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Marvel’s Spider-Man Sequel Wishlist (PS4) | Mechanics and Story

November 18, 2019

a sequel to Spider Man for ps4 is almost
as inevitable as Thanos, but what are some things you want to see from
spider-man 2? what’s up Nerdy River today I’m running down a wish list of
things I really hope are in the next game and if you agree with any of these
things be sure to leave a like and share it with fellow Spidey fans. getting right
into gameplay mechanics, I can’t explain enough how many times I’ve done the doube web-zip, hoping that it’s the double web-zip animation. having the option to perform
the two-handed web-zip would be awesome maybe tapping X could remain
single-handed web zip, and holding X could make spidey perform the double
web-zip. next up I think just how you charge a jump by holding X on the ground,
I think that can also work for when Spidey’s running on buildings. this would
be beneficial for speeding up Spidey’s travel even more. much like the double
web zip suggestion, just by holding X when running up a building could spring
him further up or running sideways on a building could make him jump further out.
little tweaks like that to traversal would be awesome. another thing that
could definitely be fixed is when your momentum is going so well while you’re
swinging and you’re in the groove connecting from point launch to web zip
to wall running and back to swinging and then BAM you randomly get stuck on a
wall. this happened less and less as I got more used to the game, but it still
happens from time to time and it’s a bit annoying.
also spawning on top of a high building like the Empire State Building or
literally anything instead of a low-level stop light from time to time
would be nice. I think a lot more acrobatic air tricks could be added to
be randomized. the tricks were a nice touch to chain into web swinging but
adding even more moves would get an A okay from me. another web swinging mechanic
could be to run on the road when you’re low enough staying attached to the
web a-la spider-verse and then jump back into the air. and another cool
mechanic that would be cool is to add an optional slingshot mechanic to start
web-swinging similar to this sequence in the amazing spider-man or even how in
the old spider-man 3 video game you could do it from The Daily Bugle. that was a
bit overkill though because spider-man practically flew across the entire map
like he was Superman, but maybe anywhere where there’s two points to attach to,
Spidey could perform this move to gain some initial momentum. and since I
brought up the amazing spider-man, if it’s at all possible, give us those two
awesome Andrew Garfield suits. especially the one from the second movie. I think
having dynamic weather such as snow, rain, or maybe even morning fog can be very impressive and as for the map, I think some things are obvious such as adding
Liberty Island and possibly expanding the map to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and
Staten Island could be cool. having more missions in the subway tunnels for
sewers and meeting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be sick. I’m kidding, but I’m not really kidding that would be f&%#ing sick. actually having some more
missions like the ones in the DLC where you explore the underground of New York
would be cool. having more variety of side missions like perhaps swinging a
civilian to safety. I found it funny how whenever someone was being robbed on top
of a high building and Spidey saved them, he just leaves them up there. “so now you’re just going to leave me here? like my dad.” “yeah.”
maybe also have a mission where you get to swing MJ around or swing anything
around. my point is for Spidey to be carrying something, so he’s forced to
swing with one hand. something really cool that the sequel could have are more
side mission story arcs like they did with tombstone. where a minor villain has
four to five optional sub-missions. they could have baddies like, Sandman, Mysterio,
or the Lizard be the focal point of those missions.
Spidey’s Rogue gallery is endless, but who would you like to see in side missions?
I’m not sure if I’d want too much focus on other Marvel characters in a Spidey
game, but a cameo would be dope. like I want a Daredevil game bad, so I’m
throwing his name in the mix, plus there was that business card in Pete’s
backpack. maybe have Matt Murdock have a minor role in the sequel. I don’t know
maybe MJ gets in some legal trouble chasing a story, so Peter calls that card
or Peter learns of another masked vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen trying to
stop Yuri Watanabe A.K.A. Wraith. actually damn, that’s a good idea.
Insomniac, hit me up we’ll talk details. some DLC or side missions that take the
player back to Spidey’s origin like spider-man year one, perhaps in some
flashback sequences that connect in some way to the main story could be something
unique like they used to do on the CW’s Arrow. side note I really hope side
player missions return because I like the different perspectives, but if a
player is replaying the story, there should be an option to skip these. I mean
unless we’re getting a swing with Miles next go-around. and as the mid and post
credits scenes made it obvious I think they’ve set up some cool
antagonists for the next game whether it be Green Goblin, Venom, or Wraith, it’ll
definitely be interesting. I’d love to see Kraven the Hunter be an active
villain in a Spidey game. he’s just so ruthless, and if they go the trilogy
route maybe save Venom for the third game. also how do you feel about Harry
Osborn potentially being Venom? I’m not too sold on that.
anyways if you like keeping up with the latest Marvel news, DC news, gaming
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thanks for watching and I’m gonna stop talking now okay bye.

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