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Mengganti HDD Laptop Dell inspiron 14 3000 Series dengan SSD

December 3, 2019

welcome back to my channel in this video, I will give a tutorial
how to install windows 10, as well as disassemble my laptop dell inspiron 3458 core i3
to replace my laptop hard drive with SSD because the SSD that I bought I already received
I can’t wait to try SSD speed my friends said, if you already feel the SSD
definitely not going back to the hard drive again because my laptop doesn’t have 2 slot drives,
There isn’t any cd room … I was forced to sacrifice hard drives,
before I dismantle it … I will make it bootable first for the install process later,
we have to prepare is … flashdisk Windows 10 ISO file and also an application to create the boot,
Here, I use Rufus for the download link
I show in the description first plug in the flash first,
then open the Rufus program after that we browse the ISO file
we choose which one to install I have prepared the Windows 10 ISO file choose according to your type of hdd / ssd, here I use gpt
then let the others leave start…. yeachh …. done then I will disassemble my laptop
keep following this video … ssd already installed
plug in the flash we have prepared,
keep turning it on enter the bios menu by pressing the Fn + F2 button depends on the laptop
sometimes someone uses F1, delete, etc. then set the boot priority to the flash
if so, save & restart Here we choose the language, next …
install now to continue enter the product key
if you don’t have to skip it … check this section, next … we choose custom
Select the partition from ssd that was installed we wait until the process is complete will automatically restart later and when restarting please remove the flashdisk …
After restarting automatically several times will later be asked to enter a user name
and settings, can be filled freely …. yeachh …. the install process is complete let’s compare the boot while still using hdd and when using ssd we can see that ssd is much faster
compared to hdd … maybe that’s all …
if it’s useful, like this video if there are additional / asked questions,
please put it in the comments column and also don’t forget to continue to support this channel
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