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Long Division Using TI83/84 Calculator

September 12, 2019

Hello this is Professor Sampson and
I’m going to help you with Squire’s section 1.7 long division. I will be showing you how to do long division on your calculator two ways. The first way is the easier way and I’m going to give you an
example. For example, 895 divided by 8 895 divided by 8 and we’re looking
for a remainder 895 divided by 8 and you see the slash comes up. When you hit enter you’re going to get a
whole number and a decimal. This is not your
remainder. How do you find the remainder? The first
thing you’re going to do is subtract out your whole number. So you gonna going to plug in minus 111 and hit enter and that will leave you with your
decimal. Once you have your decimal you gonna multiply that by whatever
your denominator was in our case it is 8. We are going to multiply it by 8, all we have to do is times 8, and
that’s going to be a remainder. So your answer is one 111 remainder 7. Let’s try another problem to see if you’re able to do it. 739
divided by 6 739 divided by 6. You need your whole number first so when
you hit enter you get 123. That’s your whole number that you are going to put in MyMathLab. You’re going to subtract out your 123
leaving you with the decimal and this time your gonna multiply your
decimal times what? This time you gonna multiply it by six
because six is your denominator. times six leaving you with 1 so your answer is 123 remainder 1. Lets do two more examples. The next
example, I’m going to do is 942 divided by 7. 942 divided by 7 Your whole numbers gonna be 134 you will
subtract out your 134 leaving you with the decimal and this time your gonna multiply your decimal times 7 because seven is the denominator of the
problem… times 7 so your finally answer is 134 with a remainder of 4..your last example I will be doing is 4427 divided by 6 4427 divided by 6. Again that’s going to leave you with your whole number and your decimal you wanna subtract out your whole number
minus 737, your left with your decimal and this time you gonna
multiply this decimal by 6 As you notice, I’m not clear in the
calculated as I do it. Please resist urge to clear your
calculator, just keep going. So in this case my answer is 737 remainder 5. This is how you find your remainder using the TI 84 plus calculator. You can also use this method with any
other regular calculator. That concludes this topic from Squires section 1.7 on dividing whole numbers.

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