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My Life Is Over | Spider-Man PS4 Ending | **Cries**

October 9, 2019

Greetings! Welcome to another video by Bustle Chronicles I had no mood nor heart to make this video But that I making, I am not making to talk After having played it and after ending it, I am feeling depressed Not because the game has ended and i do have anything to play, i do have But because the story, the ending and how they drove it to that point was extremely amazing and to tell literally, I was shocked and depressed having to see how it came to an end and when I will show you the clip, you would surely get the message and you have followed the movies and games then this is one part you’d be emotionally connected to because every person who is into comics and is a fan, likes to play the comic based games But with comics game like DC’s Injustice Its not a lot of story telling They are just another fighting genre game Likewise Marvel also had it’s fair share of fighting genre games and again it lacks story But the way Marvel and Insomniac games have taken this game, Spider-man And then they created an outclass ending Means it writing, it was like I watching a movie of MCU It was so realistic and likewise it has strong story with a strong and engaging end I don’t have any words to express my feelings but you can have a look at the cut-scenes But before showing the cut-scenes, I’d like to sync you up to it. because I cant make a video long enough to tell the backstory of each character. So basically FISK is jailed And then another gang is dominating the NYC, called Demons. They have a plan to release a bio-weapon. So somehow Spider-man stops them. But then another villain eventually spills it, causing chaos. It leads to a lot of foes of spider-man be free which includes Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture and Electro There are two more, one you’ll see in the cut scene and the other I would not take the name because it would be a spoiler for people awaiting to play the game That is all, and i hope that when you saw the ending, you surely will try to get the message. I would really like to commend the effort of developers; Insomniac games, Marvel and Sony Interactive Entertainment for keep it so life-like and so beautiful.

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