
point, said absolutely nothing, just let his wife and his
two daughters talk to you, leans in and says, I
thought your performance in that revamp of
Assassins was remarkable. I thought it was really remarkable. – Steven Sondheim, my dear Steven, is such an astonishing talent, and to be alive when he is alive, we’re all just so lucky, you know? I mean, you’re a vision,
and I’m sorry, I gotta go. And you see that he turns and walks away. Yeah, you guys continue
walking down the street. You eventually arrive at
the public library again, where you see the two giant stone lions turn to look at you guys. Well, well, well! It seems our friends have returned. And how fared the battle in Times Square? – We’re alive.
– Honestly, pretty good. – Santa’s alive, killed
a bunch of mutants. – I, personally, had a great time. – If I had to be honest, I
think that we saved Christmas. – Well, Christmas is saved! Splendid, splendid. Someone needs to save it every year. For that thing to go off, it’s a tremendous amount
of effort, certainly. Well, as we have said before,
we are Orlando and Rovius, the guardians of the
Gramercy Occult Society. (mystical music)
My brother always lies. I always tell the truth. Which of us… (music halting abruptly)
Wait, hold on. – I start to walk in. (group laughing)
– Wait, hold on! You see the stairs lower. We’re gonna get this right one time! You guys descend through the staircase, walking down, crazy M.C. Escher steps against golden, warm brown light. The clicking of that tile. There’s so much echoey
goodness in this place, in that giant stone civic building. (footsteps clicking on stone)
Your shoes on the stone. Open a pair of doors. You see Esther is here, as is Alejandro. Alejandro has his little flat cap off. You can see his bald head with little wrap-around of white hair. He looks down. You see that Ana and Amelia, who both look to be in
their late teens, early 20s. A sort of college age. You see that they are laid back in chairs and that they have some injuries on them, and they smell strongly of mint. Strong mint smell. – I mean, now that I’m magic,
I might have some healing. So I go over to them and
lay my hands on them. – You see that they look up. One looks up and says, who the are you? Who the are you? – Hi, Sofia Bicicleta. Newly magic, experimenting
with my limitations. – You see Alejandro looks
over to you and says, she can heal people, or is this…? – No, no no. We’re trying to roll her in softly. – She’s trying. She’s doing a really good job, though. I could lay a hands, someone, for real. – I come and put my arm
around her and be like, hey, remember when you did a full flip around the Santa Claus rib? That’s your, this is not. – Okay.
– This is not your magic. – Okay, I am so sorry. You take the hands off of them. You see, yeah, Kingston,
you go to work on these two. – You do other cool, I promise. – Okay.
– I promise. – Okay, I’m not a healer,
I have just learned. Thank you. – You see that Ana looks over at you, who’s the one of the
twins who’s on the left, and goes, so basically, a bunch of these Santa Clauses came out. We were on 34th Street. You see Amelia goes, we
were not on 34th Street. We were on 5th Avenue, but they came a– Okay, but, no, we were rounding the corner onto 34th Street– – Ladies. All we need to know is what happened. – Sorry, it’s just my sister is like… (exhaling) – No, I understand, but what happened? – Well, basically, we
were going on patrol, ‘cos we knew that the
clones were gonna be out ‘cos Santa Con was happening, and a bunch of these mutants came out that were like, not bumbling around. They, like, charged straight for us and bit us, and now it feels like my bones are turning to
peppermint or something. – Can I do whatever, do I have what I need,
or do I need to go back, to do what I did for Pete? – Give me a medicine check. Let’s see if you have
the ability to do it. – Can I do a check and see
if I recognize any of them? (dice clattering)
– Nine. – Nine? Yeah, you need to take
them to the hospital. – Okay.
– Go ahead, yeah. Give me a flat charisma check. – Okay. 19. – You see that Amelia
and Ana both turn up, look at you, and their eyes go wide. You have definitely
sold weed to these two, many, many times. You see they go, whoa! Oh, man, who are all these new people? Are they all new to the Unsleeping City? I’ve never seen either of
these two people before. They are both brand new. But this person, and
especially this person, not, yeah, I haven’t–
– I think we’ve met. At a party, yeah. We met at, like a party. Raising money for a political candidate. – You see that Alejandro
looks over and says I had no idea you two were
getting involved in politics! That is so good to be civic-minded! That’s incredible, who is the candidate? – Oh, it was someone who
didn’t end up going forward. Which is a bummer, y’know. – I think politics is so important, and every year I do one of those videos where I tell people to vote with a bunch of other theater people. – Oh, people love those.
– People love those videos! – I lean into them and I’m like, but we are taking donations
for someone really similar. And they’re really good,
what we’ve heard recently. They’re really good, so, it’s 25 a pop. And they’ll really
appreciate your support. – Oh, you’re going…
– I was talking to Alejandro? Yeah, I was talking to Alejandro. – He says, cool, yeah, absolutely! I will be happy to donate. Let me see, here. Do you take PayPal,
Venmo, anything like that? – Yeah, I definitely take Venmo. – I hand you $100.
– Great, thank you everyone. Thanks. – You see that Ana and Amelia look at you and they say, could me and my sister split a donation?
– You could, yeah. Absolutely, it’s definitely splittable. – It’s enough to– – I actually donated earlier this morning and then had some dumplings, and it was a great choice.
– They both nod. – I thought you smoked weed
before you had the dumplings? – Hmm?
– Hmm? – You see that Esther
crosses her arms and says, this is the most poorly veiled innuendo I’ve ever heard in my life. Alejandro, this young
man is a drug dealer. You see that Alejandro
says, how could you tell? It seemed like he was so civic-minded. And you see she says, he was talking about selling weed to your granddaughters. And you see he looks and says, well, they’re adults, it’s their business. No problem of mine.
– Fuck yeah. – Esther, what are you, are you a politically-minded person? ‘Cos I’m trying to get more involved. – Yeah, yes. I’m politically involved.
– That’s awesome. – Mostly I do a lot of
canvassing for causes over candidates, generally. – Oh.
– Yeah. There’s a lot of rent justice, and trying to fight for
neighborhoods to be preserved. Things like that.
– Oh, for sure. Gentrification is ruining everything. – Hey, real talk–
– Where do you live? – Hmm?
– Where do you live? – Brooklyn.
– Nice. – But I live in Polish Brooklyn, okay? It’s different.
– Hey, real quick. I’m gonna go get medicine for these ladies’ peppermint bones. I’ll be back in 25, 30 minutes. – I’ll go with you.
– Yeah, I’ll also go. – Can I casually put my
hand on the other twin that I didn’t touch and just
try to heal real quick again? – Give me a medicine check real quick? (group laughing) – I got a 16! – A 16. You see that she goes, that’s not helping. But it does feel good. – All right, okay. Magic of love, there’s something to it. – Can I try and Lay On
Hands them for five points? – Yeah, go for it.
– It says I can cure disease. – Yeah, absolutely. Ricky, you lay hands on one of them and you see that, (hums)
this light goes through them. (chime ringing)
And you can feel the disease, the virus, being arrested in her body. It’s still present
there, but it looks like it’s not going to spread any farther while they get to the hospital.
– Cool. – Cool. See, Alejandro says, all
right, let’s get these girls to the hospital. Perhaps I can come along with you and we can discuss
everything that’s happening. – We can all talk on the bus. – You guys leave the public
library with Alejandro. You see Esther looks
at Alejandro and says, Ale, you want me to stay here? He says, if you could keep
an eye on the society, that would be for the best. She looks over, looks at you, and says, ‘cos you’re still a little injured, right? Or no?
– Yes, I guess I am. – You see she says, you all right, Ricky? You look pretty beat up. – Oh, you know. It’s just part of the whole thing, right? I’m a little hurt, yeah. (Brennan laughs) – She nods and says, well, hopefully, get Kingston to take care of that. I also heard that you
decapitated the big guy, right? – Yeah, I, uh. I got kinda caught up in the situation and I killed the mutant Santa. That was the biggest one, so. I don’t know. It was just such a threat, so. Just had to. – I’m watching him because
I’m just fascinated by this level of macho. And I’m just like, goddamn. – All right, well, thanks for hitting the
talking points with me, Ricky. – Used two hands on it. And I jumped through the air. Clean off, you know.
– Great. I’m gonna look after some
of the goings-on here. Gonna take care of the engines. So, best of luck. You guys head off, catch
the bus as it heads uptown. As you’re sitting on the bus, headed back towards St. Owen’s, Alejandro looks over at you and says, Peter, Peter. – I take out my headphones, ‘cos I was wearing them
like a teen on a road trip. – You see he says, so I took a quick arcane
scan of your body and spirit before you left to deal with
the menace in Times Square. This is a very special moment in the history of the Unsleeping City. Peter, you are what is
known in arcane circles as a Vox Phantasmus. Do you know what this means?
– No. Fox? – Vox. Which is the Latin for voice. And then Phantasmus to mean an apparition, or in this case, a dream. – I’m a voice for the dreams?
– That is correct. – I’m a dream voice.
– A dream voice, it’s true. There are certain people
within the Unsleeping City who occupy positions of
important weight and gravity. Not myself, as a wizard,
I have had to bust my my whole life, work
very hard to study magic to get to this point. But I’m not complaining. There are certain people who are, instead, innately magical. Because of how they are born, or because forces and
entities speak through them. Kingston is one such person. You are another. There has not been a Vox
Phantasmus in this city since, I believe, the mid-1920s. In the history of New York, there has never been a Vox
Phantasmus and a Vox Populi at the same time.
– And a what? – I’m the Vox Populi.
– What’s that? – Well, as it was
explained to me long ago, I am, the spirits of New York City saw fit to give me the strength
and powers and blessings of New York itself. I guess ‘cos I was doing my part, New York invested its energy in me. And thus I was, 30
years ago, I don’t know. Able to do magic. I’m assuming, I guess, similar to what you’re
going through right now. I woke up one day and yeah. I could touch people and
make them feel better. I didn’t need any of the medicine or tools that I had spent years learning how to do the exact same thing. – You see that Alejandro nods and says, New York is a place of incredible power for a number of reasons. Much of the magic of the Unsleeping City comes from the interplay
between the waking world and the dreaming, which we
call Nod, the sixth borough. The Unsleeping City is the place where those two planes touch and we find that beings from one place can enter into another. I will say as well, here, that there are opposing
forces in certain cases. The magic of the Vox Populi comes from the power of the waking world. The places and people of New York itself. Your power does not come from there. It comes from the New
York on the other side. Tell me, Peter, have you had any interactions with beings, entities or locales that would perhaps deviate from the norm? – No. – No? That is highly unlikely. – I make a look at Kingston that’s like, I’m not answering any more
questions from this guy. – Oh my god, you’re a dodgy. – Young man, I think you’ll
find it easier around here if you just start to tell the truth. – Tell him, Misty. – Because whatever you
think that you’ve seen, we’ve seen worse and more.
– I’ve just– – And let me tell you–
– All right. – If you guys are cops,
you have to tell me. Did you know that’s the law?
– Hey, I’m a rat, right? – That man’s a rat,
we’re on a magical bus. – I’m definitely not a cop. – This just feels like the
most elaborate sting operation, asking if I’ve ever
seen anything nefarious. – The voice of dreams back in the 1920s was a goddamn delight. It was so much fun, it was the 1920s. Everything was roaring–
– What was that person like? – Oh my god, so fun. Threw the most amazing parties. She was fabulous. – Huh. – She was really something else. Josefina Gatsby.
– Ugh, loved her. – She was great. You see that Alejandro looks at you and says, I will tell you two things now. Number one, I promise you,
on my word as a wizard, and as someone who wants
only the best for his city. I am not a cop. Secondly, I watched you actively try to sell drugs to my two granddaughters not more than ten minutes ago. So if this was a sting,
probably I would have leaned into the microphone
and said so by now. – Yeah, okay.
– Something to consider. – Also, cops don’t have
to tell you they’re cops. – That’s extremely important.
– You should know that by now! – Really? – They really don’t have to tell you. – They don’t, that’s stupid. It’s a very stupid thing to believe. – But then in court it
could get thrown out. If they lie.
– No. – Pete, just tell him
the stuff, goddamn it. – I mean, fine. I take a microdose of acid pill out of my pocket and swallow it. Ahh, great. Yeah, okay, so I saw someone killed my dad but not in a sad way, in a good way. – What?
– And, um, then there was a big happy face button. Someone asked me to push it and I did, and he said, “Spread the word, I’m free.” And I think his name was, uh… Lazarus. Said “Spread the news, I’m leaving today.” So whoever Lazarus is, I guess I let out by pushing a button. – Your dad’s dead?
– Yeah, what was that part? – He’s a piece of man. – I mean…
– Okay. – He sucked, and I guess I do kind of feel in contact with this voice, still. – So there is a voice in dreams that you spoke to and released from some kind of bondage? – That’s kind of what it felt like, yeah. – Okay, that has the
potential to be very bad. – Hmm? – That has the potential to be very bad. – Mm-hm. – That has the potential
to be extremely bad. So, what I will say to you now is this. It is important that you learn
to govern these abilities. You are gifted with an
extreme amount of power. That power, if wielded recklessly, could tear this city apart. So, I know it is not fair to you, but you have become someone of great significance, and your decisions,
should they be reckless, selfish and dangerous, will carry an impact far
greater than they would have even a week before now. Are you going back to microdose again? Does that feel responsible?
– Pete, what’re you doing? – I mean, at what point is a microdose– – It’s so little, it’s so little. – I gotta say, I think what Pete is doing, there could be some value for that. There hasn’t been enough research into– – There’s various research out there that says that microdosing–
– It’s not microdosing if you keep taking it, right?
– It was two small microdoses. – Pete, I can get you a guest pass to my gym. – What? – And you can go, we can
do some sets together. We can just hit shoulders. – I’ll think about it,
man, that’s really nice. – They got a spectator pass?
– I don’t know. – You guys pull up to the hospital. You guys pull up to the
hospital, you get off. Ana and Amelia walk with you. Go ahead and make some
medicine checks with advantage. – Okay, great, that’s 18. Less than 18. And that’s very high, 26. And 25, so 18 and 26. – 26, you go ahead. You perfectly cure Ana, and then Amelia, who was the one that
had the virus stopped, you’re able to take it
the rest of the way over and they are both healed.
– Nice. – You see Alejandro looks over and says, I know we’re in a hospital. Is it cool if I light up in here, or no? – In my office, sure. Everywhere else… – I’d actually prefer you not.
(group laughing) – He nods. You see he takes this
old, crazy wooden pipe and puts it back in his coat. – I hand him a Juul. – What is this, what am
I looking at right now? – It’s an e-cigarette. You can plug it into your computer. That one is cucumber habanero flavor. It’s just like a tobacco pipe, my brother! (Alejandro/Peter exhaling) – Peter, this is extremely rad. (group laughing)
Can I buy this from you? Or I can just get this anywhere? – You can have it, man. If you need a re-up,
though, then you gotta pay. – Peter, you are an extremely cool dude and I very much appreciate that
you have given me this gift. – Thanks.
– Know this. (group laughing) You see that one of his eyes turns into a golden point of light. And you see that in a mirror, his reflections begin to double up and extend infinitely away. He says, do not take it lightly that a wizard is in your debt. Call my name thrice, and I shall appear in a moment of need for you. – Wait, I’m so sorry,
but as a Lady Gaga fan I might accidentally say
Alejandro multiple times and I’m not calling you. – Okay, if you do it to the
tune of the Lady Gaga song, I will know not to come.
– Alej-Alejandro. Okay, great, cool. All right, yes. Good, good, I’m just
double-checking, you know. – No, for sure. It’s not like I’m bound by it. It’s just that I have a thing in my office where if someone says my name, a little wisp of smoke
goes into a glass ball. – Oh, cool!
– So it’s not like. It would be cool to say it’s just magic where I just appear,
but it’s actually like, I just see it and teleport there. – That’s really generous,
man, thank you so much. – Oh, Peter, come here! I don’t know why I’m
giving my tricks away. I should not do this. This thing is crazy, and it
has a kick to it, the flavor. – Isn’t it nice? – The flavor’s not a bad part of it. – Do you have a phone? Put my number in it, you can hit me up any time for anything. – Alejandro.
– Sorry, I’m sorry. – What are you doing, man? You’re a grown man. – Don’t talk to me about a grown man. – No, you a grown man. – I’m old enough to be your father! I don’t need you tell me, just trying to have a good
time with the young man. – You don’t need some kid’s
number to buy drugs, man! – Kingston, hey! All right, look, thank you
very much for this Juul. – Thank you.
– I will treasure it forever. I am in your debt. Says, now, there is something very sinister at work. The dream realm is an area which, even for the wizards of
the Gramercy Occult Society exists outside of their
realm of knowledge. We know a fraction of
what there is to know about the dream realm. We have hardly enough time as it is simply to map out the Unsleeping City and those things which
are able to issue forth from the dream realm
into the waking world. The actual dream realm itself is far beyond our understanding. However, there are things there, vaster and more potent than
I can even describe in words. And if you have already engaged in powerful magics there
as the Vox Phantasmus then it is hard to say
what may have happened. How did you come to know this being was released? I can see on your bracelet that that is a source of your power. So if you were to press that, that is– – That’s exactly how. Yeah, I saw a gold rectangle appear. And then I was able to push
this button to release. They asked me if I wanted to. And I did want to.
– Gold rectangle. And that is when the voice
started to speak to you? – Yeah.
– It was the same voice the whole time, or different voices? – Felt like different voices, maybe. – Okay.
– There was a gray baby. – A gray baby. Gray baby. A gray baby.
(Sofia/Emily laughing) – It’s starting to lose all meaning. Those words are.
– Gray baby. – There’s something–
– Gray baby, gray baby. – Hold on, this requires… I don’t think the book is
still at our main chapter. Maybe at the Clinton Hill
Chantry or somewhere else. I must go! You see he says, Ana, Amelia. You guys need cab fare? And you see that they look and they say, Grandpa, it’s Lyft now, or Uber. Or we’ll just take a subway. Okay, I can give you cash if you need it. I just care about your safety because today you almost died. (kissing) My granddaughters, mijas! All right, I’m going to head out! (imitating explosion) In a bunch of– – He said he’s going to hell? – Head out.
– He’s heading out. – Oh.
– Oh, I heard hell too. – Ana and Amelia say,
Kingston, thank you so much. – Of course.
– Appreciate it. Well, listen, do you need anything from us before we head out, or? ‘Cos we can redo some of the enchantments on your nurse’s office, or,
if you need anything else? – That would be lovely, but
if you guys got places to go, I can happily handle it. – You see that one of them’s
on their phone already, clicking. You see the other one begins to. (magic twinkling)
Cast some enchantments, that again, all have, you see these circular gyroscoping images of light that look like New York
City manhole covers made out of green and orange neon light begin to go into the walls
(whooshing) all around your nurse’s office. She says cool, that should do it. Thanks, Kingston, bye!
– Thank you so much. – Oh, before you guys leave. You two are just so cute. If you ever want a haircut or anything. And I give them a business card. – Aww!
– They look. Go ahead and make a little
persuasion roll for me. – Well, it’s on the house. (dice clattering)
– But that is a 12. – A 12. You see that they look and they say, oh, that’ll be fun, on the house? Sure, your hair looks awesome. – Thank you.
– Where’s your haircut place? – It’s on Staten Island.
– Okay, have a good one! (group laughing) – It’s just a ferry ride away.
– Bye, lovely to meet you! You see they head out. – We’re gonna get a subway
stop one of these days. I’m sure of it.
(group laughing) – Great, and it’s just you guys left here. That are left here in Kingston’s office. – Well, well, well.
– Just like old times. – I’ll tell ya. Vox Phantasma. – Yeah, sorry to be such a about it. There’s, like, a lot of cops after me. And I move a lot of product in this city so I didn’t wanna be taken down, you know. – I think you’re cool. I think you don’t really
have to worry about, you have magic now, so you’re cool. – Yeah, I wasn’t sure. I hand you four Xanax. – Okay, stop giving people drugs. – I mean, I will take
some Xanax if it’s going. – This will kill me. This absolutely will kill
me, please take this back. – Aw, okay.
– Pete, I’m a tiny rat. – Do you have a place to stay? – Yeah, yeah, I gotta
house and everything. – Okay, good. – I may have been kicked out of my house. – Well, if anyone needs a place to stay, I’m but a ferry ride away. – So, where do you live? – I am in a studio apartment in Brooklyn. – Oh, sick. – Pete, I have another bedroom if you’d like to stay with me. That’s also an option. – Lot of options, you guys.
– I have a whole house. On Staten Island.
– Every time. – I live in the subway tunnels, if you wanna curl up in a. – I just get very quiet and
edge away from the conversation. Definitely don’t want
Pete staying with me. – It’s a guest bedroom
with a California king. – That is all lovely.
– That’s really nice. – I guess I’m on fireman time, is the other thing you should know. – Yeah, Kingston, it’d be really cool to crash with you, maybe.
– We’ll work something out. – Private bathroom for the guest room. – Oh, that’s pretty cool.
– On Staten Island. – Hey, Kingston, when can I move in? – Okay, move in is a strong word. You can stay with me until
we figure something else out. – All right, why don’t we all meet at Kingston’s apartment tomorrow morning? – Great, everybody come on over. Yeah, great, I’m on the top floor. You guys, say hello to
my mother on the way up. – Okay.
– Okay. – Have manners.
– I love visiting Kingston ‘cos there’s this little
place that does cafe con leche for 75 cents! Right in the bodega on the corner. – That’s what living in
New York’s all about. – It’s all about it! – It’s crazy when you can
get coffee for less than $1. I’ll be honest, yeah.
– Less than $1! It’s beautiful condensed
milk and espresso. – Wonderful. Well, you guys take off from there, going to your various places. Let’s go round. You’ve had this weird meeting of all these different
various forces at work and have sort of come together, and it seems like some
momentous things are underway. We’ll just go around the table. Uh, Ricky, what does Ricky
do as he leaves from there? Where is he headed to?
– Ricky’s just going home. He’s gotta get a good eight hours in. (group laughing) You know, this hasn’t registered to him that this is anything that crazy. – Anything special.
– Made some new friends today. Cool, and then jogged home.
– Hell, yeah, you jog home. In your studio, you have all your jammin’
workout equipment in there. Do a couple quick reps. You get a little message as you do every single
night from your mom and dad, saying, “Sending our love!” “Hope you had another great day.” “Saw you on the news, love our boy.” – Text them a picture of me working out. You know, no days off. Love you, mom and dad.
– No days off, you nerd! (group laughing) – You get a text back of your mom way in the foreground with
her face kind of clipped off going ahh! And your dad completely in
a newspaper, not looking. And the text under it is, “Your dad says wow, so strong!” Heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes. – Sounds like dad. (grunting) – Where does Sofia head off to? – Okay, well, Sofia is
heading back to Staten Island but the looming disappointment of her very empty once
marital bed is haunting her, and so she immediately turns back around. She goes, Kug! D’you wanna grab a drink or something? Also, I’ve got an amazing detangler. Let me at your fur. It’s all matted and destroyed. – Uh, yeah, I kinda like it like this. Are you sure you wanna?
– Yeah, I think so. And then I think I just
wanna work on Kugrash’s fur and give him a little styling. – You, like, straighten Kugrash’s fur! – So, you guys are in a
speakeasy around the corner and you’re chemically detangling. – Do I just look like a little ugly dude to non-magic people? – I’m gonna actually ask you
to roll a charisma check. – Or I just look like a rat.
– Roll a charisma check. – I’m gonna try to not look like a rat. – You have negative charisma! – I’m so bad at charisma! I rolled a 13, but I have negative two. I got an 11. – 11, okay. So you’re there detangling this rat’s fur. – But also giving it some volume. (group laughing) – Tease it a little bit.
– Yeah. – It feels good. – Kugrash, you look in the mirror. You’re starting to look
like a full chinchilla. You’re just so poofy. You see that a maitre d’ walks up. It’s a restaurant and bar. Walks over and says, hi ma’am. I’ve never had to do this before. – Oh, I’m sorry, I’m not interested. I know what you’re going after, and I’m not married, but I was recently, so I still kind of
consider myself married. I’m so sorry. – In no world could that have
been what I was going for. – I try to start dancing.
– What? – Because I’m a rat, like a trick rat. (group laughing) – You see that, you don’t
know what you look like right at this moment, and you see that the person
looks down at you and says, ma’am, you have to understand
how far it has gotten for me to say this.
– Do I see him dancing? – You see him dancing as Kugrash. But you see the guy looks at you and says, your baby is so hairy that it is upsetting other customers and I am going to have to ask you to take your child out of the bar. – Oh my god. Seriously? You’re gonna be against children? God, you know, new mothers
just can’t go anywhere. – Your baby’s covered in hair, and everyone’s upset. I need you to…
(group laughing) We’re gonna comp your drink,
so your drink is on us. But you need to take your baby. – Free drinks, get one more for me! – For one more drink, I’ll leave. – Okay, we’re gonna do that.
– Okay. – Yeah, right? – You get a little to-go coffee
cup of an alcoholic drink. – This is a good scam!
– I know, right? – You go in there, you got a hairy baby. People wanna ask you to leave, you get– – I think we gotta run this
scam on a couple more bars. – You end up running that scam. Make an insight check, Kugrash. – Okay. (dice clattering)
22. – 22, you can tell after the third bar you guys run Hairy Baby on. (group laughing) – This is the best night!
– You can tell that Sofia’s trying to not go home. – Okay, where to next?
– Uh, y’know what? Let’s go to Staten Island, huh? You got, like, a basement I can, uh. Curl up in, like a dirty rag or something?
– No, you know what? You can sleep in my bed, and I’ll sleep in the guest room. – Uh, yeah. All right.
– Okay, yeah. – You guys toddle off. You’re blasted, Sofia.
– Now you’re dancing. – You guys wander through the park. – What was the dance
you were doing, Murph? – Go ahead and make me a constitution saving throw real quick? – Okay.
– Me too, or just her? Oh, she’s drunk. – That’s gonna be 17. – Hey, you’re feeling great. You’re all right, you’re
just a little tipsy. You guys are wandering
through Central Park at night. Snow kinda kicking around again. You get to a certain point, and are you still wearing
your plastic bag shoes? – Have I seen any shoes on the street? – Um, go ahead and make
an investigate check. – Yeah, I’ll look around for shoes too. I’ll call in some dumpsters. – I got a 19.
– I got 12. – Got 19? Kug knows where to look for ’em. So on your way through
the park, you look around and you find the boat house
has some lockers in it where people keep shoes sometimes, and the lockers are very, very old. So on the way through the park, you bust into
(locker crashing open) one of the lockers and
there’s a little pair of just some comfy loafers. – I think no. I’ll just take plastic bags. – They’re rich, they’re loafers. – I know, but they’re not very. I go for a little more flair in the way I decorate myself. Thank you, though, I really appreciate it. – You guys wander away from the boat house and you guys actually
end up crossing through Bethesda Fountain, which you guys know, that’s known as the giant
fountain in Central Park, right next to the lake, with this giant statue of an angel, there’s a beautiful
angel, in Central Park. You’re walking through. Each of you guys make a wisdom check. A wisdom check.
(dice clattering) – 14. – Six. – The tipsiness kind of hits
you a little more, Sofia. You look up and are entranced by this angel. She’s just so beautiful to you. – God, that’s a nice figure. – The head of the angel turns
to look at you and says, you’re not so bad yourself.
– Oh my god. Being magic is awesome. Hi, I’m Sofia Bicicleta. I held out my hand to it. – Uh, the snow swirls
around in the moonlight and the angel soars down on wings, and as she lands,
(heavy crashing) you see she’s made of metal. See, she says, charmed. I’m the angel of the waters. You can call me Em.
– Oh, hi, Em. Nice to meet you.
– So what, bags are in now? – Well, it was this or loafers. – Oh, god, loafers? In the middle of winter?
– I know, I know. – What is this, what are we,
in the Hamptons or something? Give me a break. – I know, I don’t need yacht slippers. – Yeah, no yacht fashion, thank you. – No, thank you. – You see she looks out and says, Kugrash, I don’t know
if we’ve formally met but you do really good work around here. – Oh, thanks, yeah, it’s good seeing you. Did you happen to see anything weird going on in the park tonight? You know, what with the Santa
being kidnapped and all? – You see she says, oh, god, I heard about that yesterday. Yeah, that’s awful. Well, you know, I’m pretty stationary, as far as things go. I have to guard these waters
or all hell breaks loose. But I did hear, it’s
interesting about the pixies. I heard a rumor going
around that it was them, or something like that. But I will say that
that seems a little odd. ‘Cos Don Confetti’s
daughter is getting married. So it seems like–
– Oh, so why would they be dabbling in some sort of… – Seems like it’s being stretched
pretty thin, I don’t know. I mean, maybe it’s a perfect time for him to get up to some
trouble or something. – Who’s she getting married to? – Uh, some pigeon.
– Pigeon. These pixies are gettin’ fancy. A real rat-bird, huh?
(group laughing) – I mean, have you ever heard of pixies getting involved with the infernal? – The infernal?
– Yeah. – These pixies, no. Don Confetti’s an idiot. I don’t think he has the smarts to tangle with any real envoy of Hell, or anything like that.
– Mm. – Hey, if it was gonna happen anywhere, it’d happen here, right?
– I guess that’s true. – Is this an actual pigeon
that she’s marrying? – Yeah, Ronald Pigeon.
– Ronald Pigeon, right. – Maybe he’s trying to ruin the wedding? – Do I know if Ronald’s a or
if Ronald’s a good pigeon? – Make a nature check for me?
– Okay. – When is their marriage? – 13. – 13. Most pigeons are exactly
the same level of stupid. – Okay.
– And Ronald Pigeon just comes from a good pigeon family. – Okay, comes from good stock.
– So is this an alliance? Is this a political marriage? Are the pixies trying to make
an alliance with the pigeons? – Honestly, I don’t think so. I mean, the pigeons don’t really have– – So you think it’s true love. They just really love each other. An outsider, they’re just
marrying outside of the family. – I think they’re just
marrying outside of the family. It’s also his youngest daughter, so I think that she had a little more– – Not as much pressure.
– Not as much pressure as her older sisters, no, it is what it is. Well, listen, it was
lovely seeing you here. – Yeah. It was nice to meet you. You know, my friends call me Sofia Bike, so if you wanna say that you can. – Sofia Bikes? Well, you can call me Em, as I’ve said. Nice to meet you, Sofie Bikes. – Yeah. – You want some water on your way home? – Yes, that would be wonderful. – You see that she holds
a hand up to the fountain, which has been shut off for the winter, and some of the water
comes out into her hand, and she holds it out,
and it holds its shape as though there is a cup or bowl there and pours it into your hand, and it holds the same
shape as though held there by some invisible force.
– I marvel at it, and then I throw it back like a shot. (group laughing) – Do you mind if I take
a quick bath in this? – Oh, she says, um.
– I just did your hair. – Never mind, then, I’ll
just have a little drink. – She gives you a drink as well. You guys are healed all the rest of any hit point damage you had left over. And the water also, you see that actually even just drinking the water, a lot of the dirt and
grime comes off of you. And for you as well, it
feels like this weird purifying thing, where a
lot of your drunkenness leaves you, it almost
sobers you up a little bit. But it doesn’t leave you
feeling anxious or edgy again. It leaves you feeling a
little bit clear, but solid. Like you’re anchored to something. – Em, do you mind if I
take a flask of this? – She says, well, this
is pretty potent stuff. But of course, I’ll do it for you. – Thank you.
– You see she pours some– – I take out one of those
tiny nips of Smirnoff Ice. I dump out the Smirnoff Ice, and then– – Some of the water goes into it. And she says, all right, doll. Take care of yourself, it’s
a long ferry ride back. And she flies back up,
goes back into her stance. And the snow begins to
collect on her wings again. Wonderful. What’s Kingston doing? – I guess me and Pete
are together on the bus. Or I guess, yeah. We’re on the bus going back
to my apartment building. – Cool. You get on the bus, you head
back to Kingston’s apartment. You walk up the steps.
– What time is it? – It’s about 11:30 now. Your folks are probably asleep, and probably Claude and his
family’s asleep as well. But you guys get up into
Kingston’s apartment. Kingston’s apartment is lovely. It has that rich smell of cool old antiques and good books, and a lot of coffee grounds. All those kinda musky, deep smells that immediately you’re like, oh, I’m in someone’s nice home. – I love that. But I’m standing like this the whole time. Awkward, you know. – You want a glass of water or something? – Yeah sure.
– No worry. Yeah, can I put on just a jazz record and get him a glass of water?
(group laughing) – You see a real old vinyl starts playing some great jazz. And go ahead, actually, and Kingston, give me a medicine check. – 24. – Kingston’s mere presence,
glass of water’s great. New York tap water. Best tap water in the USA, by the way. (group laughing) And the music playing. You feel yourself, I mean, Pete has whatever reservations he has. But physically, you feel your body relaxing a little bit. – Cool.
– Wild day, right? – Yeah, it was crazy. I think I’m texting my guy. I’m just letting him know that I was kicked out of my old place, but there wasn’t anything there. – You get a text immediately back saying copy, come to my place to re-up. One-time thing while
you’re figuring shit out. – Okay. – You’re gonna be staying
in the master bedroom. – Why? – I sleep in the guest bedroom now. So you’ll be in the master.
– Okay, thanks. – All good, man. And can I just do classic host stuff and just get towels? – Oh, this is making me feel so awkward. I’m just like, thanks so much! – A bunch of travel-size
one soap, one shampoo. – Oh, that is so nice. Thanks so much.
– Of course, man. Whatever you need until
you get on your feet. – God, yeah, thanks again.
– Just be kind to my family. If I catch you selling
any drugs to my cousins, or my parents, or my other cousins, we’re gonna have a problem.
– Okay, all right, all right. – We’re gonna have a big problem. We’re gonna have a huge problem from which we can not come back. – I mean, I just wanna say, I don’t create the desire in other people. What you should be worried about is the desire that is there already. – Well, let me tell you
something right now, dog. All right? The desire is not there. If, for some reason, you enter the home and create the desire? We’re gonna have a problem. – You see, as you guys have
this little interaction. There’s a cool old little
piece of art on the wall that has some mirror or
reflective stuff in it. You see the soft golden light, and rainbow light in a corner of it, (sharp magical shuddering) create a little bit of sparks, and you guys hear a loud noise as the painting rattles and falls off the wall.
(clattering) – Man, this is that same old bull that’s us two being two Voxes here at the same time. We need to figure this out.
– All right, yeah, yeah. I won’t sell anyone in your house drugs. I’m not gonna, I really won’t.
– Thank you. – I won’t. I take out a bunch of little
holders and vials and stuff that I just have on my own. These are just my own. – Pete, how are you standing up? – It’s like a mixologist, you know? You’re just constantly
renavigating where you’re at. – I tell you, I did dope one time in 1978, it was the craziest thing that ever happened. You know what, whatever. I’m going to bed. Goodnight, Pete.
(group laughing) – Kingston goes off to bed. You’re just kinda kicking it, waiting to– – I’m gonna be awake for,
like, five more hours. (group laughing) – Yeah, what’s Pete doing
awake in Kingston’s apartment. – I’m trying not to go through anything. Like I am trying to be a good guest. So I’m just like… – Give me a perception check.
– Yeah, cool. – Nat 20.
– Nat 20! You see, on top of the refrigerator, there’s a little light
layer of dust on it. There’s a big glass vase full of corks. There’s some takeout menus. You also see that wrapped
in ancient stinking gauze is an obsidian ankh, this
old Egyptian symbol of life. You immediately pick up some weird magical sensations from it. You see that it’s under
a clear salad bowl, so it’s like a salad
bowl’s put on top of it. And you see that there’s also what looks like a framed photograph that’s fallen down onto
the face of the photograph so that you can’t see what the photo is. – Okay, I lift that
up, I gotta look at it. – You see there is a young Kingston Brown, his dreads not yet silvery white, but instead sort of salt and pepper. Clean-shaven? And you see that there is a younger Hispanic woman in her 30s. Beautiful. Classic high cheekbones. You see that there are wedding
rings on their fingers, and that they are standing
in front of City Hall. – She’s pretty cute. I feel sad.
(group laughing) – Yeah!
(group laughing) Wonderful. Misty, you get back to
your lovely penthouse. There’s some notes, some
sticky notes left from Alyssa. There’s one big one on your kitchen table. I assume you’re going back to
your penthouse, by the way. – Yeah. It’s Monday, we’re dark on Mondays. It’s fine.
(group laughing) – And you see that there is an invitation that has been on your to-do
list for a little while. You’ve fairly forgotten about it. But there’s a little post-it
saying, last day to RSVP, highlighted by Alyssa. In little birch bark and ivy leaves, there’s an invitation to the wedding of Angela Confetti and Ronald Pigeon. – Well, erm, I don’t super wanna go. But also, the Confettis are
one of those crime families that also are great
supporters of the arts. (group laughing) They’re like, oh. It’s my cousin’s birthday. We’re gonna bring five
incredible Broadway stars and have them sing at the birthday. (Brennan laughing) So as patrons of the arts, I
have to go to this wedding. – There you go. – And so I RSVP yes, in my most beautiful
purple ink calligraphy. – You see that as you RSVP, the invitation (spluttering) turns into this little twig blight, and goes (growls). – Go on, go along. – You see it runs and hits
its head into your door. Backs up, runs, bam, head again. – I open the door. You’re stupid! Go through doors!
– Thank you! And takes off running down the hall. Lovely, so, you guys all
variously go to sleep that night. The only person that I wanna cover what happens when they’re asleep is Pete. Pete, you crash in the master bedroom, a big wide bed in Kingston’s apartment, and you come to (whooshing) floating above the dreamlike city of New York. The skyscrapers and buildings are all a polished dark glass, like a window looking
into an empty night sky. The reflections of the
starlight above them as the snow drifts up off the ground, going into the sky, surround you. You feel weightless here, as
though you could swim around or move in any direction. – I think I go to Priya’s house. – You swim through the
dreaming of New York, and you arrive right near Union Square. Close to Stuytown. And you see a gorgeous, opulent apartment, all done in this
illuminated nighttime glass. And you see that there is a little bubble. Something imperceptible. Flashes of light and color. And you get the sensation that Priya is dreaming in that room. – Cool. I know I shouldn’t do
this, but I just go anyway. I try to look in at the dream. (bubbling) – You pop your head in,
and you see that there is a tea party on top of a clock in a strange, dark forest. And you see that Priya is
talking to a fractured man as she’s sitting at this little tea table. She looks gorgeous, by the way. You see that she looks up and says, well, the collection
didn’t meet my standards, at least for myself. And I think that oftentimes,
we find ourselves trying to create a body of work or find a theme or a central
thread through something. We end up elaborating on
subconscious ideologies. Culture works on us in ways that we can’t even quite
estimate or imagine from our conscious mind. And you see that she’s just
talking to this fractured man. This babble of stuff about her art, and what she’s working on. Go ahead and make a stealth check for me, if you’d be so kind. (Pete/Ally laughing) – Um, okay, let’s see. That’s 13. – She looks up.
(group laughing) And sees you, and she says, Peter. What are you doing here? (laughs) That’s it for this
chapter of Dimension 20. But wait, what harkens on the wind? (cawing) Speak to me, bird. More full episodes of Dropout.TV’s own Dimension 20, available with a free trial that you can sign up for today? Hopefully our viewers are brave enough to answer the call. (cawing) There he goes. – Make a crumb trail all
the way up to my mouth. – You see one pigeon looks over and says, it’s a trick! And then they start flocking away. – Oh my god, what is wrong with me?

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