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NEW Sega Genesis MINI Teardown! – The Best Classic Console??

December 7, 2019

All of the old-school gaming systems are making
a return with mini versions. We’ve seen the original mini PlayStation, the mini Super
NES, and even a mini original Nintendo Classic. Well, Sega doesn’t want to be left out, and
today we’re going to see how this tiny guy works from the inside. Let’s get started. [Intro] Well, I think it’s time we talk about the
elephant in the room. If you had a Sega growing up, you were probably only half as cool as
the kid with a Nintendo down the street. But hey, something is better than nothing. My
mom would only let me have a Gameboy as a kid. Probably so I would turn out normal or
something. Which I totally did. Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega’s claim to fame, and this
mini console does come with three of those games, along with 39 other titles built right
into the console – mega hits everyone’s heard of like Earthworm Jim, Golden Ax, and
don’t fall off the ladder while hanging Christmas lights or you might break your wrist…you
know…the classics. Inside of the box we get an instruction booklet,
along with a tiny 5 watt USB charger, 2 Genesis controllers (we’ll have to take these apart
in a second), both of them communicate with a six-foot-long USB cable that plugs right
into the console. There is a micro USB power cord along with an HDMI cable. Finally, we
get the Sega Genesis mini in it’s own little tiny cardboard box, right here in all of its
glory. The full size version was released in Japan in 1988. Sixteen-bit graphics were
a pretty big deal back then. Nintendo wouldn’t release a 16-bit system for 2 more years,
in 1990. But then after that, Nintendo kind of took over. For a graphical reference, the Gameboy only
had 8-bit graphics. The top slot does have springy doors that open up but no pins inside,
and no cartridges. We’ll have to see if this hole leads anywhere in just a second. There
is one other random little door off to the side which has nothing under it and goes nowhere.
Not sure if this has anything to do with the original system or not. To get inside of the Sega Genesis mini, there
are 6 Phillips head screws holding on the back plastic panel. Once those are out I can
pull off the top exposing the motherboard and the underside of the top plastics. We
can see here that the little cartridge slot in the top is just for aesthetics. Pretty
cool that it opens up though. You could totally hide all kinds of stuff in here. The mini
Nintendo version just had solid pieces of plastic covering these slots. So Sega’s attention
to detail is pretty nice. The backside of the console has its micro
USB power port along with the HDMI output. The two USB ports for the controllers are
on the front. I’ll pull off the metal heat plate over the motherboard. It’s got 3 screws
of it’s own. When the metal plate comes off, we can see that there is a tiny square of
thermal foam on top of the processor. No fans or anything. Just a simple board and metal
plate for the heat dissipation. Kind of like how smartphones work. The motherboard has
one more screw holding it to the base and there’s nothing else really super interesting
down here. The upper side of the board has the power
slider and reset button. What is pretty interesting though is that the volume slider on the exterior
is just for decoration. There is nothing connecting that slider to anything inside of the console,
so controlling the volume of the console will be done through the HDMI and the TV. I wonder
how many people got tricked by that button…probably like all 5 of them who bought this. Well,
six including me. With the metal plate back on we can see that
there is an LED built right into the motherboard. And this shines up through the power on light
on top of the console. The LED is pretty far away from the actual exterior though. Once
I get the console put back together I can set it off to the side and grab the 3 button
Genesis controller. These guys have the 6 foot cable which is a huge perk over the three
foot controller cable that came with the mini Nintendo Classic. Once the 6 Phillips head
screws on the back of the controller are removed, I can pop off the back of the controller exposing
a bone-white circuit board. I’ll be super careful with removal because bones are bones,
and bones can break. It’s green on the other side. Each of the exterior plastic buttons
are solid plastic. And each of them have custom pegs on the back that only allow the correct
button to fall into the correct corresponding hole. We’ve seen similar fail safe assembly
designs in basically every controller we’ve taken apart, including the new Nintendo Switch. On the underside of each of the plastic buttons
is a rubber pad. This would allow the buttons to be pressed and then spring back up into
place. The motherboard has little contact pads on the surface. And like and Switch,
when the two sides of each button area are connected with this conductive material, the
Sega console gets a signal that the button has been pressed. The rubber pads each have
their own black conductive area on the bottom. Pretty smart design. No mechanical parts or
springs to get lost or jammed. Just rubber, which should last for a pretty long time. The way the cable ties into the back of the
controller though are not quite as strong as what we saw inside of the Nintendo controllers.
This only has one point of contact and could probably be broken if twirled around or thrown.
The Nintendo controller cables were much more secure. The cable was wrapped around inside
of a few posts inside of the controller before extending out the top. So don’t abuse the
controllers too much. Basically, if your mom never let you have
a gaming console growing up, now’s your chance to buy the mini versions of all of them. The
Sega mini is like $50 on Amazon right now. I’ll put a link in the description. And if
your mom ever comes over, you can just hide them all real quick since they’re so small.
She’ll never even know. Personally, I think this thing is pretty awesome.
Thumbs up to Sega for making a comeback. Now I think I want to see a mini Nintendo 64 with
its 64-bit graphics. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go look up cheat codes for
the Christmas light hanging game because I definitely lost my last round. Hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already.
Come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter. And thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you

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