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Membuat Laptop Menjadi 2 Layar!, 5 DIY Laptop Dan PC Paling Gokil Yang Pernah Ada

October 20, 2019

Hi everyone back again with TOP LIST Modifying a laptop or PC must have its own purpose for example like a laptop that is damaged so one way is to modify it but there are also those who modify it just for their own convenience by adding a screen monitor on the laptop to 2 screen monitors some even put 3 monitors on their laptops, guys Curious how it looks? Watch the video until it’s finished These are the 5 coolest DIY PC and laptop according to TOP LIST But before entering number 5, don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and the bell too so you don’t miss notifications when there are new videos from this channel Dual screen laptop A laptop is usually only provided one screen monitor right guys if you want to add a monitor we have to buy a monitor that is usually used for a PC and connect it to the laptop But different from what is done by the owner of this youtube channel called DIY Perks the owner of this channel even added a screen monitor again on the laptop He modified this laptop in order to make it easier to type when looking at the monitor With one more screen monitor on it membuatnya menjadi lebih nyaman karena pandangan mejadi lurus sehingga tidak membuat leher menjadi pegal When his laptop is folded up with an additional monitor screen he makes it look neat even the size still fits in the bag Anybody want to try it like this, guys? Three laptop screens If you only have 2 screen monitors earlier This laptop is more mainstream guys he add 2 more screen monitors on the right and left side of the laptop so the laptop has 3 screen monitors at once But what is surprising again he paired the additional monitor screen using a hinge that is usually used on the door you know guys The hinges are glue on the right and left sides of the laptop to glue the two additional monitor screens together Although glued together using a door hinge, this connection looks strong Curious how the results? Look at the laptop immediately Desk computer If you hear the word desk computer maybe what you think is a table on which there is a PC But apparently it’s not like that guys what we mean is a computer whose monitor is inside a desk The owner of the youtube Channel named garage science made a really cool idea for his PC He made a desk that could insert his PC monitor On top of the monitor glass is also attached in order to protect the LCD monitor from pressure So that even though the monitor is inside the table, it is still protected This concept seems very suitable for those of you who design everyday as this man does DIY Mini Laptop Have you ever heard of Raspberry PI or what is also called a mini computer? This type of computer is one computer that is in great demand This type of computer is one computer that is in great demand even this mini computer can be used to watch 4k resolution videos, guys with such performance so the owner of the youtube channel called DD electrotech can make a laptop using this mini computer He made a case for his laptop and a keyboard that was equipped with a touchpad Just look at the manufacturing process right away A laptop that is made into a PC If you have a damaged laptop like damage to the monitor screen, it’s better not to be abandoned guys you can fix it by turning it into a PC, guys as shown in the video we can make a casing using wood to put the laptop motherboard You can also add additional tools such as USB and cooler This additional tool works to maximize the performance of your laptop guys so that you make your PC laptop even smaller How do you guys want to try to modify the laptop like you did in the discussion earlier? thank you for watching this video, don’t forget to like and share the video too if you feel entertained ok see u guys 😊

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