Not Up for Debate, Show 3223, COPS TV SHOW

February 16, 2020

BOYS”] OFFICER: I’m asking
you one more time, do you have a drivers license? WOMAN: I’m gonna ask yo– tell
you that you ain’t gave me a chance to say– OFFICER: Turn around,
place your hands– WOMAN: –it was reported stolen. OFFICER: –behind your back. WOMAN: I have a half a– OFFICER: Turn around. Bad Boys. Whatcha want? Whatcha want? WOMAN: What the hell is– OFFICER: Put your
hands behind your back. WOMAN: –is wrong with this? Why are you grabbing me like
this in front of people? WOMAN: OK, you wanted
me to be honest. I’m being honest. OFFICER: I appreciate it. MAN: Come on. WOMAN: Can I please
get my purse? MAN: I just want a
fighting chance to go home. WOMAN: Get him off of me! OFFICER: Back up! Back! WOMAN: Why are you
doing this to me? OFFICER: Back up. OFFICER: You’re under arrest. WOMAN: No. No, no, no, no, wait. OFFICER: Did he hit you at all? OFFICER: You know
you’re bleeding, right? MAN: No. OFFICER: Do you need medical
for that or anything? WOMAN: Damn, don’t beat on me. OFFICER: Why don’t you
keep your hands back? WOMAN: [MOANING CRYING] OFFICER: Interlace them. WOMAN: No. Sir, please, it wasn’t mine. I just gave him a ride, please. MAN: I said to him– I said, Danny, I said,
I’m not going to jail. I said, but that’s
where you’re headed. MAN: Dad! Come get me out when you
realize this was wrong. Come for you. [RUNNING FOOTSTEPS AND JINGLING
KEYS] OFFICER: Get on the ground! Get on the ground! Get on the ground. [GRUNTS] Now. Get on the ground, lay out. Put your hands behind your back. WOMAN: What did I do? OFFICER: You ran from me
and I told you to stop.

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