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Motorral mozgatható LED panel készítése (LED panel+Arduino DIY)

December 11, 2019

The previous LED panel stepper motor was weak, so we now replace it with a stronger one. I am also replacing the stepper motor driver too, and replacing the Arduino Mega with an Arduino Nano. It’s good that I practiced a lot of soldering the LED strips. I hope the Arduino does not smoke because of this. We also had to transform the engine chassis piece of wood, and the holder of the engine. Arrange the cables properly. Make them marketable, would say the dealer. This is the ultimate, well-functioning LED panel moving construction. We do not work under voltage. But I cannot stand not making sparkle a little bit. Well, let’s see how it moves. Quite acceptable, isn’t it? This new learning amazes me sir Bedevere… And here it is: a motor-driven LED panel controlled by a joystick. If you like the video, please give us a Like! Thank you for giving us your precious time!

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